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BB9Sucked Adam checked his watch, rolled over on his back, back to sleep. NT 0 3:55PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila rolled over, stretched, yawned, scratched, ready to get up but Adam still sleeping. NT 0 4:00PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Big She is very fidgety (is that a word?), waiting for Adam to wake up. NT 0 4:04PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila woke Adam up claiming he hit her in the stomach. She wants to know what time it is. She wants him to get up, he doesn't want to. NT 0 4:37PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila in WC, Adam waiting his turn. NT 0 4:38PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Adam's hand down his pants big time. NT 0 4:39PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Adam wants to go back to the spa bed, Sheila complaining she wants to stay on couch in WC. NT 0 4:41PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Adam "Oh, Lord Jesus, help me win the POV." Sheila "You're gonna win, you're so whiney." NT 0 4:41PM 18/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila "If you'd look me in my eyes and tell me I was good (not being evicted), I'd trust you." NT 0 4:42PM 18/04/2008
mcoop Ryan awake now, in bathroom. Sheila awake as well but Adam is still napping. Sharon off feeds. NT 0 5:04PM 18/04/2008
BamaDaisy FLAMES NT 0 5:18PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Trivia, POV Comp NT 0 5:28PM 18/04/2008
DanaRose still trivia.. NT 0 6:25PM 18/04/2008
WVpdles ryan won PoV NT 0 6:48PM 18/04/2008
Pizzaman Ryan won PoV. NT 0 6:48PM 18/04/2008
Laura Ryan called to DR shelia said are you taking your pov in there NT 0 6:51PM 18/04/2008
Laura veto in on ryans on neck NT 0 6:52PM 18/04/2008
ihearthockey Ry still in DR, She/Shar/Adam sitting at table talking about Vegas NT 0 7:18PM 18/04/2008
ihearthockey Shar told by BB to change batteries. Adam whispered to Sheila that Ry and Shar are hooked up. Sheila said please dont tell me that NT 0 7:20PM 18/04/2008
ihearthockey Shar back, talk returns to Vegas. Adam making tuna NT 0 7:21PM 18/04/2008
ihearthockey Sheila says she has another yeast infection, said shes never had so many female problems before coming in the BB house NT 0 7:23PM 18/04/2008
ihearthockey Adam still cooking. Shar/She making small talk. Shar seems in a really good mood, NT 0 7:26PM 18/04/2008
ihearthockey Ry out of DR, Shar called in NT 0 7:27PM 18/04/2008
ihearthockey Adam said to Sheila at least we werent shackled for 2 days. Sheila said at least you dont have to live with me KNOW THAT NT 0 7:28PM 18/04/2008
ihearthockey Ry in kitchen with Adam, hes making chicken NT 0 7:29PM 18/04/2008
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