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BB: "Natalie, Adam, I said it's time to get up for the day." - WieKacie
10:44AM 10/04/2008

Shiela said the HOH room got hot then it got cold - (just got booted - sorry) NT - CruiseCritic
10:45AM 10/04/2008

Adam still in bed all covered up and Natalie just came in the kitchen - Sheila wondering about - CruiseCritic
10:48AM 10/04/2008

Natalie said they have a serious ant problem. NT - WieKacie
10:48AM 10/04/2008

Natalie- Big Brother we have a serious ant problem - Ryan says they have to lock us out - - CruiseCritic
10:49AM 10/04/2008

Adam in SR and now Natalie is in there - but cant really hear them as Sheila and Ryan discuss the - CruiseCritic
10:51AM 10/04/2008

Sheila moving the spices - the outside of the honey container has honey all over it. - CruiseCritic
10:53AM 10/04/2008

Sheila asks Nat if her butt is hurting her and Nat says her lower back is hurting - Sheila says - CruiseCritic
10:55AM 10/04/2008

Ryan staring at back of cereal box along with Natalie - all quiet around the counter - CruiseCritic
10:57AM 10/04/2008

Ryan back from SR and Nat now has the cereal box back up to her face - Sheila wants to - CruiseCritic
10:59AM 10/04/2008

Ryan reading the back of the Golden Grahams box out loud with directions on how to - CruiseCritic
11:01AM 10/04/2008

Adam talking about using the toilet last night and when he came back the outside doors were closed - CruiseCritic
11:03AM 10/04/2008

Adam goes outside, Sheila says her feet are good and her back hurts where it was against the - CruiseCritic
11:07AM 10/04/2008

Natalie wants Sheila to come over to look at the box and she will point it out to her - CruiseCritic
11:09AM 10/04/2008

Sharon bringing her linens outside and Adam coming thru red BR with his and heads outside - CruiseCritic
11:12AM 10/04/2008

Baller asked Ry if he would take him down with veto and ry said yes NT - dupont
11:46AM 10/04/2008

Baller said what will you tell Nat, she will work you not to use it and he said he has to take care of his boy NT - dupont
11:47AM 10/04/2008

Ryan to Nat: We're Good NT - milajoy
11:52AM 10/04/2008

About 10 minutes ago, Adam and Sheila convo - kimber1
12:13PM 10/04/2008

Outside convo in back yard - kimber1
12:14PM 10/04/2008

Ryan goes inside to change into trunks, very hot wants to swim - kimber1
12:16PM 10/04/2008

About 15 minutes ago, Ry and Sharon have conversation re: getting rid of Nat - kimber1
12:19PM 10/04/2008

HG this is a Lockdown. Please go inside. Everybody is complaining. NT - milajoy
12:22PM 10/04/2008

All HG in kitchen random convo regarding ants, storing sugar in fridge, now the musical Rent NT - kimber1
12:26PM 10/04/2008

Sheila and Adam discussing Broadway plays, Ryan and Sharon on "Ant Hunt" NT - kimber1
12:28PM 10/04/2008

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