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Sheila/Adam/Ryan near pool table Nat comes out later (more) - lakeview
12:02AM 29/03/2008

Ry & adam in the WC talking bout keeping Sharon. - BB8Watcher
12:24AM 29/03/2008

Adam & Ryan in WC - Lindseeey
12:26AM 29/03/2008

Nat Josh & James by the HT talking bout getting rid of Sharon. - BB8Watcher
12:26AM 29/03/2008

josh james trying to convince nat that s/a need to be split up. NT - katco
12:34AM 29/03/2008

nat sticking with plan and telling josh she wants him to stay. NT - katco
12:39AM 29/03/2008

James is saying hes giving Josh a sympathy vote & he doesn't give a fu*K what the - BB8Watcher
12:43AM 29/03/2008

Adam & Ry in the boat room talking bout pranking Sheila NT - BB8Watcher
12:45AM 29/03/2008

ry and adam thinking of something to mess with shiela. practical joke her NT - katco
12:45AM 29/03/2008
ry puts on sheilas black robe. balla laughing at him NT - katco
12:47AM 29/03/2008

adam and ry in bed. adam playing with tampon he found in boat room chest. (unused of course) NT - katco
12:49AM 29/03/2008
adam goes over and whips ryan with it NT - katco
12:49AM 29/03/2008
now whipping himself in head with it..saying its hits hard (lmao) NT - katco
12:50AM 29/03/2008

Adam cracking on Sheils clothes saying shes wearing MUDD jeans from 1998 - BB8Watcher
12:51AM 29/03/2008

now they are dipping tamp in salsa and going to leave it somewher to be found.(gross) talking about getting the onions off it first NT - katco
12:51AM 29/03/2008
put it in toilet. now laughiing hysterically at their joke NT - katco
12:52AM 29/03/2008

A & R plan to put ketcup on the used tampon and prank She w/ it NT - BB8Watcher
12:52AM 29/03/2008

ry and nat in kt discussing who to keep. ry is pushing hard for josh (lil obvious there ry) NT - katco
12:56AM 29/03/2008

balla joins kt and nat runs over her plan again to get josh out and trick him into thinkin hes staying. NT - katco
12:59AM 29/03/2008

ry telling nat to use toilet. tells her shiela came running out ...nat" OMG you guys" ry and adam are crackin up NT - katco
1:01AM 29/03/2008
boys are playing like they didnt know what was in there. nat is buying it hook line and sinker NT - katco
1:02AM 29/03/2008
now going to leave it for josh and james to find it. they have nat convinced its sheilas and real NT - katco
1:03AM 29/03/2008

going over pros and cons on keeping josh or sharon - katco
1:04AM 29/03/2008

nat to adam in wc..i have to get josh out because family would think im an idiot for not getting out someone who put - katco
1:12AM 29/03/2008

adam was sneaking into dr where sheila is to scare her but we got flames! (thanks bb) - katco
1:15AM 29/03/2008
apparently he scared the crap out of shiela. when adam went into Dr they were laughing and told him "good one" - katco
1:43AM 29/03/2008

shiela talking to ry trying to keep them on path to vote josh out. NT - katco
1:28AM 29/03/2008

shiela finds the tamp "omg joshua, you are a sick human being" - katco
1:35AM 29/03/2008

shiela now explains to nat that your not supposed to flush them in toilets. nat says she always does - katco
1:37AM 29/03/2008
josh now takes the prank tamp and puts in coffee filters for shiela to find in morning. all are thinking of way to prank her more NT - katco
1:41AM 29/03/2008

Josh Nat Adam and James discussing new pranks, Suggestions include whipped cream and feather - Gorf
2:00AM 29/03/2008

Adam telling J/N/J how sheila said she likes anal and he describes how he can tell (adult) - Gorf
2:09AM 29/03/2008

Randam talk between A/N/J/J at kitchen table, about special competition hosts, pranks and sex NT - Gorf
2:18AM 29/03/2008

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