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allen adam comes in asks mom if there is any tunafish left 0 1:05PM 30/03/2008
echo sheila says she drinks starbucks or coffee bean everyday, gets free coffee for cleaning up tables when people leave 0 1:06PM 30/03/2008
allen BB played here comes the sun by beatles as wakeup call this morning earlier NT 0 1:06PM 30/03/2008
echo ryan goes to hoh him and nat are alone, they are worried about adam 0 1:08PM 30/03/2008
echo ryan says he drilled adam outside , they think james might be tryin to stir them up 0 1:10PM 30/03/2008
echo they change their minds again and say no back to the original plan in case adam is secretly workin with james NT 0 1:11PM 30/03/2008
allen ryan and nat head up to HOH room as james goes to DR 0 1:12PM 30/03/2008
echo ryan said adam ryan was gettin mad at him for no reason, they are saying keep sharon again 1 1:13PM 30/03/2008
Brendabythebay Sharon was def put up. Nat just said she shoulda put his ass up instead of Sharon (ref to Adam) NT 0 1:15PM 30/03/2008
echo nat and ryan agree adam is a flip flopper, they are team christ and they arent supposed to turn on each other 0 1:16PM 30/03/2008
allen Alliance of 4 shows weakness 0 1:17PM 30/03/2008
allen Nat has shed short white skirt sports red string bikini bottoms with the black tank top NT 0 1:19PM 30/03/2008
echo ryan says he was eating too much protien with the shakes and slop, needs to cut back 0 1:19PM 30/03/2008
echo nat hopes sheila wins hoh this week, ryan thinks sheila still controls adams vote 0 1:21PM 30/03/2008
Brendabythebay During the Nat/Ryan convo, BB first yelled at Ryan for talking about DR sessions and then 2 minutes later 0 1:22PM 30/03/2008
lakeview Nat/Ryan upstairs 0 1:23PM 30/03/2008
echo nats goin to tan she says rayn leaves hoh, says hey jimmy great speech today feeds change to nat all 4 NT 0 1:23PM 30/03/2008
lakeview Ryan tells James "great speech" (after just telling Nat that Adam had said that to James as a suck-up) NT 0 1:23PM 30/03/2008
echo james ryan alone in kitchen , ryan tells james he really wants to keep josh but the others dont 0 1:24PM 30/03/2008
echo james says he doesnt mind his island, says he was tryin to pump sheila up to win something 0 1:27PM 30/03/2008
echo ryan and james eating pickles, james says i know someones leavig this week and its not me 0 1:29PM 30/03/2008
allen james keeps bringing in the possibility of a double eviction 0 1:29PM 30/03/2008
echo james says sheila was not ahppy at all last night, ryan might go get some sun, nat joins them 0 1:32PM 30/03/2008
echo nat in by w sharon and sheila, sharon pushing for girl f3 shes called to dr NT 0 1:33PM 30/03/2008
allen James points out its been 6 months the process 0 1:34PM 30/03/2008
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