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Flames NT - BB_Addiction
12:06AM 31/03/2008

Nat says in 3 months it will be 1 year since she last had sex NT - BB_Addiction
12:08AM 31/03/2008

Adam and Nat in kitchen watching James eat his slop. Others seem to be asleep. NT - dustytissue
12:25AM 31/03/2008

Nat telling James how Sheila said she doesn't want James to start again with the pranks. - dustytissue
12:35AM 31/03/2008

12:51AM 31/03/2008
~Flames - pOOtyGirLy
12:53AM 31/03/2008

Nat and James talking in kitchen. Nat: you actually handled the block pretty well - dustytissue
12:54AM 31/03/2008

Natalie watching spy cam and getting ready for bed. ..... Is in bed now and trying to snooze NT - pOOtyGirLy
12:56AM 31/03/2008

James out of DR, went to WC, now in massage room doing a paper towel picture NT - WVpdles
1:10AM 31/03/2008
paper towel pic belongs to Ryan :D NT - IggysPINKTights
1:13AM 31/03/2008

James just finished playing chess, his partner I believe was Jimmy , not sure who won (lol) - DrC
1:42AM 31/03/2008

James now in the Hottub after spending sometime in the Sauna Room on the bed NT - Gorf
2:19AM 31/03/2008

James humming to himself, spalshing around in HT. Unravelling, maybe? NT - AndreBBFan
2:35AM 31/03/2008

James out of HT covering it up and moving inside NT - Gorf
2:36AM 31/03/2008

Ja gets out of HT, pulls cover over it, towels off and goes inside NT - AndreBBFan
2:36AM 31/03/2008

James in the Sauna, just moans/makes a weird noise NT - Gorf
2:42AM 31/03/2008

James out of the sauna and now in the shower NT - Gorf
2:47AM 31/03/2008

James in shower, pacing, thinking up a storm (ed note: I wish he'd TALK!) NT - AndreBBFan
2:50AM 31/03/2008

Would appear James is Masterbating in the shower :P sound isnt on him though NT - Gorf
2:52AM 31/03/2008

James finished, out of shower, looking at memory wall and the GP, moving slowly towards the bedroom NT - Gorf
2:58AM 31/03/2008

Looks like James picked up something off the shower floor and then put it in his mouth? when he got out - CruiseCritic
2:59AM 31/03/2008

James got something from the Storage room, white box. going back to the bathroom with it NT - Gorf
3:00AM 31/03/2008

James has a container of some sort from storage room and has brought it into the WC - - CruiseCritic
3:01AM 31/03/2008

James in Kitchen eating Pickles, sound still on the Sauna room and not him NT - Gorf
3:02AM 31/03/2008

James gets out a jar of pickles and a papertowel and sits at flower end of the counter and starts to eat - CruiseCritic
3:03AM 31/03/2008

James eats a total of 3-4 pickles, cleans counter with papertowel and wipes his face. puts pickles back in the fridge and - CruiseCritic
3:05AM 31/03/2008

F1- Sheila in bed asleep/F2 Red Br - really cannot see James in bed and just heard a noise in the house while on Sheila cam - - CruiseCritic
3:16AM 31/03/2008

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