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Adam teases Ryan about how drunk he was last night. Ryan says he was a little buzzed not drunk - saskwatch
11:15PM 17/04/2008

Ryan outside and back in. Sheila and Adam whispering in bed. She had her hand on his chest for a couple seconds than removed it. NT - saskwatch
11:16PM 17/04/2008

Ryan in HOH .. says i'm so friggin tired. NT - saskwatch
11:16PM 17/04/2008

Sheila and Adam still whispering. Saw noises in background. Sheila leans in close to adam. (thot she was kissing him!) NT - saskwatch
11:17PM 17/04/2008

Sheila/Adam just said that Ryan/SHaron where "Scheming hardcore" NT - sunflower05
11:19PM 17/04/2008

Sheila stands up in bra and panties to call Sharon to turn boat room light off.. and back in bed. - saskwatch
11:20PM 17/04/2008

Sheila on back and rolls back to Adam again ... - saskwatch
11:23PM 17/04/2008

Sharon opens door and asks if they are going to bed.. they are in bed. Gnights again. NT - saskwatch
11:24PM 17/04/2008

Adam asks Sheila if this room brings back memories. Sheila called to DR. She says how.. are we both supposed to go. Adam was going to go talk to Ry - saskwatch
11:25PM 17/04/2008

Sharon telling Ryan that Sheila was in bed with Adam with her bra exposed.. and then when - saskwatch
11:28PM 17/04/2008

Ry says he lives in Florida, she lives in la.. Sharon says Sheila lived in Florida. - saskwatch
11:33PM 17/04/2008

Sharon says if Adam and I were to win... Sheila thinks we'll save her. Sharon throwing out scenarios, she says Sheila told her and she kept saying - saskwatch
11:36PM 17/04/2008

Sharon says they had an alliance together before they came here. - saskwatch
11:36PM 17/04/2008

Sharon insisting that they break up Adam and Sheila tomorrow because if not they are screwed. - saskwatch
11:40PM 17/04/2008

Sharon says Sheila won't look out for her over Adam either. NT - saskwatch
11:42PM 17/04/2008

Sharon says Adam will win if we let him win the next couple of comps.. we can't let him. if we let her go, she will campaign her heart out for him. - saskwatch
11:46PM 17/04/2008

adam ans shelia sleeping sharon and ry talking in hoh about they nned to stay together and go to the final two sharon going tto bed when her clothes - iknowbigbro
11:46PM 17/04/2008

Shraon says James told her Adam and Sheila were a couple. Ryan says - saskwatch
11:48PM 17/04/2008

Ryan says adam is trying to cover all his bases. Says he'll friggin backdoor his azz and take Sharon down. then I don't know.. i don't know what - saskwatch
11:56PM 17/04/2008

Ryan says Adam is so scared of her. Ryan says he'd be telling her to f off if she treated him like that. - saskwatch
11:59PM 17/04/2008

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