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augie Ry comes into the HOH and spains to S/N about baiting - in comes Adam to help with the explanation. NT 0 8:47PM 30/03/2008
raindrop110475 James is gonna go after them for being mean so they are all upset when he leaves ruinign chances at HOH 0 8:48PM 30/03/2008
raindrop110475 Josh saying tell them thats wwhy he cried so hard when neil left because it was his son 0 8:50PM 30/03/2008
keekeet Josh saying he is thinking of telling the other houseguests him & Neil were really boyfriends 0 8:52PM 30/03/2008
raindrop110475 Josh tells them to say chase was his son or say they dont know anything 0 8:52PM 30/03/2008
keekeet Josh saying the 300lb boys are scared of a boy with a pink mohawk. NT 0 8:55PM 30/03/2008
keekeet A/S/N up in HOH on the bed still reading the rule book. NT 0 9:07PM 30/03/2008
DanaRose James just said he owned a mortgage co, a sign co, and a magazine NT 0 9:11PM 30/03/2008
WieKacie Ryan is in the spa room painting with nail polish by himself. NT 0 9:18PM 30/03/2008
kelseyy649 S/N/R/A having a gigglefest in the HOH room. NT 0 9:36PM 30/03/2008
mrmac Adam, Ryan, Nat, Shebot watching spy screen in HoH of James playing chess by himself. They are ragging out James. NT 0 9:37PM 30/03/2008
kelseyy649 S/N/R/A talking about how much better it would be if they were the only ones in the house 0 9:37PM 30/03/2008
kelseyy649 R/A in the backyard smoking one cigarette 0 9:46PM 30/03/2008
kelseyy649 J/J/S in bed, not saying much.. 0 9:48PM 30/03/2008
kelseyy649 Silence broken in HOH to discuss Yellowcard, back to no conversation. ed. SO boring 0 9:51PM 30/03/2008
kelseyy649 A/R in kitchen, whispering and mouthing words so I have no idea what is being said, giggling NT 1 9:54PM 30/03/2008
DrC Ryan & Adam outside playing pool - Natalie & Shelia in HOH 0 10:47PM 30/03/2008
BB_Addiction Nat alone in HoH staring at her pictures... now folding clothes and getting ready for a bath NT 0 10:57PM 30/03/2008
BB_Addiction Nat putting her hair up in a pony tail in HoH bathroom. 0 11:05PM 30/03/2008
BB_Addiction Ryan tells Adam he wants to go eat pickles. NT 0 11:06PM 30/03/2008
BB_Addiction Ryan digging to back of fridge for pickle jar. 0 11:10PM 30/03/2008
BB_Addiction Ryan now puts the pickle jar away and gets himself a glass of water. 0 11:12PM 30/03/2008
BB_Addiction Ryan walks into the bedroom and Adam acts like he's asleep. 0 11:13PM 30/03/2008
BB_Addiction F3 and 4 now on Nattie in the HoH Bathtub shaving her legs NT 0 11:14PM 30/03/2008
BB_Addiction Adam joins Ryan in his bedroom after DR NT 0 11:18PM 30/03/2008
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