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James made some sort of alien-looking thing. Green blob with pink dots. He goes to put it next to the others' creations. NT - dustytissue
9:42PM 31/03/2008
James is using - Samantha293
9:43PM 31/03/2008

The little painted figures Josh & Adam made, along with Sheila's turtle, - JanJan
9:44PM 31/03/2008

Josh has taken his chocolates from the fridge/freezer and is removing them from the molds - JanJan
9:48PM 31/03/2008

Adam and James now playing tic-tac-toe on KT - it's wooden set from a box. NT - JanJan
9:50PM 31/03/2008

Now J/A have flipped over the gameboard and playing checkers. Sharon looks on and comments. NT - JanJan
9:52PM 31/03/2008

Nat is up now and says, "I want to sculpt something!" Ryan: Nat's going to bust out with some serious s***. NT - dustytissue
10:02PM 31/03/2008

Josh & Sharon now resting in bed. The rest are still playing with their new toys NT - Samantha293
10:07PM 31/03/2008

Josh and Sharon lying in bed talking. Sharon: I'm going to lose my damn mind. If you walk out that door, I walk out that door, I'm going to freak. - dustytissue
10:08PM 31/03/2008

James, Adam & Ryan are playing poker. - Samantha293
10:16PM 31/03/2008

Rybread, A-Baller & James at KT table playing poker, using dominos for chips. James winning. - JanJan
10:17PM 31/03/2008

Poker update...Ry out. Adam went all in, trying to stage a comeback. NT - JanJan
10:21PM 31/03/2008

Ry made a clayboy and Nat is making a girl. - Samantha293
10:23PM 31/03/2008

Sheila: Joshuah didn't go to bed, did he? (He was called to the DR.) NT - dustytissue
10:23PM 31/03/2008

James wins at poker. Stacking all the chips (dominoes/checkers) into three even piles - JanJan
10:29PM 31/03/2008

This time w/poker...Ryan wins all the chips. Adam wants to play more but Ry won't (he wants - JanJan
10:40PM 31/03/2008

Ryan to Adam in the BY: Why is Jimmy just no fun to be around? Maybe he knows we don't like him. NT - cannotsleep
10:41PM 31/03/2008

Sharon under the covers in her pullout bed....she's awake but looks ready to doze off. NT - JanJan
10:42PM 31/03/2008

Sheila shows Natalie the easter candy Josh made, says she can't eat it but Natalie can, she thinks it's cute, tells him he did good NT - cannotsleep
10:45PM 31/03/2008

Josh says the DR thinks he's on edge and about to kill everyone in the house with the butter knife NT - cannotsleep
10:47PM 31/03/2008

Sheila asks Adam if he and his guy friends fight over girls, and he said no they usually just double team them NT - cannotsleep
10:50PM 31/03/2008

Josh tells James the DR brought him down from basically wanting to kill someone, who? Sheila NT - cannotsleep
10:53PM 31/03/2008

Josh says Sheila is like the crypt keeper, all her skin is just hanging off of her, that she should wear one piece bathing suits NT - cannotsleep
10:56PM 31/03/2008

Ryan in DR. A/N/She in KT...Nat sculpting a clay girl. - JanJan
10:58PM 31/03/2008

Josh says she (Sheila) is so sad, he just wants to strangle her, and she is so excited that her birthday is coming up NT - cannotsleep
10:59PM 31/03/2008

Josh to James and Sharon: It's like she's so delusional. He wants Sharon to tell Showtime about Sheila getting her period in the shower NT - cannotsleep
11:02PM 31/03/2008

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