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Topic #8821679
realitydoll - Shelia still going through her entire family to figure out the pre-existing relationship. Shelia says it's going to drive us nuts. Sharon says it's 0 Replies #8821679 12:05AM 17/04/2008
probably the biggest twist of the season and wait till the very end of the season. Adam says unless it's one of us, and someone is lying. He says he is going with you (shelia) & Ryan.
Sharon says, I don't think I'm related to Chelsea...(ed: lol)
Now Shelia thinks it could be one person in Jury related to them and they don't going over all of them..which I refuse to type up. It's driving them all crazy. Now Sharon going through Jacob's life growing up..posting!!!! She decides it's not jacob. Shelia says she doesn't think it's her or ryan...and Adam says it's not him. Now Shelia says maybe it's Chelsea - related to her. Maybe third cousins, 4th cousin...looking at all these people, knowing she had german in her..IDK she says.
Adam keeps saying OR it's someone in here, lying...and he will be bullsh!t and his feelings will be hurt..He'd be piszed off if it was and they weren't saying anything.
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Topic #8821713
realitydoll - Shelia: OMG! OMG OMG..They all say What! What! NATALIE's G-Mother is from Memphis TN!!!! Her mother is from Memphis TN! Omg! I just voted out one of 0 Replies #8821713 12:09AM 17/04/2008
my relatives! That is the only connection I can get from any of them out there. That would be horrible!
They are all laughing...Sharon says, that would make sense..
Now they are discussing how related...LoL
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Topic #8821793
realitydoll - Shelia says Omg, Maybe I'm related to Natalie! We were always saying how much we had in common. Omg! They laugh. Sharon goes off to pee...Adam/She 0 Replies #8821793 12:19AM 17/04/2008
still are thinking that she could be related to Natalie. Adam says it aint me!
She: it's either me or ryan.
Adam: Maybe you just booted your relative out.
She: Maybe I just voted out my cousin. How sad woudld that be. I would cry right now. How sad. I haven't done that to anyone in this game. The one time I do, it's my relative!!!!!! They are in disbelief, that shelia's one move in the game, and she voted out her relative. Now trying to figure out the relationship to Nat/Shelia.
Ryan comes back down from HoH
Shelia shares the info with Ryan
Ry: Really? I don't know..walks off. (ed: doesn't sound too excited about that scenario). Losing my feed...It's going in and out and warping...
Adam: It aint me! I think it's def. you (shelia).
Shelia: You think it's me? It can't be me. It just can't.
Adam: Well it's somebody in here.
Shel: Maybe its you and me...maybe we just don't know. We can be related.
Ryan returns. He doesn't want in the convo. He says he doesn't know.
Adam says they narrow it down to the big shelia
Ryan says maybe it's MATTY. That has been at the top of my suspicion. (sp, sorry)
The boys say they are going to sleep on it.
Ryan asks if Sharon is staying in the pull out couch.
Ryan tells her there are beds available but that she has had good luck in that pull out.
Shelia says the only thing she can think of that she is related is James or Natalie.
Adam says maybe Rye Bread. Maybe your related to all of them.
Shelia thinks it's james now. her two brothers lived there, in Miami. My Dad. I haven't seen him in years. Not allowed to talk about him..

Shelia now thinks she is related to james..
Posting for now.....flames anyway.
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Topic #8821859
realitydoll - Still discussing relationship options. Ryan wants to know when they get the mini. Adams says tomorrow afternoon. NT 0 Replies #8821859 12:30AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8821926
ihearthockey - Shar brushing teeth, Sheila in bed, Adam reading bible in bed, Ryan heading to HOH bed NT 0 Replies #8821926 12:42AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8821942
ihearthockey - Adam still reading bible, Sharon going sneaking up to HOH to talk to Ryan NT 0 Replies #8821942 12:45AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8821947
realitydoll - Shelia says she is going to bed. baller gives her a big spinning hug..Ryan wants to go have a smoke, promises to not have anymore puffs for 3 days. 0 Replies #8821947 12:46AM 17/04/2008
Sharon called to DR.
Ryan: Dude whats up? I think it's Shelia dude. It's a vote somewhere.
Adam: It's a vote in sequester and it will swing it for them. If there hooked up..they are hooked up..
Ryan: Do you think Sharon has the 3 votes, plus the chatty's, that's 4.
(paraphrasing..too fast)
Adam is trying to throw Sharon under the bus..blaming her for preexisting relationship/getting the extra vote and Ryan is blaming Shelia.
Adam says you do whatever you want dude, you're HoH.
Ryan asks him what would you do?
Adam says Sharon (to vote out)..she has three extra.
Ryan saying shelia can't win anything.
Talk about Julies question about if F2 should be deserving person or easy to beat. They say deserving.
Adam says who is going to boot you? Sharon or shelia?
Ryan says you never know..mentions about getting a beer..changes the subject.
Adam says that question threw us for a spin (the pre-existing relationship)
Ryan says that Sharon threw that HoH then.
Adam says now who the F do you boot the F out...
