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Natalie is talking about her ex Jacob to Sheila and Sharon in HOH. NT - WieKacie
10:34PM 29/03/2008

Nat/Sharon/Sheila in HOH - lakeview
10:39PM 29/03/2008

Adam James and Josh toilet papering Sheilas room with alot of rolls of paper :) NT - Gorf
10:40PM 29/03/2008

Ryan listens to Sheila's ex story for awhile and leaves saying "enjoy your puss party" NT - lakeview
10:42PM 29/03/2008

Girls in HOH, talking about ex's. Ryan comes up and says "Is this a puss party?" They laugh and say it is. - JanJan
10:42PM 29/03/2008

the boys have finished TP'ing Sheilas room and are now playing the waiting game NT - Gorf
10:54PM 29/03/2008

Nat in bubble bath, S/S sitting by tub ... girl talk. Convo changes to Sheila saying she is sick of the - JanJan
10:59PM 29/03/2008

Nat's latest theory...the number nine. N tells S/S that next week is Week 9, April 9 is eviction day, James has 9 lives....she reasons that means - JanJan
11:08PM 29/03/2008

james and ryan playing chess, adam watching NT - mcoop
11:09PM 29/03/2008
Josh laying near by. NT - WieKacie
11:13PM 29/03/2008

Sheila says she has to win. Girls talking about comps that they have had to sit out. NT - JanJan
11:14PM 29/03/2008

Girls talking about Chelsia being negative & going off. They are glad she is gone. NT - JanJan
11:16PM 29/03/2008

Sheila/Sharon/Nat in HOH room bathroom - lakeview
11:21PM 29/03/2008

Sheila & Sharon down from HOH, in WC, brushing teeth, etc (getting ready for bed). - JanJan
11:24PM 29/03/2008

Sheila taking her time in WC. Sharon leaves, stops to say hi to GPs and the guys - JanJan
11:27PM 29/03/2008

Sharon goes up to HOH, talking to Nat....discussing if their previous convos have been overheard - JanJan
11:30PM 29/03/2008

Sheila / Sharon in bathroom downstairs - lakeview
11:30PM 29/03/2008

Sheila goes in room & finds it TPed "OMG, what the hell?" - JanJan
11:34PM 29/03/2008
yup she thinks the bed is broken but really earlier James and adam switched her good mattress with Adams bad one NT - Gorf
11:35PM 29/03/2008

Sheila insists they broke the metal frame on the bed by standing on it and - Brendabythebay
11:41PM 29/03/2008

Sheila sees the TPing (more) - lakeview
11:43PM 29/03/2008

Waking up Sheila with Pots and Pans will commence at 1am. Nat is in KT with the boys and knows. - Brendabythebay
11:48PM 29/03/2008

S/S in bed. Others in KT. Discussing pranks..Nat imitates Sheila complaining. - JanJan
11:52PM 29/03/2008

Josh now covering the counter with shoes. Nat says She is gonna come out and see that and be mad. - Brendabythebay
11:52PM 29/03/2008

Josh now smearing hands on fridge surface (they are laughing saying that will drive her nuts) NT - Brendabythebay
11:53PM 29/03/2008

Josh puts hands in flour and puts hand prints all over refridgerator (another of Sheilas pet peeves...dirty fridge). - JanJan
11:56PM 29/03/2008
They were going to do flour but then did it with Olive Oil. NT - Lissy
7:44AM 30/03/2008

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