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Ryan just jumped into the pool while adam smokes by the pool table. NT - sunflower721
2:43PM 13/04/2008

ryan in the pool swimming. the girls are tanning. adam is standing by the pool table smoking NT - lexi
2:45PM 13/04/2008

Sharon and sheila talking about their periods,sheila says sharon and her have the same cycle. NT - sunflower721
2:45PM 13/04/2008

nat asking sharon and ryan if they have a comb for when she(nat) does her hair, NT - sunflower721
2:47PM 13/04/2008

sheila gets into the pool with ryan. NT - sunflower721
2:49PM 13/04/2008

sharon now walks over and sit on the pool steps,nat is still on the big lounger,sheila and ryan talking about PMS . NT - sunflower721
2:50PM 13/04/2008

Sheila saying she has PMS and PMDD.ryan jokes that they will come up with a pill for it,sheila says she will take it,then 2 seconds later says she - sunflower721
2:55PM 13/04/2008

Adam in Red bedroom on couch and is reading the bible.Ryan walk in there and Adam says listen to this quote I found in the back of sharons bible and - sunflower721
2:56PM 13/04/2008

Sheila talking about her mom and how she is a survivor and has had three heart attacks and breast cancer.sheila says she is only like 63 or 64 yrs old - sunflower721
3:02PM 13/04/2008

***Flames****** NT - sunflower721
3:02PM 13/04/2008

feeds back now.natsheila and sharon go inside. NT - sunflower721
3:04PM 13/04/2008

ryan put pool water on two of the weights and is now working out with them. NT - sunflower721
3:05PM 13/04/2008

All feeds on KT now.sheila and sharon are by the GPS.Sheila says the GPS dont like her. NT - sunflower721
3:06PM 13/04/2008

Sheila now up in HOH bathroom,sharon in the Red BR,nat out of boat room just got some clothes on. NT - sunflower721
3:07PM 13/04/2008

Sharon talking to the Gps,saying beeeebies asks them who loves you,I love you (very annoying ed. LOL) tells nat she wants to hold the big fat one. NT - sunflower721
3:09PM 13/04/2008

nat hugging on adam in Red BR now telling him she is panicking because she has four days on the block.says this is the first time she has been up - sunflower721
3:13PM 13/04/2008

Nat in Wc with sharon,sharon took a quick shower and is now toweling off.nat working on her hair and Makeup. NT - sunflower721
3:14PM 13/04/2008

sharon dressed in black gauchos and black tank top she dropped her earring under the bureau in the WC and is trying to get it out.She finally gets it. - sunflower721
3:19PM 13/04/2008

BB just called adam to the DR. NT - sunflower721
3:21PM 13/04/2008

Natalie called to DR. ryan and Adam complaining about her again. NT - WieKacie
3:27PM 13/04/2008

While Nat is in the DR, the boys call Sharon in the pink room... - veedsboo
3:33PM 13/04/2008

Adam and Ryan in the SR. - veedsboo
3:40PM 13/04/2008

Sharon saying I know Nat has been saying sh*t. She wanted the shock factor with Joshua. Let's have it with her. Nat speaking with Baller saying she - FrouFrou
3:41PM 13/04/2008

The feeds quickly move to Adam and Nat in the pink room... - veedsboo
3:41PM 13/04/2008

The boys tell Shar that they are going to call Nat out. Shar goes up to HOH and freaks out to Sheila. - SouthernBelladonna
3:42PM 13/04/2008

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