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sheila ask nat if she called her the mole,where nat got that from nat says she got that from ryanand then started calling her that NT - sunflower721
8:37PM 13/04/2008

sheila saying to nat she doesnt understand why the boys went off on her (nat) now .(shyeah right ed.) NT - sunflower721
8:38PM 13/04/2008

sheila asks nat why she was asking adam what she should do during the HOH glass house comp whther nat should stay or drop.nat said I asked everyone - sunflower721
8:43PM 13/04/2008

sheila saying to nat if you stay or go this week I am going to be gone next told the boys you(nat) would put me(sheila) up next week. - sunflower721
8:46PM 13/04/2008

sheila saying what a hard hoh this is for her,that adam put her game in risk last week and sheila was at ryan/adam and nats mercy last week. NT - sunflower721
8:48PM 13/04/2008

sheila saying that she feels horrible that things have turned out this way,says she never thought adam was going to win the POV. NT - sunflower721
8:49PM 13/04/2008

more Sheila/Nat in HOH - lakeview
8:52PM 13/04/2008

sheila saying what choice did she have,you didnt want to go up against adam and I couldnt put ryan up.she says she was worried sharon was gonna win - sunflower721
8:53PM 13/04/2008

sheila says nat should go talk to adam and ryan,that she is not out of the house yet,sheila says that she wishes nat would have talked to her in depth - sunflower721
8:54PM 13/04/2008

nat saying she didnt think she would have to worry.didnt think the boys would turn on her and that they would have her back. NT - sunflower721
8:55PM 13/04/2008

nat now explaining to sheila why the boys waited until after the POV ceremony to bring everything up because they knew ryan would be safe.Sheila didnt - sunflower721
8:57PM 13/04/2008

sheila wondering what is up with adam and ryan,nat says they are masterminds in the game,sheila says maybe they are in cahoots with eachother and - sunflower721
9:00PM 13/04/2008

nat telling sheila that chels said sheila will win the game.sheila asks why chels said that to piss nat off nat says probably.Sheila asks why me t - sunflower721
9:02PM 13/04/2008

nat telling sheila that sharon thinks she is going to stay to the end but is telling me(nat) that she(sharon) is leaving on wed. - sunflower721
9:04PM 13/04/2008

sheila telling nat to handle this situation like she handled james/josh/chels like oh well it doesnt bother you. NT - sunflower721
9:06PM 13/04/2008

sheila now telling nat to tells the boys she will put up sheila next week and that she(nat )wants to stay.sheila saying she does not understand why - sunflower721
9:08PM 13/04/2008

Sheila saying OH my god (like she is getting the boys are together ed.) then tells nat she looks like Jane Fonda (HUH? ed.) NT - sunflower721
9:10PM 13/04/2008

sheila tells nat she doesnt know what to do right now she is between a rock and a hard place.nat says you are and the boys did that to u on purpose. - sunflower721
9:12PM 13/04/2008

sheila stating she is still soo confused about what they (ry and adam)were trying to get at with that stunt they pulled down there. NT - sunflower721
9:13PM 13/04/2008

sharon is studying the radios i nthe red bedroom. NT - sunflower721
9:14PM 13/04/2008

sheila and nat spy sharon on TV and say she is debating on whether to come up here nat says we cant tell her anything we said. NT - sunflower721
9:16PM 13/04/2008

sheila says she got played by the boys.tells nat not to threaten them with votes,nat says she is going to cry ,and sheila tells her to go downstairs - sunflower721
9:19PM 13/04/2008

sharon and nat in Wc talking about her hair.nat tells sharon she has some blonde left and asks sharon if she wants her to do her hair.sharon says if - sunflower721
9:21PM 13/04/2008

all the girls plan on going up to the HOH and eat some icecream and nat is going to do sharons hair. NT - sunflower721
9:22PM 13/04/2008

Sheila talking to Alex (a doll) telling "him" her problems NT - Pizzaman
9:22PM 13/04/2008

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