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Topic #8759656
BSW - app. 15 mins ago. Nat &Shar doing hair in HOH wc,She in DR Nat & Sharon are 0 Replies #8759656 12:04AM 14/04/2008
just talking hair and being nice. No game talk
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Topic #8759984
socaltonks - R/A playing chess, Shar/She feeding GP's, Nat alone on couch sipping wine and looking on NT 0 Replies #8759984 12:48AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760014
lexi - not much going on... 0 Replies #8760014 12:54AM 14/04/2008
sharon in hot tub by herself

sheila + nat on couches making small talk

ryan + adam playing chess

(someone please take over, i need sleep!)
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Topic #8760171
RockinThePink - Sharon getting into the shower. R, A, N, and Sheila in the living room talking. 0 Replies #8760171 1:25AM 14/04/2008
Right now they are talking about Alex, Amanda and Allison having a fight over beer once. They are rehashing some stuff from the past.

Adam talking about how hard it must have been to be standing infront of the house waiting to get voted back in.

Natalie says Allison was posative that if America had a chance she would definately be the one who they would want back in the game.

Ryan says Allison sucked as a partner. Everyone agree.

Sheila says she didn't want to vote Ali out.

Adam: you should have gave her a sympathy vote then.

She: you know what Adam....

Then they talk of the mystery box saying Allison would have been worse than James if she came back to F them all. Joshua was sweating waiting to see who jumped out of box hoping it wasn't Allison. She would have came back and ripped Josh's eyes out.

Ryan says Alli was very smart and would have done good at some comps but she didn't do anything to help Ryan's game. He says she always said she knew the answers when she didn't , never admitted to being wrong.

Now they are talking about medicine and beer.
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Topic #8760218
RockinThePink - Ryan goes back to WC where sharing is . They talk a little ( missed what they were saying) and he leaves and goes back the the LR couch 0 Replies #8760218 1:37AM 14/04/2008
Sharon comes out goes to her room and gets dressed then says good night to the GP's and the HG's and head to her room. She turns out the ligth and gets into be.

Adam is talking about the Geesh. Talking about Matt and a story he told about oral sex on a girl. Sheila said she doesn't want to her about " eating out" and nut sacs.

Adams say " my girl is like wendy's, tastes great when eaten late"

Sheila is grossed out.

Ryan asks her what she likes and she says I am not telling you guys, maybe at the rap party. She says when her Mic is off she will spill the beans.

Nat says her and balla will be in the corner making out.

Nat saying AGAIN how she has not had sex in 10 months.

Now talking about " a cup of Joe"

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Topic #8760284
HookedOnBB - Nat and Sheila in the kitchen and Nat asks Sheila not to forgot to talk to the boys for her NT 0 Replies #8760284 1:53AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760295
HookedOnBB - Ryan and Adam getting ready to play pool saying they feel bad for Nattie NT 0 Replies #8760295 1:58AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760318
HookedOnBB - Adam weighing out the positives to Ryan why they should get Nat and Ryan said, "Never trust a stripper" NT 0 Replies #8760318 2:02AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760329
HookedOnBB - Sheila in HOH room looking at her pictures NT 0 Replies #8760329 2:03AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760385
Divinemissm30 - Sheila alone in HoH looking at pictures....Adam & Ryan in BY.... NT 0 Replies #8760385 2:12AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760406
Divinemissm30 - Ryan & Adam in BY....random talk....... 0 Replies #8760406 2:17AM 14/04/2008
Talking about James....random chit chat

General talk about basketball...

Adam seems to be wound up...Ryan hanging out...

Both guys in a good mood...laughing...cutting up..

Adam talking about his cousin...going out..

Ryan discussing people from his town
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Topic #8760415
Divinemissm30 - F1 & F2 on Shiela in HoH listening to music....F3 & F4 on Sharon sleeping.. NT 0 Replies #8760415 2:19AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760425
Divinemissm30 - Feeds 1 & 2 now switched to Nat asleep in bed.....Feeds 3 & 4 still on Sharon sleeping 0 Replies #8760425 2:21AM 14/04/2008
Nat sleeping soundly

Sharon moving every now and then
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Topic #8760457
Divinemissm30 - Feeds still on Nat and Sharon sleeping..... 0 Replies #8760457 2:31AM 14/04/2008
Nat tossing...turned on her stomach...pulled pillows over her head...

