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Topic #8685507
CruiseCritic - Sheila telling Natalie she doesnt want her to drop, she wants her to hang as long as she can and doesnt want 0 Replies #8685507 6:50PM 09/04/2008
her (Nat) to give it to her.

still NO FEEDS on Natalie
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Topic #8685573
CruiseCritic - Sheila laighing having a good time, little clawing at side of cage sayign she is so in a box. 0 Replies #8685573 6:52PM 09/04/2008
Ryan asks her how her foot it and Sheila says she has a heel spur and it hurts when she is on it too long. Something she didnt write down, she has had it for a long time.

Sheila looks comfy and says she has to win this thing. Says now she is doing it for Alex. Natalie tells her she may as well drop now.

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Topic #8685673
CruiseCritic - Adam tells Ryan he is doing awesome since he was in bed all week with a bad neck 0 Replies #8685673 6:55PM 09/04/2008
and then Sheila tells Ryan she loves him. Then Natalie mocks Sheila in her Sheila imitiation and says I LOVE YOU TOO. Sheila laughs and says I love you Natalie.

Ryan tells Sheila he will read her letter for her. Natalie chimes in that she is going to have a good week with James being gone and SHeila says yeah, it still would be better to get a letter from her son and some pics.

Sharon asking Adam if he has the patch on since he is smoking. He says no and thanks Mommy Sharon.
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Topic #8685836
CruiseCritic - Adam laying on back talking about feast tonight of pizza and burgers... 0 Replies #8685836 6:59PM 09/04/2008
Natalie thinks disco ball was alot harder. Sheila agrees and says it was more upper body and this is uncomforable especially if you have a heel spur.

Adam mentions to Sharon that they are both out. Sheila looks comfy, Ryan moving around some and no feeds on Natalie. Sharon sitting next to Adam drinking a bottle of water.

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Topic #8685932
CruiseCritic - Natalie asking for music as they (Ryan and Nat) mention how boring it is 0 Replies #8685932 7:00PM 09/04/2008
Sharon says at least they wouldnt talk game if there was music. Now talking about Josh wanting to know where everyone was and who was talking to who all the time.

talk about his eyes rolling and it was creepy (Josh)
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Topic #8686061
CruiseCritic - Adam talking about mini-table in kitchen and Nat repeats Mini over and over again 0 Replies #8686061 7:03PM 09/04/2008
a 4 top. Natalie keeps saying mini (irritating) and Sheila says - OK Natalie we got it. Nat says mini again.

Ryan says James would have been up here all night.
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Topic #8686171
cindytexas - Nat ragging on James (again). She says, "God speaks to me, something James wouldn't know anything about." NT 1 Replies #8686171 7:05PM 09/04/2008
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Brendabythebay - Then Ry asked what God was sayin now & Nat said for her to keep her ass up in that box. NT #8686239 7:06PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8686243
CruiseCritic - Sheila made a move and Adam says nice move Shiela and Natalie goes on and on about James saying 0 Replies #8686243 7:07PM 09/04/2008
there was going to be a clothing comp and he didnt know anything. She says she is being told to stay in the box. Nat says it is a nice night tho.

Adam sees a plane, Sheila looks up and so does Ryan. Still no feeds on Natalie. Adam close to end of pool and talk that he might slip in. Sharon said wont be good with microphone on.

Adam talking about cleaning pool yesterday with Hoops and Naked James.

Nat talks about how crazy it was she got a question from a viewer and goes on to explain the question and what her response was.

