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Natalie tells Sheila that Sharon is giving James a massage - Roadkill23
11:01PM 05/04/2008

James asks Sharon why she and Jacob don't just get married - Roadkill23
11:06PM 05/04/2008

Natalie hugs Baller. Sheila: You scratch his head like a frickin' monkey NT - Roadkill23
11:09PM 05/04/2008

Sheila goes back to the trivia cards: "What would you like to find at a yard sale?" - Roadkill23
11:12PM 05/04/2008

Natalie says if she was rich, she would build low-income housing for single-moms - Roadkill23
11:18PM 05/04/2008

Ryan asking Sheila if he takes her off the block will she remember that if she ever gets HOH. NT - Vixter
11:26PM 05/04/2008

Natalie to Adam: If I win HOH, I'm putting up Sheila and Sharon, Adam says done NT - cannotsleep
11:29PM 05/04/2008

Sheila tells Ryan she wouldn't put him up if she wins HOH. - Vixter
11:29PM 05/04/2008

Natalie making M&M cookies, Adam is lying on the kitchen counter checking her out while she's at the oven. Nat telling Adam about a convo she had - cannotsleep
11:37PM 05/04/2008

Sheila joins the others in the kitchen, she jokes she had to do a 30 minute makeout session (to get Ryan to use the veto on her). Everyone laughs. NT - cannotsleep
11:41PM 05/04/2008

James and Adam racing remote cars in BY. NT - Vixter
11:41PM 05/04/2008

Natalie & Sheila go up to HOH, Natalie is going to take a naked bubble bath and Sheila is going to listen to Bon Jovi NT - cannotsleep
11:46PM 05/04/2008

Sharon whispering to Ryan that Nat told her she would put up Adam & Sheila if she wins HOH NT - cannotsleep
11:48PM 05/04/2008

Adam/Sheila/Natalie in the HOH, saying James has got to go this week, Nat says Sharon will go home next week NT - cannotsleep
11:50PM 05/04/2008

James hops in Sharon's bed, & BB calls him to DR. Now Ryan is talking to Sharon, she says James said he will not campaign, that he's ready to go NT - cannotsleep
11:54PM 05/04/2008

Sharon tells Ryan she can work Natalie, to get her to do what she wants, asks Ryan if he can work Adam, he nods yes NT - cannotsleep
11:56PM 05/04/2008

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