Sharon keeps moving her head and hand....but still sleeping

Both girls seem to be a little restless
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Topic #8760467
HookedOnBB - Feeds finally switch back to A/R in BY talking about Sharon definitely has Josh/James/Chels votes NT 0 Replies #8760467 2:33AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760516
CruiseCritic - A/R in BY on couches and were talking how Sheila would get the votes against them 0 Replies #8760516 2:42AM 14/04/2008
in F2 because the jury house would vote for her. Ryan says she got on James and Josh's good sides before they about her having the votes bc she is a single Mom.

Ryan saiys that is f'd up if they give her votes for being a single mom and not playing the game. Adam says - she did play the game. Ryan says why because she is still here? we could have gotten rid of her any week we wanted. Adam says yes, because she is still here.

they agree the two of them together is the best bet, votes will go 4-3 to either side
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Topic #8760554
CruiseCritic - Guys saying if Sheila goes to sequester house that she would be a vote for Sharon and it 0 Replies #8760554 2:47AM 14/04/2008
would be 4 votes right there. Ryan says Sheila wont vote for me becuase of the 10k. Adam says that he made up for that.

Now they talk about a better chance against Nattie in the end. Adam says that Sharon doesnt give a F about me...neither does Chelsia.

Talk about enjoying the 50k no matter what. Now the boys just make a deal that if they win they will give someone? (eachother?) 30GS.

Now they are saying this ensures us we both get something at the end. Adam now whispering and cant hear them. Ryan says and I helped you with the bike.

Adam says he never breaks his word and Ryan says he doesnt either. Talk about giving eachother $$$ if they get the 500K - sounds like they would give eachother 50K at the final if one of them wins the 500k
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Topic #8760559
Divinemissm30 - F1 & 2 now on Adam and Ryan in BY ...Game talk.....F3 & 4 on Sharon sleeping... 0 Replies #8760559 2:47AM 14/04/2008
Ryan and Adam talking about Nat going home....Ryan not going on block

Ryan glad James went home...says he didn't care to be around him

Ry: Would u ever hang out with James outside the house?
Adam: yeah, Probably....well....maybe not

Adam talking about people voting him out...not getting his vote in the end

Adam: That b*tch has gotta go
Ry: I don't know...She'll (Nat) prolly say...F you guys...when she walks out that door
RY: Do you think JOsh and Chel would give Sheila a vote?
Adam: Yeah, she's a single mom...straight up they would
Ry: I don't see how they would....She played a good game b/c she wasn't a threat to anyone?....She conned alot of people....She conned Nat...She ain't conning me..
Adam; Josh got treated the way he did...
Ry; Yeah b/c she cries the day everyone leaves
Adam: She's a sneaky B*tch dude (sheila)
Ry; Yeah she plays the card with them...she mends her bridges before they walk out the door
Adam; I think in the end if it's me...It's 50/50
Ry: I think u could get matty and natty
Adam; I don't know about natty...I'll deff have James and Chel
Ry: I don't know about Chel
Adam; Yeah cuz I put her on the block and voted her out
Ry: I think you would get me 4-3...either way
Adam; It depends on the rest of the people here....if Sheila bad mouths me
Ry: She would be the f'ing campaigner in the SH dude...she would go in there and be like...this is how it is...lay it all out
Adam; Man she buttered all those people up...Chel regretted doing it man
Ry; Now is the time to think about who you'd wanna stand next to in the F2
Ry; My best bet would be Natty
Adam;'d be Natty
Ry; Yeah man...but we keep her for that reason...we'd end up getting f'd up by her
Adam; That's why we brought it to a head today...ya know?
Ry; One of us is gonna have to end up screwing the other in the end dude
Adam: of us would get the 500g
Adam: You know you'd toss me out to keep Natty..cuz u know you'd get the money
Ry; How does it work though?
Adam: HoH decides who goes home (on F3)
Ry; Well then no...Natty is going home then...we can't do that
Adam; cuz yeah dude...we'd have to turn on each other in the end
Adam: So yeah. Chatty Natty is going dude...need to do it now then wait until the end...she'll screw us both
Adam; you ain't beating Sharon in the end one hates her...she's been on the block every week...they have to give her the money
Ry; Yeah for being a mole...not being a threat
Adam: You think she's dumb enough to say she'd go to the end with us..and we'd get the money?
Ry: Yeah cuz she don't wanna go to the end with Sheila
Adam; She'd (sharon) get the money
Ry; Man they (she and sha) have been stuck up each other's asses
Adam; We've gotta get both of them out
Ry; I'm stuck no matter which way I go
Ry; I'll take the 50k man....I'm fine with that
Adam: the only way to guarantee the 500g's man is to take Natty to the end
Ry: I don't know man....
Adam: She don't give a f*ck about me dude...
Ry: Dude it's just me and you to the end dude...whoever wins..wins
Ry: Whoever wins just has to buy the other a car or something dude
Adam: We'll give the other some money
Ry: Like what? much?
Adam: I guess about like 25g?
Ry: that sounds good....I'll do that to get to the end
Adam: Yeah it would hug dude?
Ry: how about 51g's?
Adam: Yeah that will work dude
Adam: I'd rather see you have the money
Ry: yeah dude your my freaking boy
Adam: We've gotta pay a bunch of tax on that sh*t dude