(k, time for me to just watch feeds and lay down with earphone if someone can take over rest of the night)
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Topic #8686332
veedsboo - Adam is standing at the edge of the pool and screaming at the top ofhis lungs, 0 Replies #8686332 7:08PM 09/04/2008
"What's up fellas"
Natty yells that he shouldn't talk to the people inside the walls.
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Topic #8686421
veedsboo - Natty thinks her but crack is showing, Sharon and Adam go to look. 0 Replies #8686421 7:10PM 09/04/2008
Sharon, "Ill tell you, Im a girl.
She said it was almost showing but not quite.
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Topic #8686457
bluejays6 - Adam and Nat saying this is very S&M ish 0 Replies #8686457 7:11PM 09/04/2008
Sheila looks tired, very quiet. Sheila just said I'm tired.
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Topic #8686554
veedsboo - Sharon tells the group that James is "in the words of Natty... 0 Replies #8686554 7:13PM 09/04/2008
D.U.N.N and Natty goes, "He's digging for blood?"
Everyone looks confused for a second.
Then they explain what she missed.
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Topic #8686564
bluejays6 - Ry: I don't think James is coming back anymore! 0 Replies #8686564 7:14PM 09/04/2008
S: do we have a time, or no?
Sha: I'm guessing an hour or hour and fifteen?
We got out here about 5:35 (ed: actually it was about 5:50 or 5:55)
Nat gabbing....
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Topic #8686666
bluejays6 - Ry joking about Oil Bronson 2 Replies #8686666 7:17PM 09/04/2008
Nat asks what her nickname is, they say chatty natty.
Adam says he smoked 2 cigs.
Sheila is very quiet.
Sharon had a dream about glass house.
Ry: what are you thinking about sheila?
She: just that I need to win this, only one that hasn't gotten a letter.
(ed: but Nat is just NOT taking the hint!)
all talking about the smell, sulfur or eggs,
Sheila: like the eggs that Chel crashed up.
Nat: who does that on Easter????
all laughing
N: that's just asking for bad karma. that and hiding the bible.
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freshlikeuhhn - it is doyle not oil NT #8686895 7:23PM 09/04/2008
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BoJangles76 - Doyle Brunson NT #8686881 7:22PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8686704
veedsboo - Natty keeps saying it smells like rotten eggs. 0 Replies #8686704 7:18PM 09/04/2008
Ryan remarks, "it is Adam's farts."
Sheila says "it smells like when Chelsia crushed those eggs."

Shelia says over and over, "did yah have to go there? Did yah, c'mon seriously."
Then Natty copies her.
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Topic #8686775
veedsboo - Ryan looks uncomterable. NT 0 Replies #8686775 7:20PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8686823
bluejays6 - Ry: I got a blister on the palm of my hand. 0 Replies #8686823 7:21PM 09/04/2008
N: when I saw this I thought they were going to fill it with water.
Sheila: me too, and if it was, I would have walked out, forget it.
A: you look comfy.
She: well I'm not. my heel is hurting me.
N: me too.
She talking about her heel spur, bone that grows like a hook.
Adam has never heard of them. She's had it for 10 years.
S: you can have an operation, but it's too painful.
Ry: Dr Will can do it after the show.
Now S/A talking about podiatrist.
Sheila relaxing her arms with just her legs holding her up. Ry resting his hands on his knees for a while.

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Topic #8686897
veedsboo - Ryan is sweating bullets. NT 0 Replies #8686897 7:23PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8686942
bluejays6 - Ad making scary impressions. 0 Replies #8686942 7:24PM 09/04/2008
Ry: what's happening to your pants? (ed: guess Nat pulled the legs up, her plain long socks showing)
Ad: Oil Bronson, you're doing magnificant dude.
R: didn't know I had this endurance in me, did you.
She: you know when she asked me if I'm feeling old or young? I'm feeling really old right now.
Nat: that was hysterical.
S: no the flour wasn't hysterical. but I wish I had seen when you played the POV on me.
Ad: where's she at? she's putting on the uni!!!
S: and you made me feel so at home, I was like oh they do love me!
Ad: you wouldn't want a final 5 any different than now, except for maybe alex, right?
S: of course!
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Topic #8687010
bluejays6 - All discussing that Chel should have been grateful, and should be happy, winning 21 Gs! 0 Replies #8687010 7:27PM 09/04/2008
Ad: she offered to take me to vegas with her.
She: you should have taken her up on that!
A: I got enough babes!
She: they're probably lining up as we speak! we shall see!
Quality is better tho!
A: we're guys, we gotta take what we can get.
She: Ry, you're lucky, Jen's a great girl.
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Topic #8687033
veedsboo - Natty is so loud right now, she is talking a lot. 0 Replies #8687033 7:27PM 09/04/2008
She said there is an echo in her box and it's hard to here.
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Topic #8687053
admiral - HoH Comp at 90 Min Mark. Flames as they check in with the HG NT 0 Replies #8687053 7:28PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8687074
veedsboo - Ryan said to Sheila, "You are doing good babe." 0 Replies #8687074 7:29PM 09/04/2008
Natty follows it up, "Yea your doing good babe."
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Topic #8687157
folieadeux8381 - Ryan keeps lettting one leg hang at a time to get some blood flow back into his legs 0 Replies #8687157 7:31PM 09/04/2008
i'm not sure he'll last much longer. LOL what's new?
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Topic #8687204
folieadeux8381 - Natalie, too, is now letting one leg hang to get some feeling/blood back into it. NT 0 Replies #8687204 7:32PM 09/04/2008
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