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Topic #8649911
Vixter - S/S talking game inside. A/N talking game outside. NT 0 Replies #8649911 8:57PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8649947
IWantAJanieDoll2 - Balla tells Nat he's sick of Sharon, he'd like to "choke her ass out and spit in her f'n face." NT 0 Replies #8649947 8:59PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8650031
Vixter - Adam saying that James doesn't want anyone to win but Sharon. NT 0 Replies #8650031 9:03PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8650058
Vixter - Adam: If Sharon wins, I am going up. NT 0 Replies #8650058 9:05PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8650245
lakeview - Sheila/Sharon on bathroom couch. 0 Replies #8650245 9:13PM 07/04/2008
Sharon guarntees that Ryan and Adam would keep Sheila over Nat. They want her out.

Sheila: you do what you have to do.

Sharon saying she talked to Ryan about keeping Sheila to the end.

Sheila saying you have to promise me.

Sheila saying that she'd put up Sharon and Adam and backdoor Nat.

Sheila asking what Ryan would do.

Sheila can't believe Nat's out there telling Adam we're going to put her up.

Sharon saying that Sheila would stay against Adam. Suggesting that as a possibility and that if it's a tie Sheila would stay bc Ryan would keep Sheila and Sharon would break the tie.

Sheila doesn't want Sharon to go. She wants Nat out the door next week.

Sharon: she talks all that sh-- about you.

Sheila: she always says she doesn't trust you Sharon.

Sharon: what a bitch.

Sheila: I told her I trust you. And I do. I trust you more than her.

Sharon: she's so scared about getting evicted. She's gonna get it. She's gonna f-in' get it.

Sheila: I told her a million times I trust Sharon.

Sheila: didn't I tell you she'd pretend girl power. Bullsh--. She's coming after us.

Sharon: ... Adam...

Sharon: she makes up some bullsh--.

Sheila: She's gotta go. ... when you talk to Ryan say Nat is coming after us. Ryan's smart.

Sharon: Ryan said "Nat is the strongest girl here. She has to go."

Sheila: you've gotta keep telling Ryan over and over.

Sharon: she's gonna get her ass kicked. She's getting evicted.

Sheila: I see it happening. The boys will not get rid of her. It'll be you.

Sheila knows Sharon's going to win HOH.

Sharon: I need to convince her it's going to be physical.

Sharon: ... backdoor her...

Sharon: if Adam wins, she's going to have to work with us bc all she'll have is Ryan.

Sheila: that was dumb of her telling Adam we're going after them.

Sheila: she's such a phony.

Sharon: she's the [worst] christian I've ever met.

Sheila: I told Adam, now I'm pissed that she's throwing me and Sharon under the frickin' bus.

Sheila: I'm going to mess with her. He knows he's going home.

Sheila hates that Nat is stirring up things.

Sharon: I told you. The day that she lied to me that Matty gave her a sign to keep James. What a lie.

Sheila: what? She's still blaming someone else for that?

Sharon: think about it. There was no time.... She's f'in ridiculous. She can't think under pressure.

Sheila: she's dumb.

Sharon: she's so f'in stupid.

Sheila: you're the mole.

Sharon: what's a mole?

Sheila: the mole. the spy. You've never heard of a mole?

Sharon: it comes out of the ground.

Sheila: no, you go and gather information.

Sharon's never heard that term.

Sharon saying Nat's the mole then. "she's so stupid."

Sheila: if Nat thought you were a mole, why did she keep saying stuff.

Sheila saying Nat doesn't want to keep Sharon bc she'd win over Nat.

Sheila: James was saying that he wanted to get rid of Nat.

Sheila: I'm pissed that she's out there in Adam's ear. I just talked to Adam and he said that "you and Sharon were going to get us out." And I said what? That's what she's gonna do.

Sheila: she's trying to get us before we get her.

Sharon: it's not gonna happen. When I need to pull through, I pull it off.

Sheila saying she'd put up Adam and Sharon and then take Sharon off and put up Nat.

Sheila: one of us has to win.

Sharon: we're good - you, me and Ryan.

Sheila: we'll pretend with Nat.

Sheila: unbelieveable.

Sharon: she's so screwed.

Sheila: that's crazy. freakin' crazy.

Sheila waves at James and Ryan in kitchen.

Sharon: I'm gonna get her.

Sheila: you're gonna get her. Adam tells me the truth.

Sharon: he doesn't lie.

Sheila: I said what are your freakin' doing? I said what's she saying? He said you and Sharon are coming after me. I said what?

Sharon: just wait until one of the three of us wins HOH.

Sheila: oh my god, she has really turned on the wrong freakin' people. That was not smart.

