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Topic #8670572
mcoop - James and Ryan arguing in KT, James thinks Ryan owes him a vote. (ed. lol) NT 0 Replies #8670572 12:13AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8670597
bigjaniefan - james asks ryan if he can campaign to him. ryan says sure, james starts calling ryan out in front of adam and sheila in the kitchen about the fact 0 Replies #8670597 12:15AM 09/04/2008
that james saved ryan, he broke the tie and sent matt packing instead of ryan and ryan said he would look out for james. now james needs the favor in return and why won't ryan vote for him to stay? ryan is stuttering and flustered and talking in circles.
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Topic #8670661
bigjaniefan - ryan tells james "it's not beneficial for me to vote for you to stay". James is getting pissed saying that by him evicting matty, it costs james 0 Replies #8670661 12:19AM 09/04/2008
the game. and it wasn't beneficial for james to keep ryan but he did.
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Topic #8671009
dustytissue - Ryan venting to Adam in HOH that James is trying to make Ryan look like the bad guy when James was the one who made the Matt vote 3-3 to break 1 Replies #8671009 12:36AM 09/04/2008
the tie.

R: No one wants him here. Do you want him here? A: No.

Ryan says he's not a bad dude but he doesn't want him in this house.

Ryan's also mad about Sheila not sticking up for him during the convo, that she went "I don't know.." etc. He wants to talk to her.

He leaves HOH, now joins Nat in sauna room. "Sheila pissed me off." Saying she makes him look like he's the only one lying.
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DrC - Before Ryan went up to HOH on the way to his BR he stop off #8671278 12:51AM 09/04/2008
and talk to Sharon quickly, he's pissed. The volume is very low but he talks to Sharon, she heard some and says James is just stirring up sh** he know he is going. He is trying to make you look bad in front of the others.

Ryan goes back into the KT and tell James (Adam and Sheila are still there) and says his alliance is with these guys and not you. James says it's done, over why keep talking about it. Ryan wants to make sure everyone knows where he stands.
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Topic #8671121
dustytissue - Now Ryan goes to confront Sheila. Sheila says Nat's making up sh*t. 0 Replies #8671121 12:42AM 09/04/2008
This is about Nat saying James/Chel had a deal with Sheila.

Sheila: James and Chelsia never came up to me as a couple.

She tells him James never campaigned for Chelsia and that Sheila told Chelsia to her face that she won't be voting for her.

Sheila says "Yeah, I'll call her out if you bring her here."

Sheila says Nat wants to make it to the end with Adam or Sheila. Telling Ryan again Nat's making it up. He says "I know." She's wondering how it would benefit Nat to be saying that.

Flames for a brief moment and now we see Nat has joined them. Nat's whispering and talking really fast.
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Topic #8671509
dustytissue - Sheila and Nat were whispering. James was in bed but he gets up and interrupts, asks if he could talk to Sheila in private. 1 Replies #8671509 1:08AM 09/04/2008
Nat leaves and talks to Ryan in sauna room.

James hugs Sheila telling her he's rooting for her in this game. James tells her she's a great girl, he cares about her as a person. Sheila: Thanks a lot. I'm going to try to make it to the final 2. She tells him to talk to Chelsia for her. They hug and he tells her to get some sleep. He told her some other stuff, didn't get everything, but he was basically encouraging her.

Now Ryan and James are talking heatedly again in the kitchen. They're talking about the week Matt left, something that has to do with Sheila. James tells Ryan he just got what he wanted to say off his chest, then says "I think you're ungrateful."

Ryan and Nat in sauna room now. Nat whispering. Ryan says James is just trying to stir stuff up.
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pitznkitz - the week matt left, if James would have kept Sheila on the block she would have went home he says is why he took sheila off instead of ryan NT #8671630 1:14AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8671723
dustytissue - Adam comes down from HOH to tell Nat/Ryan that he realized his patches expired 03/07. He thinks it's the patches from All-Stars. NT 0 Replies #8671723 1:20AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8671883
HighRollerz - From previous convo earlier- Nat defends herself to Sheila... 0 Replies #8671883 1:27AM 09/04/2008
Nat goes into boat room where Sheila and Ryan are and explains that she isn't making up the convo about deals being made with James and Sheila. Nat explains to Sheila it was 2 weeks before in the hammock when Nat and Sheila were having a convo. Ryan says he even remembered this convo because she had it with all 3 of them the day it happened. Sheila states she doesn't recall that convo. After Ryan leaves room, Sheila blames it on Ryan that he had worded wrong in the kitchen(from the earlier confrontation with James and Ryan in kitchen)
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Topic #8671956
HighRollerz - All HG's appear to be in their beds for the night. NT 0 Replies #8671956 1:33AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8672296
folieadeux8381 - James is awake and sitting alone in the dark with his arms crossed in the main living room area. NT 0 Replies #8672296 2:52AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8672306
folieadeux8381 - Now he's picking at his feet. NT 0 Replies #8672306 2:55AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8672330
folieadeux8381 - James went to the bedroom to grab his pink shirt and put it on and is now wondering around the kitchen. NT 0 Replies #8672330 3:01AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8672345
folieadeux8381 - James is in the bathroom, fixed his hair, is looking in the mirror, and acting silly. NT 0 Replies #8672345 3:04AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8672351
folieadeux8381 - Now he's back in the kitchen sitting down at the counter drinking something. He just went to the fridge again. NT 0 Replies #8672351 3:05AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8672360
folieadeux8381 - James went to the SR and grabbed himself a snack. He's back in the kitchen munching on something, NT 1 Replies #8672360 3:07AM 09/04/2008
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folieadeux8381 - i think he's eating a sucker, and is now dancing around the kitchen. NT #8672366 3:09AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8672372
folieadeux8381 - James finished another sucker and is now sitting at the kitchen counter again. 0 Replies #8672372 3:10AM 09/04/2008
He can't sit still!
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Topic #8672388
folieadeux8381 - James went to the sauna room, looked like he was going to get in it, then went back 0 Replies #8672388 3:14AM 09/04/2008
to the bathroom and is now sitting on the little couch in there.
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Topic #8672391
folieadeux8381 - Looks like everyone else is asleep. 0 Replies #8672391 3:15AM 09/04/2008
Sheila's sleeping on feed 1, Adam on feed two, and James is on both feed 3 and 4.
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Topic #8672401
folieadeux8381 - After acting silly in front of the bathroom mirror again, James sat down in front of the chess board. 0 Replies #8672401 3:19AM 09/04/2008
He's lining the pieces up on the board.
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Topic #8672406
folieadeux8381 - James is playing chess against himself. NT 0 Replies #8672406 3:21AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8672474
folieadeux8381 - James went to potty and is now taking off his mic and climbing into bed. NT 0 Replies #8672474 3:44AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8673580
deebopalula - houseguests sleeping...though a couple are sleeping restless 0 Replies #8673580 7:44AM 09/04/2008
Sharon and Big She are tossing and turning
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Topic #8673943
towie - lights are on ~~ soon b time to wake HG up NT 0 Replies #8673943 8:31AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8674363
folieadeux8381 - Flames NT 0 Replies #8674363 9:12AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8674486
deebopalula - Feeds Back-everyone seems to still be alseep NT 0 Replies #8674486 9:24AM 09/04/2008
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