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Topic #8760617
Divinemissm30 - Ryan & Adam confirmed that BB got on to them for saying they would give the other money.... 0 Replies #8760617 2:56AM 14/04/2008
Ryan said yeah..."They said we couldn't do that or talk about it...We can't be doing offers"

Then talk about the BB voice saying it was deep

Then all feeds went to Flames...

Feeds 1 & 2 now back on Ryan and Adam...
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Topic #8760626
CruiseCritic - Ryan gets up and gets right in front of Adam and whispers and cannot hear him 0 Replies #8760626 2:57AM 14/04/2008
they are both whispering to eachother (have earphones in and cant understand them)

Ryan just said - right there is 4 (votes)
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Topic #8760637
CruiseCritic - Talk of Sharon's car - Escape and Adam says she totalled that. Ryan says yup and more 0 Replies #8760637 2:59AM 14/04/2008
quiet chatter as Ryan plays around with the honey bottle - sliding it back and forth across the table.

Adam says we got lucky we caught those prizes when we did (10g and motorcycle)

Ryan is moving honey back and forth across table (noisy) and BB says RYAN STOP THAT
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Topic #8760653
Divinemissm30 - Ryan & Adam still in KT ....Now talk of voting Nat out.... 0 Replies #8760653 3:03AM 14/04/2008
Ryan was whispering really low said that Nat has to go because she will kill their game...

Random game talk...moving rapidly

Ryan whispering again...saying that you can hear really good back there in the rooms

Adam mentions that she listens (nat)

Guys cutting up ...laughing

Ryan talking in a funny voice

Adam: They gotta tear all this down (decorations) dude and put up all new stuff
Ry: Yeah they do
Adam: Gotta tear it all out...that would suck

Talk of James being evicted...Adam winning HoH
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Topic #8760659
CruiseCritic - Ryan whispering and says something and Adam says - she listens right? Ryan says she can 0 Replies #8760659 3:04AM 14/04/2008
hear good back there. (sharon?) Ryan says she is passed out and Ryan starts making some snoring noises.

Ryan now sitting in one of the stools and Adam still sitting on the counter top.

Adam talking how they have to tear all this sh!t down and now change it and Ryan mentions how they had to put up all those logs, screws etc.

Adam says it is crazy, they have to take them all out of here. Ryan says that job would suck. Adam wonders if that could have been the tie-breaker question (how many logs)and think that James would have got it.

Ryan was happy that they said that Adam was the new HOH. Adam says he is calm for the HOH comps and Ryan says he is too and was calm as sh!t for the HOH that he won
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Topic #8760668
cannotsleep - Adam says he's really calm before competitions, Ryan says he's the same way. Ryan says I was the calmest before I won my HOH. NT 0 Replies #8760668 3:05AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760689
Divinemissm30 - Adam looking at Memory wall....Ryan comes back & picks on Adam... 0 Replies #8760689 3:07AM 14/04/2008
Ryan tells Adam..."You know you miss Matty dude"

Both guys laughing

Ryan saying tha Parker had issues...something about the military

Adam now picking on Alex's head....Ryan says it looks like a little "pea head"

Ryan says his picture sucks...Adam wondering what kind of face Ryan was making in it...

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Topic #8760699
Divinemissm30 - Natalie on F3 and Sheila on F4.....both sleeping soundly NT 0 Replies #8760699 3:09AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760700
CruiseCritic - Ryan says you can only look week to week in the f'n house. Adam says thats it. 0 Replies #8760700 3:09AM 14/04/2008
Adam doing a little rap to himself and Ryan wants to know what he said and Adam says rapping to himself and Ryan jokes that BB is going to say ADAM.

BB does not say anything and Adam is now at the memory wall looking at the pics - Ryan comes out of WC and walks up to Adam and says - do you miss mattie?

Ryan now looking at Jens picture and says - Baby it has been..... and then asks what day it was...Looks at Parkers pic and saying he had serious problems and talk of him being discharged from the service.

Ryan says it has been 53 days since he has seen that girl (Jen) says it is crazy and cam does closeup of Jens pic.

Now looking at Alex's pic - Ryan thinks Alex pic is a good one and thinks that his picture sucks. they both laugh. Ryan says he doesnt even remember making that face. Adam has huge smile on his face and Ryan says the pic is horrible. Ryan says it doesnt even look like me and it looks worse when you get closer.

