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sharon must be on a surgar rush shes bounceing all over the house - allen
7:58PM 31/03/2008

Sheila asks Adam, do you honestly think that once Josh and James walk out that door, that Sharon will vote the same way they do? Adam says Sharon - cannotsleep
7:59PM 31/03/2008

Sheila/Sharon/Adam in HOH. Nat sleeping on bed (more) - lakeview
8:02PM 31/03/2008

Sheila tells Adam that if James wins HOH, that he'll put up the two of them. Says he won't put Natalie up because he'll want to keep her around so - cannotsleep
8:05PM 31/03/2008

oh no sharon not happy with her shake will dump and start over NT - allen
8:09PM 31/03/2008

Josh to Ryan: I'm so bored right now. They decide they are going to start doing dishes because there is nothing else to do in the house. Adam - cannotsleep
8:13PM 31/03/2008

Adam washing dishes, Ryan drying, Josh doing crafts, Nat sleeping, and Sheila listening to Yellowcard CD, again. NT - cannotsleep
8:28PM 31/03/2008
Josh is making candy in molds, from last weeks Easter basket. NT - JanJan
8:33PM 31/03/2008
feed switches to James sleeping and Sharon reading the bible NT - cannotsleep
8:32PM 31/03/2008

R/A watching Josh work on his candy making. (Josh is rocking the mandana.) - JanJan
8:43PM 31/03/2008

While Josh continues on with the candy making, Adam & Ryan are asking him questions, - JanJan
8:54PM 31/03/2008

BB gave them a bunch of things, including cards and I think molds NT - lakeview
8:57PM 31/03/2008

houseguests just got some new toys ! - Samantha293
8:57PM 31/03/2008

Ryan: Sheila, what do you know how to play? Sheila: go fish. NT - lakeview
8:57PM 31/03/2008
Ryan wanted to play Euchre NT - OSUmom
9:04PM 31/03/2008

Sheila,James & Sharon are now also in the kitchen. Adam is enjoying a chocolate candy. James is playing w/the modeling clay. Sharon says it reminds - JanJan
9:00PM 31/03/2008

They also have playing cards and are discussing games they could play. (trying to remember rules for Speed) NT - JanJan
9:02PM 31/03/2008

Ryan and Sharon at KT table playing a card game. Sharon voice squealing in excitement. - JanJan
9:07PM 31/03/2008

Josh thinks there still are things in the game they don't know about. NT - dustytissue
9:11PM 31/03/2008

Nat still up in HOH room (last seen sleeping). No one has told her about the crafts/cards/games...they are all occupied and happy campers to have - JanJan
9:16PM 31/03/2008

HGs have about a 10 second convo about waking Nat for crafts, but choose to let her sleep ... they all keep doing their own things. NT - JanJan
9:22PM 31/03/2008

Sheila made a turtle with her clay. It's a green turtle with yellow shells and eyes. NT - dustytissue
9:26PM 31/03/2008

Sheila made a smiling turtle out of clay, J/JandA also making clay thingsNT - DanaRose
9:27PM 31/03/2008

Sheila'a art project appears to be a little turtle made from light & dark green modeling clay (ed: she also set a record for being awake & quiet). NT - JanJan
9:27PM 31/03/2008

Josh says he's making a penis and they laugh. NT - dustytissue
9:29PM 31/03/2008

Houseguests are in love with their new toys =) NT - Samantha293
9:31PM 31/03/2008

Sheila now begins project #2 and states it will be a bear. James making a ??? (something phallic shaped). NT - JanJan
9:33PM 31/03/2008

Ryan has joined with the clay making. Playing with a blue thing. He says it's hard to mold. NT - dustytissue
9:33PM 31/03/2008

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