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All houseguests sleeping... someone snoring loudly. NT - JLPrinzess
7:25AM 31/03/2008

Lights on the half walls just came on....Must be waking them up soon!! NT - ghostman
9:12AM 31/03/2008

Everyone is still asleep NT - BB_Addiction
9:31AM 31/03/2008

Flames.. Must be time to get up NT - BB_Addiction
9:43AM 31/03/2008

Feeds back up. F1 and 2 on SHeila walking around. F3 and 4 on James sleeping with a pillow over his head NT - BB_Addiction
10:02AM 31/03/2008

Sharon in Bathroom brushing her teeth with Sheila on F1 and 2. Josh is in the KT on F3 and 4 drinking juice.. now he goes outside NT - BB_Addiction
10:04AM 31/03/2008

Sheila in the shower, some weird ticking noise in the background NT - Samantha293
10:11AM 31/03/2008

Sharon sunning, shelia just joined Adam, Josh in bed. Ryan up but heading back to bed. NT - camera12
10:35AM 31/03/2008

sharon and sheila laying outside, ryan tryin to get adam up to work out but lays down himself NT - echo
10:35AM 31/03/2008

sheila talking about the hgs having no respect , she thinks its a combination of alot of things to win ,important the relationships with other hgs NT - echo
10:37AM 31/03/2008

Shel:Combination of a lot of things to win this game, what is important is the relationships with people in this game. NT - camera12
10:38AM 31/03/2008

sheila talkin about her reaction to adam being her partner and that it was the true sheila bitching - echo
10:40AM 31/03/2008

sheila is cryin over matty saying he had more integrity than james did NT - echo
10:43AM 31/03/2008

Sheila to Sharon: Mattie's got more character than that kid (James) will ever have - dustytissue
10:45AM 31/03/2008

Sheila and Sharon convo going on here: - camera12
10:46AM 31/03/2008

Sheila talking about people in the last season choosing Dick over Daniele. - dustytissue
10:50AM 31/03/2008

F3, F4: Josh in bed awake/restless, head under pillow. Ry/Ad in bed. NT - camera12
10:51AM 31/03/2008

Sheila and Sharon in talking about who will win at the end - dustytissue
11:08AM 31/03/2008

Sheila talking about her son's father and we get flames! NT - Bama_Gal
11:11AM 31/03/2008

Sheila mentioned that her son's father was verbally abusive and was taking steroids....FLAMES! NT - VanWinkle
11:13AM 31/03/2008

Nat is up in the HoH. Getting her bathing suit on. NT - milajoy
11:18AM 31/03/2008

Natalie outside, joining Sharon and Sheila. Asked if anyone had any crazy dreams. - dustytissue
11:27AM 31/03/2008

Nat telling Sheila and Sharon about the convo she had with James last night. NT - dustytissue
11:32AM 31/03/2008

Sheila, Nat and Sharon sun tanning in backyard - ks5472
12:08PM 31/03/2008

The girls continue to talk... - ks5472
12:12PM 31/03/2008

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