Adam laughing and Ry says it is the worse face that he could have made. Adam says James pic is pretty bad too, Ryan says that is James tho.

Ryan says mine is horrible, idiot. Stupid as sh!t. Both looking at the pics on the wall and Ryan says his is horrible again
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Topic #8760705
CruiseCritic - Adam - Joshuah Welsh, he went out like a b!tch, didnt he? Ryan felt bad for him and said he tried too hard 0 Replies #8760705 3:10AM 14/04/2008
Both guys now back at the counter. Ryan sitting in stool and Adam leaning on the counter.
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Topic #8760721
CruiseCritic - Ryan now reading the honey container on how many grams of sugar are in a serving 0 Replies #8760721 3:12AM 14/04/2008
Adam at the sink. Ryan says he never has watched his weight like he does in here (huh??)

Adam says she is crazy man, talk of Jacob (so maybe talking about Sharon)

Ryan says you hammered the last nail in his casket man.

now whispering again

(gotta go get some coffee)
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Topic #8760761
CruiseCritic - Talk about Sharon and how Josh loved her and Ryan mentions how she doesnt campaign and now 0 Replies #8760761 3:20AM 14/04/2008
talk about how Sheila didnt f anyone over and that she made amends with everyone before they left. Ryan says she made amends with everyone. Adam says the last 10 minutes before the ceremony, she went to work.

they both laugh. Adam says she is slick. Ryan says yes she is slick, we are with some slick women.

Adam says we have to be careful dude, tread lightly. Ryan laughs. Adam says he isnt going to say much anymore and keep his mouth shut. Adam says that next week it is best for the three of us to get rid of Sharon.

Ryan says shhhh she just heard us. they laugh.
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Topic #8760769
CruiseCritic - Talk about their voices hit off the mirrors like sound waves and that she (Sharon) doesnt miss a thing 0 Replies #8760769 3:22AM 14/04/2008
Adam now moving around to different areas of the room so Sharon cannot hear them (funny)

Both back at counter now...Adam sitting and Ryan standing. Talk how Sheila comes in the room and changes the subject - talk of towels and dishes. LOL - Ryan says that is how broads are in real life, they are sneaky.

Adam says their plans all backfired.
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Topic #8760792
CruiseCritic - Adam chewing loudly from the bowl of snacks on counter and goes to the fridge and says 0 Replies #8760792 3:25AM 14/04/2008
this is a lockdown. they laugh on how funny it wold be if they came on right now and says this is a LD, please go outside and close the sliding glass door. they laugh about it.

Adam now chugging apple juice right out of the container. Ryan laughs about that. Adam now back sitting on the counter and talk about Ally at the wrap party - Ryan says all 16 heads will be there. Adam doesnt want to see any of them. Ryan says he only wants to see one...Adam says yeahhh

then talk about Mattie and James and maybe Jacob. Talking about who they would hand with or keep in touch with. Ryan says James, Chelsia and Josh can stay in their own little f'n corner. they laugh.

Adam says he would have revoked Parkers stipends and says he was a crybaby b!tch.
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Topic #8760801
CruiseCritic - Ryan says Jen was a f'n idiot for starting an alliance without him and the sexy 6 and he says 0 Replies #8760801 3:27AM 14/04/2008
i was your f'n boyfriend. Idiot. Now Ryan says it worked out for him anyways now.

More talk about Parker boycotting the cameras and the DR and how he flipped off the camera every time he went by one. Ryan calls him a f'n idiot, like he was one to give advice.
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Topic #8760806
CruiseCritic - Ryan says Jen would have been good at anything out there, she is very strong and that she was just an idiot 0 Replies #8760806 3:29AM 14/04/2008
thinking her and Parker would have made it to the end. Saying now that Amanda would have been good too and would have been hard to get out.

Ryan says Parker would not have lasted long, he isnt smart or physical.

Ryan says he doesnt think Mattie would have come close on any mental ones.

whispering now (cant hear them)
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Topic #8760838
CruiseCritic - Guys are whispering at the counter and cannot hear them - hear Sheila's name 0 Replies #8760838 3:34AM 14/04/2008
mentioned and now both are standing face to face talking (cant hear them still)

Adam says Mattie had zero endurance. Ryan says he f'd up by winning that one POV, he looked like superman when he was spinning Nattie around and Ryan says he was stupid to win that one, he could have let Alex and Amanda win it BC they would have kept it the same.

Ryan says they would not have been here right now if Mattie would? have used the POV.

