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Boys talking in KT, Sharon unpacking, Big-She moving into the boat room. NT - PartyN
6:43PM 16/04/2008

Adam says there is something fishy going on around this place and I don't like it. NT - HookedOnBB
6:45PM 16/04/2008

Shelia: "I don't know anybody". NT - PartyN
6:45PM 16/04/2008

trivia NT - Stella222
6:48PM 16/04/2008

Sharon tells Adam and Ryan that the way Jacob got on the show was because of a question she answered. - cindytexas
6:54PM 16/04/2008

Sharon: Jacob was on the show because of me. - PartyN
7:00PM 16/04/2008

Sheila saying she thinks it could be that she and Ryan are related somehow... - DanaRose
7:02PM 16/04/2008

Now they are disecting every word that Chen-bot said about 3rd relationship. NT - PartyN
7:03PM 16/04/2008

Earlier when Shar and She was in the SR, Shar told She that she heard what Adam whispered to Nat as she was leaving, that he voted for her. NT - shaynabug
7:05PM 16/04/2008

Shelia says she knows who voted Nat out. NT - PartyN
7:07PM 16/04/2008

Ryan blows his nose in a napkin, throws it away, looks at his hands, and then sits down at the table. NT - PartyN
7:10PM 16/04/2008

Ha...Ryan saying he meant 510 but changed it to 310 when he had the chance. (ed: did I hear that right?) NT - PartyN
7:11PM 16/04/2008
Yes, Julie asked Ryan "Is that 310?" Ryan said yes, so I guess thats when Ryan changed it NT - DanaRose
7:20PM 16/04/2008

Ryan: They added two more golf clubs to the backyard. NT - PartyN
7:13PM 16/04/2008

Ryan: "You can't trust a stripper and you can't trust a Penthouse pet. " - cindytexas
7:16PM 16/04/2008

Ryan and Baller talking about third relationship. Ryan swears it's not him. They are thinking that the two people envolved don't know it. NT - PartyN
7:17PM 16/04/2008

Ryan: Can't trust a stripper, can't trust a Penthouse Pet. NT - PartyN
7:17PM 16/04/2008

Adam says Friday is crucial. He has to win POV so he won't be on the block. - cindytexas
7:20PM 16/04/2008

Ryan hits one of the BY cameras with the ball, lol NT - jube
7:23PM 16/04/2008
Now camera is making a loud buzzing noise. Ryan predicts a lockdown. Says he's an idiot NT - jube
7:24PM 16/04/2008

Baller says at least Sharon didnt win, Ryan says yea i know, i thought she was gonna and - DanaRose
7:23PM 16/04/2008

Ryan says I just smashed that camera in the back by accident, you hear it? Adam goes closer and its buzzing Adam says you f'd it up dude... - DanaRose
7:24PM 16/04/2008

Lockdown (to fix camera Ryan busted) NT - jube
7:25PM 16/04/2008

Sheila said she was tired of Natalie putting her down and trying to make her feel stupid when she wasn't that bright herself. - cindytexas
7:31PM 16/04/2008

Sharon, Sheila and Adam venting their complaints about Natalie. - cindytexas
7:33PM 16/04/2008

Sharon says it irritated her that Nat walked around acting like Miss Holier-than-thou. NT - cindytexas
7:35PM 16/04/2008

Sharon says Chelsia did not want James to go after Nat or Matt that week because he gave his word and she was afraid it would hurt his game, which - cindytexas
7:37PM 16/04/2008

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