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JoshIzDustinx2 Joshuah walks up to James Memory Wall Picture, Holds POV and then turns around with a look of defeat NT 0 3:25AM 30/03/2008
cannotsleep All HGs in bed, Josh is tossing & turning, as is Sheila in the boat room NT 0 3:57AM 30/03/2008
Smartster James is up and to the BR getting something to eat NT 0 4:18AM 30/03/2008
Smartster All other HG's are asleep but James is still walking around the house NT 0 4:24AM 30/03/2008
Smartster Now he is playing air guitar NT 0 4:25AM 30/03/2008
Smartster Posing checking himself out in a mirror. NT 0 4:26AM 30/03/2008
Smartster In SR doing push-ups NT 0 4:27AM 30/03/2008
Smartster Now he is on bed in SR checking out his legs NT 0 4:28AM 30/03/2008
cannotsleep James up to use the restroom. Now staring at the memory wall with his arms folded, goes to the fridge to get pickles and sits eating them while 0 4:35AM 30/03/2008
cannotsleep James finishes shaving, dries his face and continues staring at himself, making faces in the mirror. Back to the salon, seems to be studying the room 0 4:45AM 30/03/2008
Smartster Jim gets a glass of water and goes in the Sauna. NT 0 4:48AM 30/03/2008
cannotsleep James finishes up with his toenail filing, and gets some ice and a drink. He takes off his shirt and is now sitting in the sauna with his glass. NT 0 4:50AM 30/03/2008
KevSlider Ryan 'Quick' is up and using the restroom. NT 0 5:09AM 30/03/2008
Oak1984 Ryan up..walks slowly around kitchen 0 5:10AM 30/03/2008
KevSlider James back out of Sauna, waiting on Ryan to get out of the restroom so he can use it. NT 0 5:12AM 30/03/2008
cannotsleep Ryan gets up to use the restroom, and James comes out of the sauna in his underwear to see who it is, while he's waiting Ryan flushes the toilet four 0 5:17AM 30/03/2008
BB9Sucked James back to bed. NT 0 5:22AM 30/03/2008
Oak1984 James looking at GP's for a minute then off to bed NT 0 5:22AM 30/03/2008
cannotsleep After some more grooming in the sauna room, James put his glass away and then stops to check out the guinea pigs. Now back in bed NT 0 5:22AM 30/03/2008
Oak1984 James up with Chelsias robe on to WC NT 0 7:06AM 30/03/2008
Oak1984 No Cam shot, but LOUD airplane heard flying over house NT 0 7:07AM 30/03/2008
Oak1984 Cam didnt follow James, but toilet heard flushing, then door slam 0 7:09AM 30/03/2008
Oak1984 No sign of James. All 4 cams showing sleeping HG. 0 7:11AM 30/03/2008
Oak1984 James now back to bed 0 7:15AM 30/03/2008
DanaRose All HGs asleep, just heard loud duck quacking!! Seems like we can hear BY sounds, planes, birds and now DUCKS!!! NT 0 8:16AM 30/03/2008
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