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BBSheri Ryan listening to music in HOH NT 0 8:25PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Sharon going on and on about this story about Jacob-Telling Adam 0 8:35PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Ryan just came down from HOH-talks briefly to Sheila-then joins Adam and Sharon NT 0 8:37PM 18/04/2008
N2BB Adam retelling Sharon's story about Jacob to Ryan (ed. much better version!) NT 0 8:38PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Now Adam is catching Ryan up on the story so Sharon can continue NT 0 8:39PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Sheila has now moved on to cleaning the shower and toilet NT 0 8:42PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri LD over outside open NT 0 8:50PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Baller firing the grill to cook the chicken, Sheila is going to make 0 8:53PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Saron gets in the Hot tub NT 0 8:53PM 18/04/2008
nmbeach The boys & Sheila are cooking supper, Sharon is in the hot tub. NT 0 8:53PM 18/04/2008
N2BB Ryan and Adam getting grill ready, talking about how Sharon is still in love with Jacob, 0 8:55PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Sheila and Ryan joking that there are so little people it is slim pickins in here 1 9:01PM 18/04/2008
DanaRose Sharon telling R/A another Jacob story, this is what I got..... 0 9:03PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Adam setting the mini table for dinner NT 0 9:11PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Ryan came in and told Adam we need to talk later. Adam says Yes NT 0 9:12PM 18/04/2008
jube Ryan tells Adam they need to talk later, dude NT 0 9:12PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Adam tells Sharon she is doing dishes-She said ok!! NT 0 9:12PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Ryan saying to Adam you lied to me about Matty and James and I am going to believe you but I think I heard right with what you said to Natty. 0 9:15PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Everybody eating but Sheila she is nuking the potatoes NT 0 9:23PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri All house guests are eating and chatting about general stuff. NT 0 9:29PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri boys out to have cig, girls still eating NT 0 9:38PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Adam bottomline do what you have to do-I respect you for saying that NT 0 9:39PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Ryan I need to know you and Sheila don't have stuff going on 0 9:41PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Ryan saying Sharon telling him stuff about Adam and Sheila 0 9:43PM 18/04/2008
aprw adam swore on his mom to vote out sheila! NT 0 9:44PM 18/04/2008
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