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shelia & adam think its gonna be a golf comp...adam says he & ryan would win - milkmoney
8:04PM 10/04/2008

nat comes out of DR & they told her not to drink tonight....they tell Nat not to talk about her DR sessions NT - milkmoney
8:08PM 10/04/2008

Shelia is called to the DR....nat is saying she is getting "ready"..adam tells nat not to get ready til after showtime - milkmoney
8:13PM 10/04/2008

adam & ryan talking about POV...adam telling ryan they need to win this! - milkmoney
8:18PM 10/04/2008

ryan says he gonna take a shower while hes brewing his coffee & then him & adam will play chess - milkmoney
8:20PM 10/04/2008

Adam and Natalie in the KT racing RC cars around. Non ine esle on feeds right now. NT - RockinThePink
8:31PM 10/04/2008

Adam yells back to Ryan in the showere " Hey Joey" - RockinThePink
8:40PM 10/04/2008

Sheila and Ryan now in SR whispering. Ryan says he is looking out for her. Sheila says she wont put him up but Natalie was - RockinThePink
8:52PM 10/04/2008

On the feeds: - Vixter
8:55PM 10/04/2008

Natalie going up to HOH. Natalie says we got to stick together, the boys want to take us out. - RockinThePink
9:07PM 10/04/2008

Nat & shelia up in HOH..talking about if the comp is lux or pov - milkmoney
9:17PM 10/04/2008

TV screen in LR says POV tonight NT - WVpdles
9:18PM 10/04/2008

the girls hear the boys downstairs yelling...they think somthing is on the screen - milkmoney
9:18PM 10/04/2008

shelia saying "so should have known" when they didnt let them have beer the pov was tonight NT - milkmoney
9:21PM 10/04/2008

shelia is telling sharon that nat is "beggging" me to put ryan up if she wins POV NT - milkmoney
9:22PM 10/04/2008

shelia tells sharon nat cant win...if she wins we are DONE!... BB tell sharon please dont obstruct ur mic NT - milkmoney
9:26PM 10/04/2008

ryan & adam playing chess....shelia & sharon in KT...shelia goes up to HOH & says whyy does it have to be tonight - milkmoney
9:28PM 10/04/2008

sharon saying that nat has to get her makeup perfect for POV... Nat goes up to HOH room where sharon & shelia were chatting about nat NT - milkmoney
9:31PM 10/04/2008

Nat & Sharon talking about all the noise they were making outside for comp....shelia says this old lady is spent!!! she has ice pack on her back NT - milkmoney
9:33PM 10/04/2008

shelia says how she is a mess with her stye (lol sry for spelling) in her eye, her back , starting her cycle & chipped tooth says she is a mess NT - milkmoney
9:34PM 10/04/2008

sharon shelia & nat talking about food...shelia says it sucks she won HOH the week of no food comp cause everyone can eat NT - milkmoney
9:39PM 10/04/2008

shelia says that maybe sat will be her b-day fest instead of a nothing day since the pov is tonight and tom (fri) will be nothing now NT - milkmoney
9:41PM 10/04/2008

Still playing chess. A- we shoulld have kept jimmy over that b!tch. R - for real NT - WVpdles
9:43PM 10/04/2008

sharon nat & shelia talking about all the pranks they pulled on shelia laughing about how they couldnt keep a straight face to shleia - milkmoney
9:46PM 10/04/2008

Adam in shower...Nat Sheila and sharon talking in HOH...Nat talking about pranks played on her by her dad NT - Rubykins
9:54PM 10/04/2008

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