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echo adam rubs up against sheila in the kitchen , she says he sooo wants some of this 0 11:12AM 30/03/2008
echo all four feeds on ryan gettin coffee, alone in kitchen NT 0 11:13AM 30/03/2008
mks ryan just saw something and said "what the hell" but i couldn't tell what he was looking at NT 0 11:13AM 30/03/2008
allen sharons plaid boxers must be shorts they have back pockets in them 0 11:13AM 30/03/2008
echo josh drinkin coffee alone on couch in lr, ryan adds coffee mate to his coffee 0 11:14AM 30/03/2008
lakeview Adam/Ryan/Sheila in kitchen 0 11:14AM 30/03/2008
echo ryan stares right into outside cam , adma smoking, ryan asks what do we do , ryan says we KEEP josh 0 11:16AM 30/03/2008
echo sheila says they should bribe sharon and get her slop pass, adma heads inside 0 11:17AM 30/03/2008
allen josh has quiet meditation time in LR with coffee ryan heads out to BY 0 11:17AM 30/03/2008
echo ryan lies to sheila and says it was ALL james and josh NT 0 11:18AM 30/03/2008
echo sheila upset she misses her son and says its not fair she cant cry about it 0 11:19AM 30/03/2008
echo team christ all in by, good morning nat, adam tells them they have to keep josh 0 11:22AM 30/03/2008
echo sheila says she consoles sharon to get info out of her, that sharon felt responsible to get pov to save josh NT 0 11:23AM 30/03/2008
allen Nat appears in BY dressed in her white short skirt and black tank top 0 11:26AM 30/03/2008
echo sheila says its the first time sharon broke down so they have now connected 0 11:26AM 30/03/2008
echo planes overhead in by, hard to hear, adam says again lets keep josh and laughs NT 0 11:27AM 30/03/2008
lakeview Ryan, Adam, Nat and Sheila outside 0 11:29AM 30/03/2008
echo sharon joins in by, ryan says she looks hot sheila asks her what will you give for all our votes 0 11:29AM 30/03/2008
echo by convo turns to diamond earings and rings NT 0 11:30AM 30/03/2008
echo rayn saying jens an expert on diamonds since she was engaged once before 0 11:31AM 30/03/2008
echo ryan asks how much an engagement should cost , they throw out amounts, he says why so expensive NT 0 11:32AM 30/03/2008
allen girls clamering over themselves to describe their ideal diamonds to ryan 0 11:35AM 30/03/2008
echo sheila says shes the runaway bride, has been engaged numerous times, shes afraid of commitment NT 0 11:38AM 30/03/2008
allen Adam tunes them out sitting right beside the diamond convo 0 11:40AM 30/03/2008
allen josh tells nat she is most deserving of those 4 to win if she doesnt screw him over NT 0 11:41AM 30/03/2008
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