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Nat is eating out of the ice cream carton and sitting in the pink bedroom with the boys. - SouthernBelladonna
3:44PM 13/04/2008

The boys ask Nat to leave so they can nap "A power nap for a power presentation." NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:45PM 13/04/2008

After the girls leave the boys start laughing. Adam gets up and jokingly practices his "stance" for the meeting. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:46PM 13/04/2008

Sheila said that Nat's mom is gonna be fine... - veedsboo
3:48PM 13/04/2008

Shar and Nat are sitting at the KT counter eating ice cream and talking about the upcoming meeting. - SouthernBelladonna
3:50PM 13/04/2008

adam saying what is the plan of action. Ryan saying guns blazing. Adam says we have to make it worth our while. Ryan saying I will open the meeting - FrouFrou
3:51PM 13/04/2008

Ryan saying he is just gonna spill everything. Give you a chance to defend yourself. Don't think it is fair. Defend yourself. NT - FrouFrou
3:52PM 13/04/2008

Ryan saying you aren't just trying to get information. You are also trying to cover all bases. NT - FrouFrou
3:53PM 13/04/2008

Sharon still working at getting the shock factor on Nat. NT - FrouFrou
3:53PM 13/04/2008

Ryan and Adam are in the backyard talking heavy game. NT - veedsboo
3:54PM 13/04/2008

Adam saying they want the boys to be the evictees. Adam saying we have done nothing wrong. Adam saying who is saying what. Ryan saying it's more - FrouFrou
3:55PM 13/04/2008

Ryan says Nat is scared cause she knows she is about to get called out. - veedsboo
3:56PM 13/04/2008

Adam saying don't pick at your moles. You will get cancer. Adam saying I will draw the meeting together. Ryan being all alpha male. NT - FrouFrou
3:56PM 13/04/2008

Sharon to DR NT - lexi
3:57PM 13/04/2008

Nat telling Sheila she is going home. The boys are playing with me. Sheila says they are joking. Nat says no. NT - FrouFrou
3:58PM 13/04/2008

Nat making fun of Adam stressing for 7 hrs on the block. Sheila saying don't let them do that to you. Nat saying I don't like it at all. i wouldn't - FrouFrou
3:59PM 13/04/2008

Nat saying Adam and Ryan are gonna be finally 2. Sheila saying not going to happen. NT - FrouFrou
4:00PM 13/04/2008

Sheila saying I will go off on him. (Adam about throwing POV.) NT - FrouFrou
4:00PM 13/04/2008

Sheila says I will go out there and talk with them. You stay here. Nat does. She asks the boys what they are going to do. NT - FrouFrou
4:01PM 13/04/2008

Feeds cut to Nat and Sheila... - veedsboo
4:01PM 13/04/2008

Nat + Sheila in Pink BR - lexi
4:01PM 13/04/2008

Ryan assures Sheila that she won't be involved and that they are doing what is best for them. NT - FrouFrou
4:01PM 13/04/2008
Ryan assures Sheila that they will still vote her out. NT - FrouFrou
4:04PM 13/04/2008

Ryan saying we are going to make her chose sides. They are not going to say names. Research. And to what point does it benefit us. NT - FrouFrou
4:02PM 13/04/2008

ry and baller tells Sheila that they are gonna call out natalie NT - vince
4:03PM 13/04/2008

Sheila saying it is going to make you guys look good to both sides. They contine on. Ryan saying I am going grungy. NT - FrouFrou
4:03PM 13/04/2008

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