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more kitchen chat, having a bbq today, nat says to them you were all up early - echo
10:45AM 05/04/2008

sahron seems to be washing a few dishes, adam talkin abour florida weather - echo
10:49AM 05/04/2008

nat has never heard coffee referred to as a cup of joe....shes confused why its called that - echo
10:51AM 05/04/2008

sheila checkin her laundry ryan wants to do his when shes done - echo
10:55AM 05/04/2008

ryan filling coffee pot with sink water and sheila freaking out - echo
10:58AM 05/04/2008

sheila talkin about workin at the flamingo in vegas and she lied about of her age to work there - echo
11:03AM 05/04/2008

sheila talkin about pig in a poke in european vacation...nat says poke...p.o.k poke - echo
11:06AM 05/04/2008

nat discussing asking customers if they like their coffee wet or dry - echo
11:08AM 05/04/2008

adam bugging nat about tellin mat she was gonna be getting a uhaul - echo
11:11AM 05/04/2008

nat talking about knowing matty was aliar about the girls, shes pretty worked up - echo
11:15AM 05/04/2008

james back in bed, ryan and adam puttin weights on bar NT - echo
11:16AM 05/04/2008

Shelia says she misses Amanda. - veedsboo
11:19AM 05/04/2008

ryan lifting weights, sheila yells that she misses amanda, adam now lifting - echo
11:21AM 05/04/2008

adam says they are always on camera , everthing they do is seen - echo
11:24AM 05/04/2008

ryan is totally out of breath pacing the by, adam says hes all joe'd up - echo
11:27AM 05/04/2008

adam repats again outdoor toys and laughs, thinks bb will make a segment on it - echo
11:28AM 05/04/2008

nat is getting in the BR.. - veedsboo
11:28AM 05/04/2008

sheila now back in wc goin to shower next to nat, sheila talkin about chels being - echo
11:31AM 05/04/2008

adam and ryan still lifting, nat in shower, a few min ago ryan and adam were - echo
11:36AM 05/04/2008

ryan talkin about a muscle he pulled a few weeks ago, scared its gonna act up and make him - echo
11:39AM 05/04/2008

adam is fillin up vacuum tube with water as ryan still lifts, sheila now puttin something in trash goes back to sr picks up towels from counter - echo
11:43AM 05/04/2008

ryan mumbling he hurt himself and it hurts, sheila and nat discuss - echo
11:46AM 05/04/2008

sheilas had her boobs for 10 yrs and wants to get a lift now, nat was 23 when she got hers so 5 yrs - echo
11:49AM 05/04/2008

adam now has shirt off and is smoking ryan says hes hurting and if it gets worse hes blaming adam - echo
11:55AM 05/04/2008

adam stroles into wc and then back out, sheila in towel, nat doin makeup , - echo
11:59AM 05/04/2008

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