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Adam and Ryan playing chess. NT - saskwatch
12:01AM 16/04/2008

Flames. NT - saskwatch
12:09AM 16/04/2008

Sheila encouraging Sharon to stop enabling Jacob. Giving her awesome direction and advice. NT - saskwatch
12:23AM 16/04/2008

R/A playing chess, A says so I'm voting Nat and you're voting Sharon, Ryan agrees NT - HookedOnBB
12:40AM 16/04/2008

Nat out of the sauna and tells the boys she feels much better and gives Adam a hug NT - HookedOnBB
12:47AM 16/04/2008

12:49AM 16/04/2008

Sharon calls Nat to the WR, Adam says to Ryan we gotta split it and Ryan says yep. NT - HookedOnBB
12:51AM 16/04/2008

BB must have called lights out because all hg's now going to bed NT - HookedOnBB
1:07AM 16/04/2008

Ryan and Adam Flip Again! - adickted2u
1:13AM 16/04/2008

The boys in bed; just lauged & said "Sheila's gonna freak" & giggled some more NT - scandalous
1:20AM 16/04/2008

The boys aren't tired; they're talking about what segments Adam has, he says "Mr. A-bot-o", quitting cigs, faking out the cameras, etc. NT - scandalous
1:39AM 16/04/2008

Adam says he has 10 cigarettes left & they'll last him 7, 8 days max NT - scandalous
1:39AM 16/04/2008

Adam is now complaining about his own smelly bodily functions, then says this sucks & he's slept enough. Ry-me too NT - scandalous
1:41AM 16/04/2008

Ry says it doesn't matter b/c they can sleep all day tomorrow. Adam says what if they move the show to 6pm Eastern for a double eviction... - scandalous
1:42AM 16/04/2008

Adam's up & out of the room, saying he's going to see if the BY is locked up yet NT - scandalous
1:43AM 16/04/2008

Adam's in the WC, Sheila appears to be awake in the HOH w/ clicker in hand NT - scandalous
1:44AM 16/04/2008

Adam's out of the WC, looks at something on the shelf there, takes off his shirt, admires himself in the mirror, gets on scale.. - scandalous
1:46AM 16/04/2008

Adam looks in the fridge for a few & heads back to the bedroom. He tells Ry somethings "not right" out there, the door is up, but something doesn't.. - scandalous
1:49AM 16/04/2008

Adam says he's going to be up for another 30 minutes to an hour; "camp style." Ry says they'll be up @ 8:30... - scandalous
1:52AM 16/04/2008

Nat yelling that the nic patches are messing the boys up; 2 feeds on Adam & Ryan laughing their butts off; other 2 on Sharon & Nattie smiling.. - scandalous
1:54AM 16/04/2008

Nat says if Mattie Mick comes back she'll push the red button. They all say they're just laying there, noone can sleep, they're all laughing NT - scandalous
1:55AM 16/04/2008

Adam: out of anyone in seques, who would you take back?... - scandalous
1:57AM 16/04/2008

Feeds back, all quiet/in bed NT - scandalous
2:02AM 16/04/2008

Suddenly sound comes on in the pink br, hear Adam saying, "see were on to something bro, that's why" NT - scandalous
2:35AM 16/04/2008

Sharon's still awake for whatever their conversation may have been, can see her rubbing her eyes. NT - scandalous
2:36AM 16/04/2008

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