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Topic #8544589
veedsboo - Nat pulling out pizza for her and Adam. 0 Replies #8544589 7:29PM 01/04/2008
Now cutting and says "Alright BAller, were good"
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Topic #8544593
allen - sharon has so many cards in her hand she cant fan them out completely 0 Replies #8544593 7:30PM 01/04/2008
shes all smiles tho, and takes it well, like being at a family reunion. James is dun, he gets up, joins baller outside for a smoke. another week, hopefully not on slop again, they cut the smoke short, go back inside.

Adam asks Nat what about that pie toots? refering to the pizzia in the oven. James starts the game off with ace of spades,,, which he later admits was a fib. Sharon cracks up, what??? never heard of anyone doing that. James grins.
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Topic #8544677
veedsboo - Josh said to Nat "Can I make out with you after.. 0 Replies #8544677 7:33PM 01/04/2008
"to get the aftertaste"
Nat screams "Baller, Come get your dinner"
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Topic #8544714
allen - Sheila holds the fist full of cards this round, still gets caught fibbing 0 Replies #8544714 7:35PM 01/04/2008
nat calls baller to dinner. Just in time too cause baller gets his slice brings it over to table as the others slobber instantly stareing at it, he plays the last card and sharon says no no you didnt.

James says we like slop right sheila?? yeah man she responds you bet,,,I want food man, Baller laughs big time and brings his diet coke 2 liter bottle to the table. Hes has no shame.
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Topic #8544778
allen - Adam smacks as he chows down on some pizzia 0 Replies #8544778 7:40PM 01/04/2008
sheila again has the fist full of cards and still trys to fib, Adam comfortablly eats away at the table in front of 3 slop eaters. Chews with his mouth open, cleaning his teeth with tounge. James and adam both with very few cards. sharon cant stand it she tells when shes fibbed after its she got away with it.
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Topic #8544808
veedsboo - Sheila says people on slop can have milk, soy, and rice, 0 Replies #8544808 7:41PM 01/04/2008
but no cream
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Topic #8544843
allen - Milk, soy, and rice is on the slop menu but not cream 0 Replies #8544843 7:42PM 01/04/2008
sheila steps out to fold laundry, game disbands for a bit, guess they cant stand the aroma of fresh baked pizzia when they been on slop for 5 days.

cam switches to josh in BR
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Topic #8544845
veedsboo - James is eating Ketchup 0 Replies #8544845 7:43PM 01/04/2008
Nat is ranting like the hulk "You would like me when I'm angry, you saw what happened last time I got angry."
James says "What?"
Nat "I won HOH"
James "But you cant do that next week"
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Topic #8544861
veedsboo - Sharon making protein shake 0 Replies #8544861 7:44PM 01/04/2008
Josh came back from in the BR
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Topic #8544889
veedsboo - James says something is "Bill Forrell?'s Champion Choice". 3 Replies #8544889 7:46PM 01/04/2008
(ed. I think the protein shake)
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GreenBean - the slop NT #8544912 7:47PM 01/04/2008
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socheapandjuicy - BB Slop is really called "Bill Pearl's Champion Choice." NT #8544906 7:47PM 01/04/2008
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alusia - Bill Pearl's Champion Choice #8545015 7:53PM 01/04/2008
slop is actually just high protein oatmeal in that case:
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Topic #8544929
allen - James eating ketchup with relish which is also on the slop menu 0 Replies #8544929 7:48PM 01/04/2008
Josh was walking around the bedroom rearranging his keepsake props from the comps, then joins the rest in the KT. James is drinking soda, so I guess thats on the slop menu too. Josh said the DR asked him "we notice that your only eating bbq sauce" he responded to them have you tried eating that slop? James offers him relish, but josh dont eat relish. Josh wants sharon to make them sandwichs to put in their bags so right after Julie whoever goes can chow down, cause he will be so hungry
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Topic #8545061
FrouFrou - Sheila wants two tylenol pm so she doesn't have to hide in the hoh room. NT 0 Replies #8545061 7:55PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8545065
veedsboo - Sheila asking for 2 Tylenol PMs 0 Replies #8545065 7:56PM 01/04/2008
so she can sleep tonight.
She went into the Storage room and tried to talk to BB over her mic
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Topic #8545082
allen - Josh returns to the bedroom to eye his goodies 0 Replies #8545082 7:56PM 01/04/2008
then slowly wonders back to the GP cage, and stops himself, says oh turns back to bedroom, then returns to KIT and back to cards.

Sheila trys the DR but no response, then goes into the storage room whispers into her mic that she wants two tylenal PM please, I would like to sleep in my own bed tonight.
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Topic #8545168
allen - looks like josh is playing with a set of dominos but cant tell from the far away shot NT 0 Replies #8545168 8:02PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8545205
allen - ryan sitting at the bar next to Nat watching her paint NT 0 Replies #8545205 8:04PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8545390
BigBrotherLuvR - Another game of cards 1 Replies #8545390 8:17PM 01/04/2008
Sheila/Adam/Sharon/James playing card game Bullsh!t again at the table. Adam coaxes Sheila into playing one more, she tries to convince Ryan to join, saying "It's child's play." He stays and watches Nat paint. Josh sits and watches the card game.
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BigBrotherLuvR - Adam wins. They talk about other games to play. Speed, Spades, 21. #8545531 8:25PM 01/04/2008
James and Adam play Speed with Sharon coaching. Josh says "it made my brain hurt watching that!" Josh leaves to work on his out fit and "routine".
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Topic #8545601
BigBrotherLuvR - Nat and Sheila ribbing each other about messing losing in the veto comp 0 Replies #8545601 8:31PM 01/04/2008
Sheila saying one of her answers was in ounces instead of pounds. Sheila: "at least I stayed in the game, I made a fool of myself, but at least I stayed in the game" (over & over)
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Topic #8545634
dustytissue - Josh is sitting on the bed alone, seems to be thinking. NT 0 Replies #8545634 8:34PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8545650
BigBrotherLuvR - Josh in his "bed"room, head in hands 0 Replies #8545650 8:35PM 01/04/2008
almost covering his ears - either laughing or crying, maybe both? All other HG's in the dining area playing another game of cards, except Nat, still painting and Ryan still watching her
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Topic #8545776
cindytexas - Josh picking out clothes for tomorrow. Puts on a dark shirt and jeans. Goes from one mirror to another, posing, looking at himself. NT 0 Replies #8545776 8:43PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8545805
cindytexas - Now Josh has put boots on, goes to mirror in sauna room to look at himself some more. Turns, looks at his butt. NT 0 Replies #8545805 8:44PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8545836
BigBrotherLuvR - Sharon is going to pack after she picks out PJ's and takes a shower 0 Replies #8545836 8:46PM 01/04/2008
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Topic #8545945
BigBrotherLuvR - Sheila comes to Josh's room 0 Replies #8545945 8:53PM 01/04/2008
Says she's sorry, she feels bad (I don't know what she said...) She hugs him and says she will miss him, he says it hurts to hear these things. She says she wants to sleep in her own bed tonight. He says there's nothing to worry about, it's a rough week, but they're okay. Sheila told him she requested Tylenol PM's, offers him one, they laugh, he declines. She goes into her room. He continues to pack.
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Topic #8545978
BigBrotherLuvR - James comes to Josh, they go to storage room 0 Replies #8545978 8:56PM 01/04/2008
Josh to James: you on board for tomorrow?
James: yeah.

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