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Topic #8674496
deebopalula - BB "Good Morning Houseguests, Its Time TO Get Up For the Day 0 Replies #8674496 9:25AM 09/04/2008
Remember: Lights must stay on.....
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Topic #8674535
deebopalula - BB (again) Lights must remain on during the day 0 Replies #8674535 9:28AM 09/04/2008
Adam gets out of bed, turns lights on and gets back under the covers
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Topic #8674536
WhatdoIKnow - F1's been showing Sheila making the bed in the dark, asking BB to play some more music......Don Henley..... 0 Replies #8674536 9:28AM 09/04/2008
F2's of Adam just now getting up out of bedding, flipping on the lights, makin' the under covers dash again......F3's been just of the flames.....F4's of Sheila leaving the bedroom.....

F1's now the storage room, Sheila changing out her batteries
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Topic #8674542
BBDee - "Bedroom lights must remain 'on' during the day." 0 Replies #8674542 9:28AM 09/04/2008
Baller gets up turns his on and back to bed.LOLOL
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Topic #8674544
deebopalula - Sheila getting batteries and then FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8674544 9:28AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8674571
towie - Shelia in KT making coffee, all other HG's still in bed NT 0 Replies #8674571 9:30AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8674572
WhatdoIKnow - 1's of Sheila rinsing out dishes, etc., 2's distant shot from living room into kitchen 0 Replies #8674572 9:30AM 09/04/2008
3's flames still.....4's of Sharon in bed (overhead shot)

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Topic #8674586
BBDee - Sheila's up cleaning in kitchen...making coffee. NT 0 Replies #8674586 9:30AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8674618
WhatdoIKnow - 1/2 the same, Sheila around the kitchen...3 was random closeups of odd things around the house (stack of firewood, back of green couch, etc.), 0 Replies #8674618 9:33AM 09/04/2008
4's of the pink bedroom, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse......

Sharon's up and in the kitchen talking to they're in the bathroom
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Topic #8674684
WhatdoIKnow - 1/2 was of Sheila brushing her teeth, Sharon just took an armload of TP in the bathroom, 0 Replies #8674684 9:38AM 09/04/2008
Sheila and Sharon are in the toilet talking game (Ed: same boring stuff) 1's of Sheila at the kitchen sink, dishes.....2's overhead shot facing kitchen (from direction of HOH stairs)....3's of an extreme closeup zooming in to the fireplace wall behind the brown part of the couch (the "hot seat"), going to overhead shot of green couch.....4's of the pink bedroom, no movement shows Sharon at the mirror in the bathroom brushing teeth or her retainer.....

Sheila's putting away silverware.....

Sheila makes a comment about the vacuum being somewhere and says "let's see who volunteers"........Sharon says "Probably no one"

1/2 of the pink room
3 - flames
4 - Sharon's saying probably noone, I don't like doing it if I get dressed up....Sheila's commenting more on the vacuuming, says her stye's getting worse and wondering if they'll give her something, maybe some Sharon's brushing (Ed: and converving water, yay!!! a first in the house! lol)
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Topic #8674725
BBDee - Sheila starts early talking game w/Sharon 0 Replies #8674725 9:41AM 09/04/2008
F3 keeps zooming in on sofa in living room? Green/tan, rocks/plants?
Sheila wondering who will volunteer to use vac. haha Sharon says probably no one. "You don't need to do it Sharon", "Let one of them do it." Pink room guests asleep. Flames!
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Topic #8674870
WhatdoIKnow - keeps goin back 'n forth to flames, sounds like the DR's been pushing Sharon to get there 0 Replies #8674870 9:56AM 09/04/2008
she comments something about what is going on today? (She's not even dressed and they keep paging her to go to DR) 2's showing her jogging to the DR then going inside.....and we have flames again all 4 cams
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Topic #8674970
raindrop110475 - sheila tells sharon she is always worried when men fight they will come to blows thought ryan and james were gonna last night NT 0 Replies #8674970 10:04AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8674982
WhatdoIKnow - 1's on Sharon, hair in towel in kitchen, 2's distant shot of kitchen from living room 0 Replies #8674982 10:06AM 09/04/2008
3's of flames, 4's closeup of Adam sleeping

