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BB9Sucked Sheila says she has to go to the bathroom, but is trying to wait until shackles are off. Adam describing in gross terms that he also has to go. NT 0 2:59PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Adam wrapping Sheila in the chain, dragging Sheila around the kitchen while she shouts "stoooooppppp it" (like a 5 year old). Funny. NT 0 3:00PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila talking into her mic (to BB) "He's abusing me and I want this stopped! I'm getting harrassed, people!" NT 0 3:02PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Uh oh. FLAMES. BB probably hollering at Adam and Ryan to stop teasing Sheila. NT 0 3:02PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Feeds Back. Adam apologizing for teasing Sheila. Sheila pouting and being pissy. Sharon up brushing her hair. NT 0 3:06PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Adam telling Sheila, "Come on, Big She, let's go hang out in the spa and talk game." Sheila refusing to move off the spiral staircase where she 0 3:08PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Ryan going to HOH to lie down. Sheila grasping the center pole of the spiral staircase so Adam can't go into the spa. NT 0 3:08PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila threatening to get a restraining order to keep Adam away from her (even tho they are tethered to each other). Adam is leaning on Sheila 0 3:10PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Adam cojoles Sheila into coming to the spa so he can lie down. Asks for a massage and Sheila goes off again about how much she dislikes him. NT 0 3:11PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Adam tells She she's a poor sport. She tells Adam he's immature and she can't stand him... NT 0 3:12PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked A and She in spa lying down. Adam apologizing in a teasing voice, Sheila continues to rant. NT 0 3:12PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Now She doing the "poor me" routine to Adam. Now nagging him about voting to keep Nat. Adam explaining it was hard for him. Sheila "you're 0 3:16PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila arguing with Adam on how many times he's been on the block (Adam speaking in Spanglish). 0 3:17PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Apparently BB told them during the last flames that they had 2 more hours to be shackled to each other. NT 0 3:18PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked She to Adam "you remind me of boys in high school who do crap like that." NT 0 3:18PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Adam giving She a Spanish lesson. Sheila telling him, "Just don't talk to me. Hello?" NT 0 3:19PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Adam now speaking in a sexy voice to Sheila, in Spanish. NT 0 3:20PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Adam, "Come on, Sheila, let's cuddle." Sheila, "No, get away from me. I don't want to cuddle wtih YEW, I have a headache." NT 0 3:20PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked She "These are the oldest young people I've ever met in my whole fricken life. Sleep all day, get up grouchy, but not Alex. He was always happy 0 3:22PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked She trying to guilt trip Adam "but I'll be gone 'cause yew kicked me out." No response, so she looks up and sees Adam is napping. Then Sharon 0 3:24PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Ryan in HOH listening to music. S/S/A in spa, Adam trying to nap while S/S chit chat, sigh about boredom. Discussing dreams. NT 0 3:26PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sharon telling a "Jacob being stupid story" to Sheila who only wants to know what time it is. NT 0 3:27PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sha finally gets the message and goes to talk to the GPs so She and Adam can nap. NT 0 3:28PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sha back to her bed, checks out the portrait Nat painted for her before she was evicted. NT 0 3:29PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sharon trying to nap in her bed, Sheila and Adam napping in spa, Ryan chillin in HOH. NT 0 3:31PM 18/04/2008
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