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Ryan in kitchen. Looks like he's got a piece of pizza or somehting. - saskwatch
9:30PM 16/04/2008

Sharon says that would have been bad if Ryan hadn't voted for me. Adam says Sharon it was all predetermined. We planned it this way. So don't hold - saskwatch
9:32PM 16/04/2008

Sharon goes back to screaming sweet nothings to her bug. Adam says you knew it was fine. - saskwatch
9:34PM 16/04/2008

ryan back outside. - saskwatch
9:36PM 16/04/2008

Sharon saying, really, don't hurt him. Sharon thinks it's the same one. - saskwatch
9:37PM 16/04/2008

Sharon called to DR, but wants to stay to save her slug. NT - PartyN
9:37PM 16/04/2008

Sharon asking Shelia to watch her slug NT - PartyN
9:38PM 16/04/2008

ryan says Jen says don't forget about me... but babe we're famous now. Me - saskwatch
9:39PM 16/04/2008

Shelia poking the slug with a stick. (with that...I am gonna crash...thanks for letting me have a go at this tonight) NT - PartyN
9:41PM 16/04/2008

Sheila telling R/A she doesn't know anyone in the house. "Everyone is a stranger" NT - Roadkill23
9:42PM 16/04/2008

Sheila out in backyard babysitting Sharon's slug. - saskwatch
9:42PM 16/04/2008

Adam tells Sheila, if it's her and Ryan that have a relationship, he's alright with it NT - Roadkill23
9:43PM 16/04/2008

Ryans says it's you two. Adam says if it's you two, it doesn't bother me. (ryan & Sheila) - saskwatch
9:44PM 16/04/2008

Ryan continues to say that Sheila knows Matty. Also thinks she knows Parker because they live near each other - Roadkill23
9:44PM 16/04/2008

Ryan says something is weird with Sharon. Says Baller could be Sharon's brother - Roadkill23
9:45PM 16/04/2008

Ryan, Adam, Sheila still trying to figure out who is related - BBSheri
9:46PM 16/04/2008

Adam says I think you're acting really weird. Sheila says you're acting - saskwatch
9:47PM 16/04/2008

Sheila is poking the slug with a stick, saying she thinks BB made up the relationship-story - Roadkill23
9:47PM 16/04/2008

Sheila getting angry at Baller for continuing to say she's Matt's mother NT - Roadkill23
9:47PM 16/04/2008

Baller says he doesn't know anyone in the house and he never lies. NT - Roadkill23
9:48PM 16/04/2008

Ryan says 2 of the 4 still in the house know each other. - saskwatch
9:49PM 16/04/2008

Sheila says she and Ryan might be related but they just don't know it. - Roadkill23
9:49PM 16/04/2008

Sheila trying to figure out if she and Ryan are related, asks him what his father looks like and what he does for a living NT - Roadkill23
9:51PM 16/04/2008

Sheila says Ryan could be related without either knowing it. He looks - saskwatch
9:52PM 16/04/2008

Sheila can't understand why BB would deliberately put a target on us. Ryan goes in .. Sheila and Adam confirm loyalty to each other. NT - saskwatch
9:53PM 16/04/2008

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