Sheila's fixing "lightly scrambled eggs" and a bagel for breakfast, making some for Sharon.....can't see her, but you can hear her cracking eggs, grinding pepper, whisking eggs......1's showing Sharon sitting at the end of the kitchen counter...Sheila's setting a plate in front of Sharon....."Thank you ma'am" Sheila: Mmm hmmm

Sheila asked pretty much what's up with everyone, if they stayed up real late or something...she was expecting a big blow up last night....Sharon said she went to sleep

Sheila again saying slop's the reason she's "so messed up"

Sharon's wondering what the HOH is, so she can dress properly

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Topic #8675002
WhatdoIKnow - Sharon comments about the guinea pigs, that they hear Sheila cutting something and Sharon's voice 0 Replies #8675002 10:08AM 09/04/2008
so they're standing in the corner waiting to be fed, but Sharon doesn't have anything and Adam's still asleep...

Now they're talking about the BB voice and how mean he is Sharon: "Don't be scared of the voice, it won't get you, I promise"

They joke around about 'the voice"...when you hear BB: "Stop that"...and they laugh
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Topic #8675248
BBjunkie247 - Sharon fed the gps and now shelia doing her hair NT 0 Replies #8675248 10:28AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8675550
BBFanChelle - Sharon and Sheila in WC on couch talking game strategy. Sharon 0 Replies #8675550 10:53AM 09/04/2008
is in jeans and a t-shirt with a towel on her head. Sheila is in her black silk robe.
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Topic #8675789
BBFanChelle - HOH lockdown NT 0 Replies #8675789 11:12AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8675998
BBFanChelle - Ryan, Nat, Adam, and Sheila in HOH bed. James on floor next 0 Replies #8675998 11:28AM 09/04/2008
to bed. Sharon sitting in a swivel chair.
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Topic #8676012
BBFanChelle - Nat reading bible. Sheila listening to Bon Jovi's Crossroads cd. NT 0 Replies #8676012 11:30AM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8676067
CruiseCritic - Ryan, Natalie, Adam and Sheila in the HOH bed, laying down in that order with 0 Replies #8676067 11:34AM 09/04/2008
Ryan closest to the door lying on his back, Natalie reading bible on her back, Adam on his side facing Natalie and Sheila with headphones on with her back to Adam.

Sharon on the HOH chairs with feet on one of them and green towel on her head.

James was laying on the floor facing the wall with head on pillow on side of bed where Sheila is. He just got up to use restroom, stopped at Adams basket of goodies and put something in his mouth. He is now sitting on the floor.

Noone is talking.
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Topic #8676110
CruiseCritic - James gets up off the floor and sits in chair next to the HOH basket of goodies - he opens something up 0 Replies #8676110 11:37AM 09/04/2008
and starts to eat it. He has his grey hoodie on over his head
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Topic #8676128
CruiseCritic - James eating and makes a face at Sharon, she smiles at him. No movement anywhere else. Nat still 0 Replies #8676128 11:40AM 09/04/2008
reading and Sheila still listening to the CD. Looks like James is eating Pop Tarts?
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Topic #8676179
BBFanChelle - Ryan sleeping on his back with arms folded over his chest. Adam 0 Replies #8676179 11:43AM 09/04/2008
sleeping on his side hugging a pillow. James sitting at the table eating. Sharon sleeping in a swivel chair with her feet up in the other swivel chair.
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Topic #8676186
CruiseCritic - James still in chair - had chin in his hands with his elbows on his knees, now holding on to one of his 0 Replies #8676186 11:44AM 09/04/2008
feet and opens a bag of something else from Adams goodies. Seals bag back up and is now eating something else (cannot tell what it is)

otherwise all quiet besides Natalie turning the page of her bible
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