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1 on Nat, 2 on 3 ladies sunning on double and single loungers, 3 on Ryan buried under the pillows and covers in bed 4 distant shot of - WhatdoIKnow
12:13PM 31/03/2008

Nat saying she used to talk to God 24/7 as a kid, going "Whyy God? I have no friends." Teachers would say they were worried about her because she - dustytissue
12:13PM 31/03/2008

Sheila says she's sick of talking game - heads inside for a glass of water - ks5472
12:18PM 31/03/2008

Sheila saying how much it sucked to sleep with Adam... - ks5472
12:23PM 31/03/2008

Sheila talks about how hard it is to be away from her family... - ks5472
12:28PM 31/03/2008

All the boys finally getting out of bed. James asked Josh how he feels, Josh said tired. NT - Bama_Gal
12:28PM 31/03/2008

Adam goes outside to the BY - ks5472
12:33PM 31/03/2008

Outside Lockdown. Adam on hammock, Josh on cushion by hottub, girls on loungers, Ryan on ground by hammock, and James not seen on feeds. NT - Bama_Gal
12:33PM 31/03/2008
James in boat lounger. NT - Bama_Gal
12:35PM 31/03/2008

Ryan finally makes his way outside.. - ks5472
12:38PM 31/03/2008

Nat says she can't wait to find out what her next boyfriend is going to be like... - ks5472
12:40PM 31/03/2008

Lockdown Over! NT - Bama_Gal
12:44PM 31/03/2008

Sheila talking about "haters"... - ks5472
12:44PM 31/03/2008

Josh and James head back inside to bed.. - ks5472
12:47PM 31/03/2008

James in bed; Adam, Ryan & girls in BY; Josh in KT NT - ILuvMySoldier
1:27PM 31/03/2008

Josh back outside, General chit chat; Adam screaming RODE HARD NT - ILuvMySoldier
1:28PM 31/03/2008

Nat & Sheila going in KT; Sharon asks if James is still in bed- Yes NT - ILuvMySoldier
1:29PM 31/03/2008

Adam says Ryan is losing his "handles" (love handles) Baller says he is keeping his going strong; airplane over head now NT - ILuvMySoldier
1:30PM 31/03/2008

Nat in Sauna room, Ryan & Adam try to guess the airline of the plane NT - ILuvMySoldier
1:31PM 31/03/2008

Girls & Josh are tanning / Adam swimming / James & Ryan resting NT - Samantha293
2:03PM 31/03/2008

Adam Brushing Teeth, cleaned his ears out....etc NT - Laura
2:11PM 31/03/2008

Adam gave us full frontal nudity on feed 3 :( NT - Gorf
2:14PM 31/03/2008

Shelia said she had an uncle in the marines NT - Laura
2:15PM 31/03/2008

Sharon taking about a party/club that she didnt know her ex Jacob was there NT - Laura
2:23PM 31/03/2008

Josh in Kitchen heating up something to drink , now sitting in the kitchen NT - Laura
2:25PM 31/03/2008

Adam doing chores, Shelia said look at him getting them done NT - Laura
2:28PM 31/03/2008

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