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Nattie also still awake, she & Adam both rolled over with arms out at the same time (ed had to triple check it wasn't different views of Adam, lol) NT - scandalous
2:40AM 16/04/2008

Adam stands, then sits on his bed rubbing his shoulder, lies down scratching his butt, sighs loudly & says he's gonna sleep all day; Sheila's awake.. - scandalous
2:45AM 16/04/2008

Adam gets out of bed & is stealth whispering to Ryan, can't hear a thing & then FLAMES! NT - scandalous
2:52AM 16/04/2008

Back from flames, Adam saying thank you to someone? Then Adam says they're serious about this (going to sleep) & then says prepare for the worst. NT - scandalous
2:54AM 16/04/2008
The boys continue to think BB is up to something fishy NT - scandalous
2:57AM 16/04/2008

Adam & Ry continue whispering, all I could catch was "remember I'm Polish" and "Ortega." Adam says "ah,that's funny." NT - scandalous
2:56AM 16/04/2008

Ry & Adam still giggling, Ry commenting how Adam didn't get to talk to Sheil after he called her a ... - scandalous
3:03AM 16/04/2008

Adam still tossing around, grumbling to himself, otherwise all making a concerted effort to sleep, as am I; g'night NT - scandalous
3:19AM 16/04/2008

Everyone still sleeping NT - nmbeach
7:09AM 16/04/2008

Nat is moving around a lot. May have eyes open(hard to see with covers) just thinking. NT - nmbeach
8:24AM 16/04/2008

FLAMES -- Possibly BB waking the houseguests up for the day NT - mcoop
9:05AM 16/04/2008

still Flames NT - mcoop
9:29AM 16/04/2008

feeds back. Houseguests still in bed with lights on (ed. LOL) NT - mcoop
9:41AM 16/04/2008

Feeds back. Everybody still in bed with lights on. NT - nmbeach
9:42AM 16/04/2008

Camera guy playing with us, showing closeup of Sharon's bag packed. NT - nmbeach
9:47AM 16/04/2008

Ryan just called to DR. He is not on feeds, so don't know if he is up. NT - nmbeach
9:49AM 16/04/2008

Nat has uncovered herself & is laying in bed with bra & panties on. Sharon waking up, but not out of bed. NT - nmbeach
9:50AM 16/04/2008

Sharon changing under covers, and just got up. Sheila called to DR. NT - nmbeach
9:57AM 16/04/2008

Sharon & Ryan in storage room, but feeds switched before we could hear what they were saying. NT - nmbeach
9:58AM 16/04/2008

Sharon in wc, Ryan leaves sr and says something to adam, adam says uhm uhm NT - saskwatch
10:00AM 16/04/2008

Outside is closed up... Adam asked and confirmed by Ryan. NT - saskwatch
10:00AM 16/04/2008

Ryan asks Adam if he was talking $hit earlier. Adam doesn't respond. NT - saskwatch
10:02AM 16/04/2008

Adam and Ryan in bed. Adam farts very loudly. Ryan says, "Huh? Are you talking shi* over there?" and laughs. Adam says, "What are you talking - cindytexas
10:02AM 16/04/2008

Ryan laying on back in bed staring at ceiling. Adam curled up in his own bed. all 4 feeds on them NT - saskwatch
10:03AM 16/04/2008

Sheila in HOH tidying up NT - saskwatch
10:13AM 16/04/2008
She is packing up her things and moving them downstairs. Sharon has offered to help. NT - cindytexas
10:14AM 16/04/2008

Sharon offering to help Sheila take her stuff down. She accepts offer. NT - saskwatch
10:14AM 16/04/2008

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