Ryan, I knew by that last question was going to throw everyone in a tailspin. They mention that shelia was acting weird, like her game was up...
And how Sharon/Shelia have gotten close.
Now talking about shelia being the black sheep in the family...not giving up the name of her gigs (adam talking fast)
They are thinking it's shelia. Ryan is going with it.
Shelia says night out the door.
Now boys are saying shelia using that as an excuse saying she is related to Ryan but has a relationship to someone in the house. They are piszed!!
Adam says we have to stick to the plan..Nobody is going to admit..went through the whole game, not going to admit it now. But it's still in the house dude. It aint me, it aint you.
Ryan says they both are acting weird. Shelia has been so game. She is the master changer of topics. She is an actress. She is an actress, the ultimate manipulator.
Now Adam is campaigning against Sharon..About jacob..(talking so fast...)
Ryan says I'm gonna go to bed about this some more tomorrow.
They go inside to BR to wash up.
(ed. Who will be first to run up to HoH? Shelia or be continued)
Adam says good night. Ryan: Good night baller.
Ryan trips. Adam says what are you drunk dude!
Ryan admits he's a little drunk...walks up to hoh whistling
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Topic #8821952
realitydoll - Adam in Bed, Reading Bible. Sharon off to HoH! NT 0 Replies #8821952 12:47AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8821955
jasbel - Sharon is throwing Adam under the bus. NT 0 Replies #8821955 12:48AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8821964
ihearthockey - Ryan told Sharon he doesnt wanna take Adam to F2 NT 0 Replies #8821964 12:49AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8821973
realitydoll - Sharon says that Adam is trying to keep the blood off his hands!!! He said he would put her on the block so she would come down and get to decide who 0 Replies #8821973 12:51AM 17/04/2008
goes home!
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Topic #8821980
ihearthockey - Sharon told Ryan that Adam winked at Nat as he came out from voting so she knew he voted for her NT 0 Replies #8821980 12:51AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8821994
ihearthockey - Ryan said it would be best for him and Sharon to get Adam out next week NT 0 Replies #8821994 12:52AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8821997
ihearthockey - Flames NT 0 Replies #8821997 12:53AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8822009
ihearthockey - Feeds back. Ryan said if it stays the same hes gonna try to convince Adam to keep Sharon NT 0 Replies #8822009 12:54AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8822019
ihearthockey - Sharon said they dont want Sheila till the end because everyone would vote for her, Ryan said she doesnt f'n deserve it! NT 0 Replies #8822019 12:55AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8822047
ihearthockey - Ryan said you cant trust the kid (Adam) he does everything to keep the blood off his hands NT 0 Replies #8822047 12:57AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8822071
ihearthockey - Shar said its really risky if you don't put Adam up, Ry said "I dont know, I dont know" NT 0 Replies #8822071 12:59AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8822116
ihearthockey - Ry said they can talk more about it tomorrow, he wants to take a bubble bath (ed. LOL) NT 0 Replies #8822116 1:03AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8822131
realitydoll - Sharon giving Ryan options for excuses to put Adam on block! Ryan looks like he doesn't want to do what she is suggesting...he says he hasn't even tho 0 Replies #8822131 1:04AM 17/04/2008
thought of what he wants to do yet..Sharon says that Adam is trying to keep the blood off his hands! I don't trust him! Ryan says that he wanted to make the vote split to put it on shelia. We didn't want to lie to nat all week and look like the bad guy so nat wouldn't know which one of them voted for her. But Adam whispered in nat's ear that he voted for her!!!
Ryan: As far as tomorrow, you know, I don't want to put you up. I don't want it to look suspicious.
Sharon immediately jumps in, she can't wait to talk!! She says tell adam that you put my game in jeopardy w/not putting up james..or go with the Nat thing (ed: when he whispered in her ear that he voted to keep her)plus, remember, Jen doesn't want them here...but you can't say that. All that chit went down with Jen and lying to thier faces, how jacob saved their arse..
Ryan tries to talk and say he doesn't know yet.
Sharon says she lies awake at night and she KNOWS WHAT TO DO! You have my back, I have your back! As long as we are final three!! It's a done deal!!!
(she wants Adam up on Block). No matter who goes with us, it's a done deal. I've been up with Shelia every night...I know what to do!
Ryan says it's not a done deal. Best scenario we go with shelia. Adam not getting hoh...something about shelia, then flames!
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Topic #8822133
ihearthockey - Ry said dont think I'm totally with him, hes been playing spineless for weeks NT 0 Replies #8822133 1:04AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8822155
ihearthockey - They said they'll talk more about it later, they say goodnight and Sharon leaves NT 0 Replies #8822155 1:07AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8822172
ihearthockey - Shar literally tiptoes through the house to go to bed, then whispers "goodnight beebies" to guineas NT 0 Replies #8822172 1:09AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8822177
ihearthockey - Adam still reading bible, Sheila in bed. NT 0 Replies #8822177 1:09AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8822190
ihearthockey - All 4 feeds on Adam now getting ready for bed, then Flames NT 0 Replies #8822190 1:10AM 17/04/2008
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