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Topic #8763020
lexi - Nat curling her hair NT 0 Replies #8763020 10:26AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763060
BBFanChelle - BB: Adam it's time to get up for the day. NT 0 Replies #8763060 10:32AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763078
lexi - all 4 feeds on sharon sitting at the bar eating NT 0 Replies #8763078 10:35AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763084
BBFanChelle - BB: Sharon please go to the diary room. NT 0 Replies #8763084 10:36AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763086
lexi - BB: Sharon please go to the DR NT 0 Replies #8763086 10:36AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763092
lexi - Nat comes in KT + tells ryan she doesnt know why sharon is saying all this crap, its probably to save her own a** NT 0 Replies #8763092 10:38AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763133
BBFanChelle - Nat and Baller in SR changing batteries. NT 0 Replies #8763133 10:45AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763201
lexi - nat + adam is SR changing their batteries 0 Replies #8763201 10:55AM 14/04/2008
nat talking in her baby voice (EW) telling him she couldnt sleep last night because she felt bad. doesnt want him to think she's against him + ryan, cuz she's not. says she loves the boys

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Topic #8763226
lexi - ryan + nat sitting at the bar 0 Replies #8763226 10:57AM 14/04/2008
nat is telling ryan about when she was hoh + julie asked her who she trusted the most she said ryan because he's the nicest guy there
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Topic #8763296
lexi - ryan/adam/nat/sheila (adult) 0 Replies #8763296 11:04AM 14/04/2008
sheila is having ryan smell a towel that she thinks smells like j***

they're all making fun of sheila because she keeps smelling the towel (lol)

ryan says he's gunna go jerk one + taste it (ew)
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Topic #8763310
lexi - sharon in BY tanning by herself NT 0 Replies #8763310 11:05AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763317
BBSheri - Shel, Nat, Ryan & Adam in KT. Talking about how many Towels 0 Replies #8763317 11:05AM 14/04/2008
Get used in the house and who does more laundry.........
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Topic #8763330
lexi - sheila/nat/ryan/adam talking about allison doing alot of laundry in the house 0 Replies #8763330 11:08AM 14/04/2008
nat keeps interrupting sheila, complaining that theyre not calling her to DR
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Topic #8763338
lexi - ryan + adam leave nat at the bar. adam says he's going back to bed NT 0 Replies #8763338 11:09AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763346
lexi - nat still complaining that they havent called her to DR + saying how good her hair looks NT 0 Replies #8763346 11:10AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763393
lexi - ryan sheila nat talking about the first hoh NT 0 Replies #8763393 11:15AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763417
lexi - ryan asks adam if he wants a cup of joe, adam says he already had some NT 0 Replies #8763417 11:19AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763428
lexi - sheila asks ryan + adam what they talked about until 4 in the morning 0 Replies #8763428 11:20AM 14/04/2008
ryan says "we talked about you"
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Topic #8763447
lexi - ryan + adam said they stood at the memory wall last night + made fun of alex 0 Replies #8763447 11:22AM 14/04/2008
sheila says "dont make fun of alex, i will defend him until the end"

she says america loves alex

ryan asks sheila what she wouldve done if alex had been in the mystery box

sheila said she wouldve gone insane

ryan says he + adam dont like alex. ryan says alex is a p*ssy
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Topic #8763495
lexi - sheila/adam/ryan in RB 0 Replies #8763495 11:28AM 14/04/2008
sheila says she's gunna go make french toast

ryan says he doesnt like the french because they're p*ssies

sheila says dont say that thats not right

ryan says alex should move to france because he's a p*ssy

sheila says she would move to france if alex lived there + they could live happily ever after
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Topic #8763601
Pizzaman - Sharon and the rubber duck chillin in the pool. NT 0 Replies #8763601 11:37AM 14/04/2008
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Topic #8763656
lexi - Nat + Sheila in KT 0 Replies #8763656 11:42AM 14/04/2008
Nat telling Sheila about Sharon's predictions on the order of upcoming evictions. She says Sharon thinks she'll go first, then Nat, then Sheila.

Nat says the boys are trying to make her think that Sheila + Sharon are talking about her behind her back.

Sheila says whatever, you know better than that

Sheila says the boys are trying to save their own butts

They both agree that they cant read the boys

Nat reminding Sheila to talk to the boys for her

Sheila says the boys are in cahoots with eachother. Nat says she knows

Nat says dont tell them but if i do end up staying this week + i win hoh i got a big surprise in store for them because they pulled all this s*** + caused me so much stress because I never wouldve caused them all this stress. If they were on the block I would've reassured them that they were safe.

Sheila says she's disgusted. Nat says she is too.

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Topic #8763827
lexi - Nat + Sheila in KT (cont) 0 Replies #8763827 12:00PM 14/04/2008
Nat talking about Adam. Saying he doesn't wanna have any blood on his hands + thats why he acted buddy buddy with James before he left.

Nat says that Ryan told her it was Adam who came up with the plan to call her out + that he was pressuring him to do it + that Ryan said he didnt wanna do it + felt bad. Then she tells Sheila not to tell the boys she told her this.

Nat says Ryan told her he hopes Sharon doesn't think she's the pawn this week

Nat says Sharon is telling Nat she's safe, but Sharon thinks she's safe. Nat says its reverse psychology

Sheila says Adam is afraid of what James/Chels/Josh will think if he takes out Sharon. Nat agrees

Nat calling Adam a hypocrite

Nat says she needs the boys votes, but next week she + sheila can talk

Nat claiming she didnt call the boys out during yesterdays meeting because she needs their votes

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Topic #8763930
lexi - Ryan + Sheila in HOH 0 Replies #8763930 12:09PM 14/04/2008
Sheila telling Ryan she's worried about Adam. Thinks he might vote Sharon out

She tells him that Nat said she would've called Adam out but she needs his vote

Sheila says Nat told her that Adam knew that Matty was gunna get BD'd

Sheila is really fired up + says she's really pissed at Adam right now. Asks Ryan to keep this convo between them

Ryan tells Sheila that Adam is gunna vote Nat out. Sheila is afraid that he's gunna flip + make her break a tie

Sheila says they need to get Nat out because she's a threat to all of them. Says they can get Sharon out next week no problem

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Topic #8764055
lexi - Ryan + Sheila in HOH (cont) 0 Replies #8764055 12:18PM 14/04/2008
Sheila asks Ryan if he + Adam made a final 2 deal, he says no over + over

Sheila thinks that Adam is gunna vote Sharon out so she tells Ryan that he has to vote Nat out

Sheila says she will definetly vote Nat out if its a tie vote even if its the last thing she does in the game

Sheila says you never know what Adam's gunna do

Sheila says she doesn't understand why Adam called her out

They agree Adam could've talked to her in private

Nat comes + knocks on the door. Sheila covers her mouth + looks scared

Nat says she came up to tell them she was going out to tan not scheme

Nat leaves

Sheila + Ryan look at eachother + start laughing

(someone please take over for a while, im gunna take a lunch break!)
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