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sharon comes to KT and tells adam she is stealing his medallion (POV necklace) says they (BB) said he cant have it anymore.Ryan says isnt it supposed - sunflower721
5:24PM 13/04/2008

2 feeds on boys cooking. 2 feeds on Nat frying her hair further. NT - FrouFrou
5:25PM 13/04/2008

sheila now in KT looking at the boys food,says they are getting all fancy now,first pasta salad now this,sharon comes to KT and asks if she can help - sunflower721
5:29PM 13/04/2008

Adam saying that Sheila was playing Ryan. That Nat couldn't keep both of the guys safe next week. Adam saying talk all this poo. NT - FrouFrou
5:29PM 13/04/2008

Adam saying it was crazy. Ryan saying that I feel like we are better off with Nat gone. NT - FrouFrou
5:30PM 13/04/2008

Their garlic butter steaks wrapped in bacon are on fire. Flame broiled. NT - FrouFrou
5:31PM 13/04/2008
pork chops not steaks NT - Brendabythebay
5:35PM 13/04/2008

adam telling ryan that sheila is talking all this sh*t (he makes no sense ed) and ryan says what what start over dude.ryan said he feels better with - sunflower721
5:31PM 13/04/2008

boys are at grill laughing about their food burning up.(LOL now thats a fire ed.) NT - sunflower721
5:33PM 13/04/2008

Adam and Ryan said the grill just flared up (may have been from the butter they put on the steaks). NT - FrouFrou
5:34PM 13/04/2008

Nat and Sharon in bathroom. Sharon checks to see how she is going. Nat still dying her hair. NT - FrouFrou
5:35PM 13/04/2008

omg sheila asked ryan if he put a metal bowl in microwave he said yeah those are fine its the aluminum that you cant use,sheila says usually its both - sunflower721
5:36PM 13/04/2008

Sharon offered nat help with her hair,nat nicely said she was fine.sharon left WC and went to KT NT - sunflower721
5:37PM 13/04/2008

ryan just told sharon by the KT sink that she is all sharon telling sheila that ryan said you are all good to her - sunflower721
5:38PM 13/04/2008

Sharon tells Sheila at kt sink that Ryan told her he talked to Adam and that she was all good. NT - FrouFrou
5:38PM 13/04/2008

Adam says if we keep nat all we have to do is not let sheila win pov and we are good, than, sheila walks up to put stuff on the grill NT - KingMac
5:45PM 13/04/2008

sharon telling nat that she has no problem with her and they are both christians and whatever happens she is cool with nat that this is a stupid game - sunflower721
5:46PM 13/04/2008

everyone at KT eating dinner except nat who is in the BR still dying her hair NT - lexi
5:55PM 13/04/2008

Nat has now spent two hours on her hair and still going. NT - Panda4
6:28PM 13/04/2008

Nat saying she won't campaign. Sheila saying that color is going to be on your hands. Sheila saying Sharon hasn't said anything. NT - FrouFrou
6:30PM 13/04/2008

Nat saying she needs Sheila's help this week. lol NT - FrouFrou
6:43PM 13/04/2008

Nat blaming James. NT - FrouFrou
6:44PM 13/04/2008

Nat/Sheila in bathroom - lakeview
6:47PM 13/04/2008

Sheila puts on headphones in HOH. BB: Sheila to the DR. Sheila: too good to be true to relax for 2 minutes. NT - lakeview
6:50PM 13/04/2008

Sheila in DR, Nat still doing hair, Adam/Ryan sleeping and so is Sharon NT - bb9lover
6:56PM 13/04/2008

all 4 feeds on nat STILL dying her hair. sheila in DR. ryan/adam/sharon sleeping NT - lexi
7:01PM 13/04/2008

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