Ryan says this is crazy and everything happens for a reason in this game.

Adam says it seems that way. Ryan says it is f'd up

Adam now standing and staring at memory wall. Ryan in stool at counter looking at wall as well. Adam now sits in a chair from KT table looking at the wall. Talk about Parker. Someone sneezed and Adam says "bless You"

Adam says look how happy Allison is in that picture...

Rayn - I am going to outsmart you all, I am not even here and I have the game how figured out. they both laugh. Ryan says she siad she had the whole game figured out, but she never told me.

Adam - there is no way you can figure this game out in the first week, Ryan agrees.
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Topic #8760853
CruiseCritic - A/R now both at the KT table looking at memory wall and Ryan says I dont care about her - she was 0 Replies #8760853 3:36AM 14/04/2008
after us from Day one. Adam asks WHO and Ryan says Amanda. Adam says 10 will be gone after this week...

Adam yawns and talks about getting thru this week, final three and the winner picks....Good deal right?

Ryan - I dont know.
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Topic #8760858
CruiseCritic - Adam whispering again about Sheila's ultimate deal (gotta run for a few minutes) NT 0 Replies #8760858 3:37AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760927
CruiseCritic - Guys still at chairs at KT table looking at memory wall and Adam says the sexy 6 0 Replies #8760927 3:49AM 14/04/2008
and then says quatro. Ryan laughs and repeats quatro.

Adam wants to know what quatro is and then Ryan says, James, Chelsia and them - shared a room with Jen and Parker. Ryan says then there are us f'n losers. Ryan goes up to wall and puts his arm around group of pictures and says losers again.

Back to sitting at table. Ryan says I love it. Ryan makes little sounds to the GPs and then Ryan and Adam both say bebees (funny) both say fur-eeends....(LOL) Adam now at GP cage and Ryan says he hate the f'n big one - Yogi. Talk about the GPs being overweight and they are spoiled and eat everything.

Both guys at GP cage now. One GP chewing on wooden block.

Ryan sasy they used to have the lizards in the wall in BRs, did they have anything last year? Adam says he doesnt know. Adam says we are on delayed brew as we speak.

Ryan says he wants to go to bed, Adam does too. Ryan says he has to take a pi$$ first and says it is almost 4 dude. Can hear Ryan going to the bathroom (LOL) Adam on way to pink BR.

Adam in BR, takes off slippers. Hear toilet flush. Adam changes into sleep shorts, removes mic, takes of baseball hat and gets in bed.

Can hear Ryans flip-flops all the way into the BR. Ryan comes in and says are you alright soldier. Adam - huhhh.

Ryan says he is f'n tired now - talk about what was an hour nap felt like 4. Ryan says he is porkchopped out. Adam says they were flame broiled dude.

Both guys in bed now. Ryan says Sheila hooked me up with the f'n pillow.

Adam - she loves you dude. She wants to jump you. Ryan says she loves young dudes and cannot wait to hear her stories at the wrap party
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Topic #8760933
CruiseCritic - Adam says she (sheila) loves that talk - Ryan says she tries to contain herself 0 Replies #8760933 3:51AM 14/04/2008
and Adam says she gets all worked up. Ryan says she cant because Mik is watching.

Say something about Jorge (horhay) the fish and Ryan just CRACKS up laughing and cant stop. Laugh about George and how he sounds liek guy from AC/DC. Ryan says poor guy and feed switches to Natalie asleep
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Topic #8760938
CruiseCritic - All HGs are quiet now and going to sleep. Adam still moving around and can hear 0 Replies #8760938 3:53AM 14/04/2008
some talking on that feed - (but not loud enough)
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Topic #8760942
CruiseCritic - Seems like guys are still talking on F2 - (but cant hear a word). Adam rolls over and faces the door 0 Replies #8760942 3:55AM 14/04/2008
Ryan is on his back. Can hear faint talking.. see Ryan yawn - but still no sound - they dont have mics on.

ADam rolls over to say something to Ryan and they are both talking now with NO SOUND.

(I am out now since I cannot hear a word)
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Topic #8760946
CruiseCritic - Guys are both still talking and heard Adam laugh - (no mics on and I am out) NT 0 Replies #8760946 3:59AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8760949
CruiseCritic - Ryan now sitting up. Both are talking with NO SOUND (no Mics) NT 0 Replies #8760949 4:06AM 14/04/2008
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