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echo nat and josh now in wc...nat making fun of sheila ebing engaged 3 times, she tells josh 0 11:42AM 30/03/2008
echo nat says she will be pissed if they dont go with keeping josh she knows sheila is voting for sharon 0 11:44AM 30/03/2008
echo nat says if it goes 2-2 i will keep you josh NT 0 11:45AM 30/03/2008
lakeview Nat/Josh in bathroom 0 11:46AM 30/03/2008
echo nat curling hair , she tells josh she told the boys its better to keep josh, she says its adam who wont make a decision 0 11:46AM 30/03/2008
echo james called to dr NT 0 11:47AM 30/03/2008
echo josh pointing out id they dont get rid of sharon now anyone up against her each week will leave 0 11:49AM 30/03/2008
echo josh offers to swear on the bible, nat says thats not a good thing to do 0 11:51AM 30/03/2008
allen josh is offering nat a deal if he stays she is safe 0 11:53AM 30/03/2008
echo james washing face trying to wake up, leaves nat and josh alone again NT 0 11:53AM 30/03/2008
echo nat and josh discuss that adam says if josh stays j/j wont put each other up, josh points out sharon will never put james up either, flames NT 0 11:57AM 30/03/2008
lakeview More Josh/Nat in bathroom 0 11:58AM 30/03/2008
allen Nat fills her head with do-do curls with curling iron as she discusses options with josh 0 11:58AM 30/03/2008
bb9lover Flames NT 0 12:05PM 30/03/2008
bb9lover Now Trivia....veto ceremony possible NT 0 12:09PM 30/03/2008
mks still trivia NT 0 12:41PM 30/03/2008
echo feeds back ryan and adam in by, adam says he threw an hoh a few weeks ago NT 0 12:51PM 30/03/2008
echo nat sheila and james in kitchen also josh and hes eating bbq sauce 0 12:55PM 30/03/2008
Oak1984 James wants to be next to people in the end that will push him (looking at Nat as he says it) NT 0 12:55PM 30/03/2008
echo sheila goin on about pov and how she didnt understand what they were asking 0 12:56PM 30/03/2008
echo nat is eating with her mouth wise open again, james talking about wandering the house in the wee hrs alone NT 0 12:58PM 30/03/2008
allen james advocating strong players going to end vs. weak ones 0 12:59PM 30/03/2008
echo more kitchen chat, sheila says nat jumped out of the empty garbage can and scared her this morn 0 1:01PM 30/03/2008
echo sheila says she had one bowl of tuna fish slop yesterday, james says he was feelin really bad from all the sugar he ate and the coffee 0 1:03PM 30/03/2008
echo sahron layin outside looks worried, totally chewing her cheek, she seems to be alone there NT 0 1:04PM 30/03/2008
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