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iknowbigbro shelia goingt o bathroom and then goingt to do her nails NT 0 12:39PM 18/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila says when you're a mom you never sleep.. can't sleep when they're young... and when their teenagers, you can't sleep til they're safely home. 0 12:40PM 18/04/2008
Katherine1 Adam out of bathroom as shelia goes LOL NT 0 12:40PM 18/04/2008
Laura feeds3-4 on sharon reading bible....adam and shelia on feeds 1-2 in WC NT 0 12:40PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro now adam going to bathroom NT 0 12:40PM 18/04/2008
saskwatch Adam and Sheila at wc.. she's in and he's going after her. NT 0 12:41PM 18/04/2008
Katherine1 now adam is going and shelia is waiting NT 0 12:41PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro now they are washing there hands on the way to the spa room so shelia can go to the bathroom NT 0 12:41PM 18/04/2008
saskwatch "Oh my God, help" Sheila laffs as she stands outside wc while Adam's going. NT 0 12:42PM 18/04/2008
Laura adam and shelia taking turns using restroom NT 0 12:42PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro now shelia doing nails and adam laying down beside her NT 0 12:43PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro cam 1 2 on shelia cam 3 4 on sharon reading really no talking going on NT 0 12:45PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro shelia complaning about the smell of nail polish NT 0 12:47PM 18/04/2008
saskwatch Shedam's spa time: 0 12:48PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro now adam complaing about the smell NT 0 12:48PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro adam saying that he lays in bed all the time BB:adam do not abstruct your microphone NT 0 12:50PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro adam saying he dosent love his gf shelia saying intesting adam saying shes just not the one NT 0 12:50PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro shelia asking adam what makes a good woman for u 0 12:52PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro shelia:have to have a good body 0 12:55PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro back to doing nails adam comes in ask what u doiong adam says if sharon wins pov hes going home everybody agreeing NT 0 12:57PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro sorry ryan comes in NT 0 12:57PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro adam asking is there live feed during compt shelia says no prob not NT 0 12:58PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro sharon still reading bible shelia and adam plus ryan in spa room talking about shelia being a man hater NT 0 1:00PM 18/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila distracting Ryan from comp talk by talking about her cycle. NT 0 1:00PM 18/04/2008
iknowbigbro ryan said he slept really good last nite NT 0 1:00PM 18/04/2008
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