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sheila says lets not count our chickens till they hatch, nat says absolutly no way - echo
12:01PM 05/04/2008

adam doesnt think pool vac is working so hes tryin again, nats goin to lay outdside in the sun - echo
12:03PM 05/04/2008

ryan comes into wc tells the girls its nice out, nats brshing teeth - echo
12:08PM 05/04/2008

sheila says she wants to work with adam and autistic children she wants to give back - echo
12:11PM 05/04/2008

adam talkin to the camera saying hes cleaning the pool, getting a tan , then says ok no more - echo
12:14PM 05/04/2008

nat talking about her friend who calls to get her to come hang out and smoke weed - echo
12:17PM 05/04/2008

sheila cleaning teeth with floss, nat whispering, hard to hear - echo
12:21PM 05/04/2008

Sheila talking about Alex again, that he's everything she wants in a man. - cindytexas
12:22PM 05/04/2008

adam says if sheila sweeps the wc floor he will wash it, sheila goin on about meeting good guys - echo
12:24PM 05/04/2008

sheila blowdrying hair, sharon sleeping on f1 then to deer on wall then back to sharon - echo
12:28PM 05/04/2008

sheila says her fates is in ryebreads hands, she wants hair dye for her bday - echo
12:30PM 05/04/2008

sheila is giving ryan a bleach lesson as they soak his shoe laces - echo
12:33PM 05/04/2008

sharon now up checking for sun, sheila sayin its now over cast - echo
12:37PM 05/04/2008

adam put on sheila's robe NT - voodoochild1207
12:39PM 05/04/2008

feeds back we can hear sharon saying this sucks but cant see her, sheila in kitchen naming meats they can have - echo
12:39PM 05/04/2008

bb voice says hgs plz clean your house - echo
12:43PM 05/04/2008

Sheila's been cleaning house when BB: Houseguests, please clean your house....which shocks everyone, they don't know where that came from - WhatdoIKnow
12:45PM 05/04/2008

ryan says jen left day 14 , adam thinks jen is bitter, ryan says he campaigned a - echo
12:46PM 05/04/2008

nat says she likes the proverbs in the bible, adam complaining he fell off the - echo
12:49PM 05/04/2008

adam and ryan play pool again, ryan says jmmys defeated he wants to go - echo
12:53PM 05/04/2008

Nat's pissed at Matty - voodoochild1207
12:57PM 05/04/2008

sheila is sewing her robe that baller was just wearing NT - voodoochild1207
12:58PM 05/04/2008

ryan and adam having a good time playin pool, nat asks if james is still sleeping - echo
12:59PM 05/04/2008

Nat says God is watching everything. If you want to be like Jesus, you have to be holy. - cindytexas
1:03PM 05/04/2008

nat says why not a cup of nat or a cup of come ballerthen she goes - echo
1:03PM 05/04/2008

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