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Nat telling She in boatroom, since Nat was 5 or 6 she's heard a voice telling her she was the chosen one. NT - WVpdles
12:20AM 05/04/2008

Sharon and James were talking off and on about their lives and - DrC
12:29AM 05/04/2008

Baller, Ryan and Nat talking in the kitchen. Nat denying the BJ's big time. NT - Elliot67
12:59AM 05/04/2008

Nat telling the boys what Matt lied to her about. - Elliot67
1:01AM 05/04/2008

All asleep except for Adam in HoH, as he is reading the Bible. NT - mrmac
1:53AM 05/04/2008

Adam was tossing/turning & then had either a coughing or sneezing fit, re-gained composure, said "whew" & is now trying to go back to sleep NT - scandalous
2:35AM 05/04/2008

Adam continues hacking up a lung; sounds like some saliva went down his windpipe or something. NT - scandalous
2:46AM 05/04/2008

Adam is up & on his way downstairs NT - scandalous
2:59AM 05/04/2008

After coughing for the past half hour, Adam is outside smoking a butt NT - scandalous
3:00AM 05/04/2008

The lights are down, but Adam is looking at the Memory Wall NT - scandalous
3:05AM 05/04/2008

Adam's back inside and is staring at the memory wall, it looks like BB turned the lights on a bit more for him NT - cannotsleep
3:05AM 05/04/2008

Adam was staring intensely at everyone's individual pics, then hones in on his own. Finally wanders to the WC looks at himself in the mirror... - scandalous
3:09AM 05/04/2008

Adam grabs a towel from the downstairs bathroom, and is now up in the HOH room looking intently at his pictures NT - cannotsleep
3:10AM 05/04/2008

Adam gets in bed & cracks open the Bible. I'm off to bed & handing the baton to you, cannotsleep :) NT - scandalous
3:12AM 05/04/2008
Adam is on his back in the HOH bed, with his ankle propped up on his knee, reading the bible (good work scandalous, hope you have a great rest :) NT - cannotsleep
3:17AM 05/04/2008

All HGs, excluding Adam, appear to be asleep, Natalie is tossing a bit, Ryan/James/Sharon all asleep in their respective beds, no camera on Sheila NT - cannotsleep
3:22AM 05/04/2008

Adam is coughing/hacking occasionally, and appears to be halfway through the bible. Often holding the bible very close to his eyes, but I have not - cannotsleep
3:41AM 05/04/2008

Ryan is now up, gets out of bed very slowly and heads groggily to the bathroom, leaves WC, doesn't wash his hands & back to bed NT - cannotsleep
3:47AM 05/04/2008

Adam is snoring very loudly in the HOH, all other HGs sleeping soundly downstairs, where they can enjoy the peace and quiet NT - cannotsleep
4:00AM 05/04/2008

Natalie gets up to use the restroom, only wearing her bra & thong, and heads back to bed NT - cannotsleep
4:45AM 05/04/2008

Everyone is still in bed. NT - pooh5983
8:39AM 05/04/2008

Trivia - must be wake up time. NT - cincy5dad
10:06AM 05/04/2008

adam outside smoking alone wearing grey hoody, ryan and sheila in kitchen drinkin coffee takin about dogs NT - echo
10:35AM 05/04/2008

sheila talkin about her dog freakin out about going to the vet, she would hide under tables at the park - echo
10:37AM 05/04/2008

nat is up and says goodmorning in a high pitch tone to adam, carrying slippers in hand - echo
10:39AM 05/04/2008

sheila telling them how its get to be over a 100 degrees in the valley in the summer - echo
10:41AM 05/04/2008

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