Sharon walks out of room.
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Topic #8650389
Vixter - S/S/R/J talking in kitchen. Sheila telling Ryan she hasn't forgotten that he saved her. NT 0 Replies #8650389 9:20PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8650451
Vixter - Ryan: Sharon is letting her anger come out. Sharon: No, I am not going to let it come out. NT 0 Replies #8650451 9:23PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8650475
Vixter - James wants to play paper, rock, scissors to see who stays in house. NT 0 Replies #8650475 9:25PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8650484
Vixter - Sharon won. NT 0 Replies #8650484 9:25PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8650629
Vixter - Sharon says someone is blowing smoke up her tail. 0 Replies #8650629 9:34PM 07/04/2008
James asks if it is the kid with the pink mohawk. Sharon says no. Sheila says no. James asks if she is going to call them out on it. Sharon says maybe. She seems pretty riled up. Then she tells James that she likes his antiquing ideal. James asks if that is who is blowing smoke up her tail. Sharon says we will see.
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Topic #8650791
lakeview - Nat/Adam hot tub and Ryan joins 0 Replies #8650791 9:42PM 07/04/2008
Nat saying that it's down to Adam and Nat to win the HOHs. Sheila and Ryan did bad on the last one. Nat saying Sheila was given a lot of the numbers by Nat beforehand and she still didn't remember them. Wondering if she's throwing them still.

Adam: Sharon's good.

Nat: she's good but I can beat her.


Ryan walks out. Nat: hi, Ry-bread.

Ryan: what're you talking about?

Adam: we're talking how everyone inside is wondering what we're plotting out here.

Nat: James is stirring the pot bigtime before he goes.

Nat: we were trying to get you out here. Sharon's trying to pit us against each other.

Ryan: Sheila and Sharon are non-stop talking back there.

Nat saying that she sits there and agrees with Sharon with what she says but comes back and tells the guys everything.

Ryan saying James is going around telling people that Nat's the biggest threat.

Nat: and they're telling Sharon.

Adam: we stuck to the plan this far. 2 more weeks.

Ryan saying just get to the final 3. No keeping any floaters. Whoever wins at the end okay.

Ryan: something must've been said bw Sharon and Sheila or with James.

Ryan says he doesn't talk to them. Just sits there.

Nat says she just agrees with it.

Adam saying Sheila told him that he was putting a huge target on himself.

Nat saying Sheila thinks Adam is stirring up the pot by talking to James.

Adam: I did talk to James and said "yeah, yeah, yeah, bro"

Adam: don't buy his bullsh--.

Nat: he wants Sharon to stay.

Adam: what would it benefit me talking to James.

Nat saying Chelsia had told James and Josh to go ag Adam and Nat. And he's pissed at them.

Nat: Sharon is pulling Sheila to her side. That's why I'm listening to them.

Ryan: they are trying to work together.

Nat: they're trying to get me to work with them. "girls ag guys."

Ryan: who's saying that more?

Nat: Sharon.

Nat: Sheila started crying today that the guys would keep her to final 3 and then kick her out.

Nat was just sitting there agreeing with the two girls. Doesn't like when the two are plotting together.

Nat: why does he want to start stuff? he's going home.

Ryan talking about valium pills he's taking (or something like that).

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Topic #8650811
bigjaniefan - ryan telling nat and adam in hottub that james is trying to stir sh.t up. pitting everyone against each other. NT 0 Replies #8650811 9:43PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8650865
Vixter - A bit ago Sheila said Nat was outside turning Adam against them. Telling Adam S/S want him out. 0 Replies #8650865 9:46PM 07/04/2008
Sharon says its been Nat all along that has been saying Adam was too strong a competitor.
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Topic #8650994
lakeview - More Ryan/Adam/Nat by hot tub 0 Replies #8650994 9:52PM 07/04/2008
Nat: I'm not falling for it. Those two girls are going up... He's just starting sh--.

Ryan: they're saying so much sh-- to break us apart.

Nat: Sheila's just scared.

Nat: they're just trying to stick with me.

Ryan: they think you may be with them and that's why they're talking sh--.

Adam: they start this stuff too early every week.

Ryan saying Sharon plays her cards way too early.

Adam: she's trying to cover her bases. But it's all about timing in this game.

Ryan: all of her mole-y plots.

Adam: just like James said ... I didn't say anything....

Ryan: he's the one that brings it up. He doesn't know anything about it.

Nat: just like when he said Ryan'd put Adam up.

Nat saying Sharon said that Nat should want to keep her in F2 bc otherwise the 4 of them have the votes to decide. Who cares if you have only 2 of us to vote for?

Nat: she's saying if I took her to the end, I'd win. I'm not falling for any of it.

