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sheila tells ryan he has restored her faith that good guys are still out there - echo
1:56PM 05/04/2008

Nat says she is saving herself for her man, he'll know that he has all of her, that she hasn't just been with another man. - cindytexas
1:56PM 05/04/2008

Sheila says she struggled with her weight her whole life, so she tries to help people with that problem now because she understands. - cindytexas
1:58PM 05/04/2008

nat says that who are over weight people to tell us ...who worship our - echo
2:00PM 05/04/2008

ryan and sheila do laundry and talk she tells him she meant what - echo
2:07PM 05/04/2008

sun worshipers in the BB lazy saturday - allen
2:09PM 05/04/2008

they all agree on tuna fish for lunch, sheila wants a turkey burger - echo
2:10PM 05/04/2008

ryan feels sick drank too much joe tells sheila hes layin down - echo
2:13PM 05/04/2008

nat says april 9th is week 9 , his 9 lives are dun...adam says but its only week 8 - echo
2:16PM 05/04/2008

sheila has covered up wiearing white long sweat pants and a black short sleeve shirt - allen
2:17PM 05/04/2008

adam says hes jacked on joe and cant talk, doesnt know what to do with himself - echo
2:20PM 05/04/2008

adam comes inside asks sheila whats she doing - allen
2:21PM 05/04/2008

adam gets grill ready as sheila preps burgers, nat and sharon still layin out - echo
2:27PM 05/04/2008

sharon talks about last yrs ff calling it a double eviction when eric was teken out in the fast forward - echo
2:30PM 05/04/2008

Natalie going on again about how she's not going to speak to Matty if she goes to sequester because - cindytexas
2:32PM 05/04/2008

outside lockdown. sheila/adam/ryan grilled burgers and are eating them. Sharon/N still sunning. James in hammock NT - WVpdles
2:53PM 05/04/2008

lockdown over NT - WVpdles
2:53PM 05/04/2008

BB gave outdoor toys. NT - Vixter
2:54PM 05/04/2008

on the kitchen table is the outdoor toys - WVpdles
2:55PM 05/04/2008

Thet gave table topic and looks like a remote truck? NT - Vixter
2:55PM 05/04/2008

Adam broke the remote control truck already, he says it's out of juice NT - WVpdles
2:57PM 05/04/2008

2:59PM 05/04/2008

Sharon/James in SR, he asked her what was going on today a whole bunch of nuffin? - WVpdles
3:03PM 05/04/2008

Nat's disagrees with Sheila that Amanda had the best butt in the house NT - WVpdles
3:06PM 05/04/2008

looking out kitchen window to BY, sheila says wow james is good at golf NT - WVpdles
3:11PM 05/04/2008

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