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All 4 feeds on the guys playing chess, Adam moves a piece and Ryan says what the F are - CruiseCritic
4:34PM 16/04/2008

Ryan - what are you doing dude? Adam - power move for all of us. - CruiseCritic
4:36PM 16/04/2008

Can hear Sharon - but all feeds on Ryan and Adam playing chess. - CruiseCritic
4:38PM 16/04/2008

Can hear Sheila now on the feeds and she is now in the LR area and Ryan tells her she looks HOT and - CruiseCritic
4:41PM 16/04/2008

Sheila comes in and sits on couch and said "I am going to sit in here and bug you guys" - CruiseCritic
4:43PM 16/04/2008

Adam going thru pieces on the board and telling them they are all F'd - CruiseCritic
4:45PM 16/04/2008

Sheila back walking thru the LR area and can hear Sharon talking as well - but still all 4 - CruiseCritic
4:47PM 16/04/2008

Ryan and Adam still playing chess - closeups on both of them with no feeds on any of the - CruiseCritic
4:51PM 16/04/2008

Sheila just says it is 4:49 and TRIVIA NT - CruiseCritic
4:51PM 16/04/2008

Ryan voted to evict Natalie and Adam voted to evict Sharon NT - updaterX
5:39PM 16/04/2008

Sheila voted Natalie out NT - updaterX
5:40PM 16/04/2008

Ryan wins HOH!! NT - DanaRose
5:54PM 16/04/2008

The new HOH is Ryan - updaterX
5:59PM 16/04/2008

R says he thinks the relationship left is Sheila and Matty, She tells him no that one of the people in the JH but she can't say who (meaning Josh) NT - HookedOnBB
6:06PM 16/04/2008

Feed back NT - PartyN
6:08PM 16/04/2008

HG's discussing who else could know each other, R/A seem to think Sheila has a relationship with someone already in sequester NT - HookedOnBB
6:12PM 16/04/2008

Sheila told them about Josh's lie he told her before he left which they aren't sure if it's true NT - HookedOnBB
6:19PM 16/04/2008

Houseguests still kicking around the 3rd couple thing... - PartyN
6:22PM 16/04/2008

Cameraman on cam 4 has fun by zooming back and forth on the GP's. NT - PartyN
6:24PM 16/04/2008

Ryan asks for a carton on cigarettes in his HOH basket. NT - PartyN
6:27PM 16/04/2008

Shelia up looking for food. Sharon talking to the GP's. Baller all... - PartyN
6:34PM 16/04/2008

Sheila just said you and those GP's AHHHH NT - Stella222
6:41PM 16/04/2008

Ryan comes out of the DR and says the relationship is STILL in the house NT - HookedOnBB
6:42PM 16/04/2008

boys still talking privately about it has to be sheila and sharon NT - Stella222
6:42PM 16/04/2008

R/A now think Sharon is Sheila's niece NT - HookedOnBB
6:43PM 16/04/2008

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