Ryan: she hasn't won anything.

Nat: nothing by herself.

Nat: first of all, I've been faithful for this long, I'm keeping with it. I don't trust that girl. She's like a moley mole.

Ryan: she's been on the opposite side this whole time, why take her now.

Nat: Sharon, Sheila boom. Us three warriors battle it out.

Adam hands Nat a moth he found.

Ryan never saw a moth like that.

Ryan: they're the three out there - that's what James is saying out there.

Nat: yeah, listen bitches. I was in the hot tub.

Nat: moth's are weird.

Adam: bye-bye Jimmy.

Nat: did you wave at him?

Adam: talk all you want, you're going out anyway.

Ryan: "but remember, I'm a vote in sequester."

Nat: go f--- the sh-- out of your rode hard girlfriend. The one with the stank crotch.

Ryan: he doesn't care. stinkier the better for him.

Ryan saying the moth got run over by the "mutator" (?)

Nat asking Ryan to end his misery. Just squish him.

Ryan blows ants off the moth instead.

Ryan: yeah, he's not going to make it.

Ryan doesn't want to kill him though.

Adam: our worst case is really Sharon.

Nat: worst case.

Nat: Sheila's not going to win. But if she won, I think she'd put up 2 of us. She thinks Sharon has her back. But Sheila's not gonna win. Let's be realistic.

Ryan and Nat think she'd either put up Adam/Nat or Adam/Ryan.

Nat: James is a sore loser.

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Topic #8651036
BB8On - J/S/S criticizing Nat reading the Bible but not understanding. Joking about asking her to explain things to them 0 Replies #8651036 9:54PM 07/04/2008
Sheila says for weeks she's had to put up with Nat pretending like she's smarter than Sheila.
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Topic #8651083
Vixter - Adam says he will be handing Nat or Ryan the key (next HOH) Says James is just mad cause he can't play. Nat says they will get rid of Sheila. NT 0 Replies #8651083 9:56PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8651087
cannotsleep - Adam/Ryan/Natalie in the BY, Ryan says Sharon is like Sheila, they both haven't won sh*t, Natalie says Sharon is the mole, and that they should get 0 Replies #8651087 9:56PM 07/04/2008
Sharon and Sheila out, and then let the best man win between the three of them. Ryan says James is inside right now stirring up sh*t.

Adam says worst case, Sharon wins. Nat says yeah, cause Sheila isn't going to win. Let's be realistic. James in standing inside looking at them through the sliding glass door waving at them. Talking about how she was Agent 009. They laugh.
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Topic #8651122
Vixter - Nat: I want to be the last girl in the house. Forget the other two. Nat talking about the number 9. 0 Replies #8651122 9:58PM 07/04/2008
Adam says Sheila is scared as hell. Ryan says the 3 of them A/R/N is their worse nightmare.
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Topic #8651190
Vixter - Nat: We are sitting pretty. That Adam has her and RyBread. 0 Replies #8651190 10:01PM 07/04/2008
They are talking about having the party tomorrow and not inviting James.
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Topic #8651255
Vixter - Adam: Yeah Pinky you figured it out to late. You are going the F home. NT 0 Replies #8651255 10:04PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8651361
Vixter - Lots of laughing outside with N/R/A. 0 Replies #8651361 10:09PM 07/04/2008
Nat still in HT. R/A playing golf. Adam waving at S/S/J inside in a laughing mocking way.
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Topic #8651405
Vixter - Nat: Happy Birthday Matty with the gay and the whore. Must be Mattys birthday today. NT 0 Replies #8651405 10:11PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8651471
Vixter - 3 outside are going inside with other 3. NT 0 Replies #8651471 10:14PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8651525
cannotsleep - Sharon to Sheila and James: "I'm going to be fine. Everything happens for a reason." James says if he stayed on Wed that Adam would sh*t his 0 Replies #8651525 10:16PM 07/04/2008
pants. Sheila says Adam thinks he is going to win the 500 grand. She is saying she'd be happy with 50 thousand. Sheila is saying Saturday we can have a party for my birthday.

Sheila says we have three weeks left. It's scary. James says stop it, you're scared that you're going to walk out of here with 9 thousand dollars? James says scared that you had a chance to win $500,000 and didn't win? He says what would winning that money really do for you. Sheila says it would do a lot for me. I could do a lot with that money.

Sheila says if Natalie wins, I'm going to go get into the fetal position. Sheila and James both say Natalie won't win. Sharon talking about being
the mole.

Ryan, Adam and Natalie come inside.
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Topic #8651537
Vixter - All in kitchen together. Seems kind of awkward and quiet. NT 0 Replies #8651537 10:17PM 07/04/2008
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