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Topic #8767135
saskwatch - She believes no one really curses in this group. Nat says except for Ryan. She says Maybe Adam slips up every once in awhile. 0 Replies #8767135 3:45PM 14/04/2008
Sharon curses a little. But says she's always in shock on live shows so all she can think of is "o my lord". Looking forward to seeing her and Josh's DR. She says she only curses when she's really angry. Sharon loves Joshuah because he's so goofy.
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Topic #8767161
saskwatch - No one really ever asked Sharon about her life, besides Sheila, says Sharon. They all wanted to talk about Jacob, never Sharon. NT 0 Replies #8767161 3:46PM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8767185
saskwatch - Ryan out of wc and now talking to gps...calling them "yogi' NT 0 Replies #8767185 3:48PM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8767196
saskwatch - Sheila sharing info she knows about each hg family and history with the girls. NT 0 Replies #8767196 3:49PM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8767308
saskwatch - Adams mom has been telling him for years to go to a certainhospital if he got hurt and this 0 Replies #8767308 3:58PM 14/04/2008
saved his life. His mom's a hellraiser. Adam's dad is in real estate.
His brother is in the same business as Adam. He's been raising money for Autism for 5-6 months for awhile b/c of girl he has been dating. Want's to build a place for autistic children to get specialized care they need for dentistry. (i.e. lighting, and comfort) Adam's raising money for that right now with celebrity art auction. Every bit of auction Adam $$$ goes to autism foundation and the tour to collect art for this is going on right now.
Sheila doesn't know how you could live with someone for 3 months and not know anything about them. Sharon says it's because people care about the game. sheila says she's fascinated by people.. and that everyone has a story, thus every person in america could write a book.. because lives are fascinating.
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Topic #8767332
saskwatch - Sheila says that some people don't get involved because it' easier to detach when the person is evicted... which is why She cries when people leave 0 Replies #8767332 4:00PM 14/04/2008
because it's harder for her to detach... because she likes everybody, which sucks for her. For Sharon, it's just a game.
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Topic #8767351
saskwatch - Sharon bringing up what everyone has won in the game so far and says some left with nothing. NT 0 Replies #8767351 4:01PM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8767357
saskwatch - Sharon says she feels better about Alex and Amanda eviction because they both had good jobs. NT 0 Replies #8767357 4:02PM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8767382
saskwatch - Ryan and Adam asleep. Girls on loungers and all is quiet. NT 0 Replies #8767382 4:04PM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8767700
BBFanChelle - Adam and Ryan sleeping in pink BR. Ryan snoring. NT 0 Replies #8767700 4:28PM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8767721
BBFanChelle - Nat and Sheila in double chaise talking about Ryan and Adam. Sharon swinging in hammock. NT 0 Replies #8767721 4:29PM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8767759
lexi - Nat/Sheila/Sharon in BY 0 Replies #8767759 4:33PM 14/04/2008
Nat talking to the birds telling them to eat the food

Sharon - This was a fun p*ss party

Nat - The boys are probably thinking "those damn girls"

Nat/Sheila mocking Ryan + Adam
"lets go work out adam" "okay ryan"
"i gotta take a p*ss, you wanna come?" "okay!"

Sharon is laughing + biting her lip
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Topic #8767847
lexi - Nat/Sheila in BY after Sharon goes inside 0 Replies #8767847 4:42PM 14/04/2008
Nat asks Sheila if Ryan told her everything was gunna be okay + that he was gunna keep her. Sheila says yes

Sheila tells her Ryan said he was gunna have a talk with Adam to see whats up

Sheila tells Nat she doesn't have to worry about Ryan
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Topic #8767991
lexi - all girls now inside 0 Replies #8767991 4:54PM 14/04/2008
Nat asks Sharon where Adam is. She says he + Ryan are both passed out

Nat says her hair is doing something funky

Nat walks by the memory wall + says "my key is gone that is so messed up"

Nat goes in PB to get clothes + camera changes to Ryan sleeping with a pillow over his face (lol)

feed switches to BR sharon is getting in the shower
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Topic #8768085
lexi - Sheila + Sharon in KT 0 Replies #8768085 5:04PM 14/04/2008
Sheila opens the fridge + notices the maple syrup spilled all over so her + Sharon are cleaning stuff off + washing out the fridge

