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Ryan telling Sheila he gives Nat credit for having dreams..... - Divinemissm30
12:02AM 13/04/2008

ryan + sheila still talking. ryan says nobody wants nat there. she's a big threat NT - lexi
12:06AM 13/04/2008

Sheila feeling threatened by Nat being in the house..... - Divinemissm30
12:07AM 13/04/2008

sheila explaining to ryan that it will look really bad if he + adam dont get rid of nat NT - lexi
12:07AM 13/04/2008

ryan just hid in the shower + tried to scare adam as he was coming out of the bathroom (lol) NT - lexi
12:10AM 13/04/2008
After Adam had scared Ryan when he was in the BR by banging super loud on the BR door. NT - BBInsider1
12:19AM 13/04/2008

ryan/adam/sheila in the KT talking. nat in bed reading bible. sharon sleeping NT - lexi
12:14AM 13/04/2008

sheila complaining about having to do the dishes on her birthday - lexi
12:19AM 13/04/2008

Ryan gets up out of bed and goes to the kitchen. He grabs a fork and goes to the fridge and gets out a covered pan of food - mrmac
12:43AM 13/04/2008

Ryan back out of bed and goes to the bathroom to use mouthwash. After spitting out the mouthwash, he rinses his mouth out - mrmac
12:51AM 13/04/2008

All HG's asleep in bed..... - Divinemissm30
1:23AM 13/04/2008

Balla is up and in the hot tub soaking alone. NT - ratts
1:40AM 13/04/2008

A while ago Balla left the HT & got in the shower. Ry got up to see what Adam was doing & tells Adam he thinks Adam blew his own ear drum when.. - scandalous
2:11AM 13/04/2008

Now Adam is back up & eating mac salad out of the container NT - scandalous
2:12AM 13/04/2008
He's at the counter eating & has left the fridge wide open NT - scandalous
2:12AM 13/04/2008

Ry is tossing & turning with the bed squeaking NT - scandalous
2:14AM 13/04/2008

Adam took a few bites of somthing else in the fridge (possibly birthday cake) & is heading back to bed NT - scandalous
2:15AM 13/04/2008

HGs all sleeping. NT - JediJaniRules
6:28AM 13/04/2008

HGs continue sleeping. F1 shows Nat uncovered in thong. NT - JediJaniRules
7:36AM 13/04/2008

F1 Nat F2 She F3 Boys F4 Sha all sleeping NT - BopthoR
8:34AM 13/04/2008

All HG's still sleeping NT - lexi
9:34AM 13/04/2008

all the HG are sleeping but are getting restless NT - pooh5983
9:44AM 13/04/2008

BB: "Goodmorning HG's, its time to get up for the day" then flames NT - lexi
9:48AM 13/04/2008

Good morning HGs...time to get up for the day.... - kitteebudd
9:49AM 13/04/2008

Flames... NT - cindapea
10:07AM 13/04/2008

Hgs are up,sheila nat and adam are in the SR then go to the KT,Sharon is in the shower. NT - sunflower721
10:12AM 13/04/2008

nat in wc says gm to sharon whos in shower - echo
10:13AM 13/04/2008

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