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DanaRose BB ants are back! Sheila putting all bread and snacks in... 0 7:30PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Sharon Helps Sheila Carry Snacks to the SR 0 7:49PM 18/04/2008
nmbeach Ryan, Sheila, Sharon in kitchen cooking & working on ant problem. Adam not on feeds NT 0 7:49PM 18/04/2008
bb9lover Adam in DR; Sheila cleaning off counter due to ants, Ryan is preparing chicken NT 0 7:50PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Ryan in the kitchen preparing meat, Adam in the DR NT 0 7:50PM 18/04/2008
bb9lover Ryan/Sharon in HoH; Ryan wonders if his pants were unzipped during POV NT 0 7:51PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Sharon just told Ryan that Adam told Sheila she was ok don't stress (ed..... I didn't hear that if he did) NT 0 7:51PM 18/04/2008
bb9lover Sharon leaves DR after getting a Mtn. Dew; Sharon in WC using bathroom NT 0 7:52PM 18/04/2008
lakeview Sharon/Ryan in HOH 0 7:52PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Sheila to DR, Adam out... in the Kitchen cutting Cabbage up NT 0 7:53PM 18/04/2008
nmbeach Sharon & Adam in kitchen. Not much talking. NT 0 7:55PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri All 4 Cams on Adam pacing around the Kitchen-now walking to SR NT 0 7:59PM 18/04/2008
nmbeach Adam in the kitchen alone on all 4 feeds. Sheila is in DR, Ryan in HOH. NT 0 7:59PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Adam walking from room to room-sometimes messing with the cameras NT 0 8:02PM 18/04/2008
lexi adam wandering around the house. he seems restless NT 0 8:02PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Looks like Adam is cooking the cabbage to go with some pasta NT 0 8:02PM 18/04/2008
lexi all 4 feeds adam in the KT cooking dinner + wandering around NT 0 8:07PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Adam and Sharon talking in the red bedroom -Talking about the bible 0 8:11PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Sheila out of the DR-says whats the words on street kids-now in the Kitchen 0 8:14PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Adam leaves Sheila to watch the cabbage and goes back to talking 0 8:17PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Sheila starring at the pictures on the wall NT 0 8:18PM 18/04/2008
N2BB Sharon telling Adam stories about the times Jacob was grounded as a kid, Jacob's family was very strict. NT 1 8:22PM 18/04/2008
MyBestBud Sheila in spa room complaining about the holes in her pants. NT 0 8:24PM 18/04/2008
BBSheri Sheila laying in the Spa room now, sighs loud NT 0 8:24PM 18/04/2008
MyBestBud Sharon in BR with Adam talking about grades in school. NT 0 8:24PM 18/04/2008
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