Nat is in the BR plucking her eyebrows

Sheila is complaining loudly

Both boys still sleeping
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Topic #8768168
lexi - sharon says she has never had her "vagina area" that white 0 Replies #8768168 5:11PM 14/04/2008
sheila + sharon are going up to HOH to do their nails

nat is still in the BR fixing her hair

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Topic #8768261
WieKacie - Natalie, Sheila and Sharon up in HOH doing their nails.. 0 Replies #8768261 5:22PM 14/04/2008
talking about how Sharons family has a lot of family pictures.
Ryan and Adam are sleeping.
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Topic #8768273
lexi - flames for a second now feeds back 0 Replies #8768273 5:23PM 14/04/2008
sharon/sheila/nat in hoh doing their nails

sheila talking about dogs

boys still sleeping
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Topic #8768441
lexi - Ryan up + in BY sitting with his feet in the hot tub 0 Replies #8768441 5:40PM 14/04/2008
girls still in HOH doing their nails + chit chatting

adam not on feeds
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Topic #8768477
allen - hen party in the HOH 0 Replies #8768477 5:43PM 14/04/2008
the girls are all up in the HOH around the glass table doing their nails making small talk. Sharon had her hair wrapped up in a towel she has her black capries with a grey long tshirt and flip flops. Sheila has on a sleevless black tshirt on with jeans cuffed up once big and is doing her toenails. Nat sits on the far side against the wall and has on her black strapless top with hot pynk silk trim band, shes doing her fingernails andd telling stories about her friends.

They were talking about dogs and nat had a dream she got to pick out one of the guinie pigs to take home, sheila commented that thats more realistic than her dream which was picking up keanu reeves at a bar after having vodka martinis with him. Sheila started talking about a photographer friend of hers that has a loft studio downtown with great light, BB cut her off with flames. When feed came back sheila was complaining she cant talk about that, BB must have scolded her.

Sharon says she cant tell stories cause all of hers envolves all of her friends and family which BB wont allow. Nats story was interupted by flames as BB was heard saying Natalie! Sheila says you cant talk about that either, Nat says what can we talk about I am running out of things to talk about,, Sheila answers only game, you cant talk about anything but game BB dont want us talking about anything else.

What can we say about Ryan and Adam...

Adam and Ryan are downstairs napping. flames...................
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Topic #8768564
allen - car parking stories 0 Replies #8768564 5:53PM 14/04/2008
Sharon tells a story about her brother that was asked by a fat man to back his car out of a space cause some guy parked too close to him and he could not get back into his car. Sheila says I always am careful when I get out of my car not to hit the next one but they always bang my doors.

Ryan joins them in the HOH, Sheila breaks out the chips pours them into a bowl on table. Ryan has on gray tshirt and long legged black shorts, ridding low. Lays on the bed. The fourth chair at the table has a stuffed Alex scare crow in it. life size.

Oh nat has on her long white shorts capri like pant, can see her now that camera angle has changed. Sheila offers them cheese and crackers too. Ryan is given a chilled coffee drink peppermint mocha that sheila keeps in the freezer section of the small fridge under the corner cabinet next to the bathroom entry way. Sheila says they dont freeze solid but will get slushy in there.
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Topic #8768566
lexi - Ryan joins the ladies in HOH 0 Replies #8768566 5:53PM 14/04/2008
girls snacking general chit chat

ryan is laying on the hoh bed

adam is still sound asleep
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Topic #8768631
allen - Ryan says Alex wants to go downstairs to the boys room 0 Replies #8768631 6:00PM 14/04/2008
Ryan teases the gals saying yall are havin a girlie party up here, alex face says take me out of here ryan,, I am gonna toss him over the rail.

Sheila, why would alex want to watch you two sleep. Ryan telling the story of BB tossing him out of his HOH room one morning at 5 AM telling him he had to go down stairs to sleep on couch or something but had to vacate the room for them to do something. He was ripped.

Sheila dont want to mess up her room yet, she has 2 more days.

Ryan is gonna go lay back down his stomach feels kinda weird, as he munches on some of the snacks, Sharon returns saying rye your coffee is ready.

Sheila asks if he is gonna drink some coffee and go to sleep? Nat leaves with ryan. Sheila and Sharon imediately say something derogatory about nat. she acts so perfect, so better than tho, she sticks her foot in her mouth all day long, she has to be part of everything.
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Topic #8768651
allen - Sheila asks if they do product placement on this show? 0 Replies #8768651 6:02PM 14/04/2008
BB jumps in cuts to flames as she was asking Nat
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Topic #8768774
allen - girls compare product supplies 0 Replies #8768774 6:16PM 14/04/2008
Nat has several extra jars of her products, Sheila dont have hardly anything left, no moisturizer, no base.

Nat uses vasiline to coat her teeth. Sharon gets down on the floor to reach toenails.

Josh's name comes up sheila says he yelled at 4 of us, why did he have to get crazy like that? munch munch... all this is on the south beach diet, soy chips all of it!

Sharon asks nat to explain the de'vinchie code. Nat says its in the bible, sharon asks where, I have read the whole thing and I dont see it.
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