Ryan purposely covering his microphone and whispering...

Adam says to Ryan this is a done deal

BB switches feeds to Sharon and Nat sleeping
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Topic #8760560
CruiseCritic - Ryan and Adam still on the couches and Adam says it is a DONE DEAL and then all 4 feeds go to 0 Replies #8760560 2:48AM 14/04/2008
sleeping girls in their bedrooms. and quiet.

(ED-go back to the BY)!!!!!!
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Topic #8760573
CruiseCritic - Sounds like one of the guys were called in the DR (heard door close) - now both of the boys in the 0 Replies #8760573 2:49AM 14/04/2008
WC and hear Ryan say "they are not going to call me in?"
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Topic #8760584
Divinemissm30 - F1 & 2 on Ryan & Adam in WC....F3 & 4 on Nat & Sheila sleeping NT 0 Replies #8760584 2:50AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760591
CruiseCritic - Adam in the KT going in the fridge and talk that Will and Boogie definitley broke bread 0 Replies #8760591 2:52AM 14/04/2008
after the game. Talk of how someone bought another HG a car (Dick bought Dani a car)
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Topic #8760603
Divinemissm30 - Ryan and Adam now in KT.....discussing money and James.... 0 Replies #8760603 2:53AM 14/04/2008
Adam and Ryan both saying that they know someone has had to split the winnings before...Saying maybe Will and Boogie have....Will had to have given Boogie a cut

Said James said that he had over a million dollars in the bank...

Adam saying that James is full of it....then Oh yeah he knows everything
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Topic #8760606
CruiseCritic - Both guys at the counter now in the KT and Adam has the honey and is asking Ryan the 0 Replies #8760606 2:54AM 14/04/2008
month date and year it expires. Ryan says 3 of 2010, NOPE says Adam - ryan says 2009 and Ryan has the year right. June 25, 2009 is the expiration date.

Adam reading the label on the honey and Ryan asks what he thinks shelf life is on the honey - and now asks why he wasnt called BACK THERE (DR)

Adam laughs and says it is always his fault. Ryan says it was just a joke. Adam says the dude always talks to him in a deep a$$ voice.

Talk that he has a deep voice, scary and FLAMES
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Topic #8760616
CruiseCritic - Feeds back and Ryan says they couldnt be sitting in a better place. Ryan now drinking a sip 0 Replies #8760616 2:56AM 14/04/2008
of water out of the kitchen faucet. Adam sitting on the counter and Ryan just sat at the counter.

Adam says she (sharon) took bullets for all of them.
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