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Topic #8843478
saskwatch - Ryan says that none of them got along, Parker and Allison were crybabies and that's why they couldn't make it work. 0 Replies #8843478 1:23PM 18/04/2008
Sheila says Jacob and Sharon were cute, but everyone knew within an hour. Ryan says he thinks he could have kept him and jen a secret for longer. Adam says 12 more days.. Day 72
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Topic #8843496
iknowbigbro - shelia talking about adam having a a bad mouth NT 0 Replies #8843496 1:24PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843506
iknowbigbro - now talking about nat saying that the num 8 is a pattern and how she was wrong about it NT 0 Replies #8843506 1:25PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843514
saskwatch - Sheila says Adam can do "roboto" it doesn't fizz her. Adam asks her, 'what if I jerk off Sheila?" She says, it wouldn't surprise her. Adam asks, 0 Replies #8843514 1:26PM 18/04/2008
"Would you give me a hand?" Sheila says hell no. Convo turns to potty mouths. Sheila says no Hoops can drop some F bombs when she gets started. Says Hoops is like her that way. Says she can drop some F bombs when angry too. She says that's why they couldn't show the flour incident because she called James every name under the sun for that. Now talking about puzzles and who would have got right or wrong. Natalie said.. never went on slop and Sheila said yeah.. that's true. Never happened.
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Topic #8843526
iknowbigbro - shelia and adam going to go put her clothes on adam pushing the other way (funny as hell) NT 0 Replies #8843526 1:28PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843533
saskwatch - Sheila says Adam's thinking "just gnaw it off so I can get away from her!" Ryan laffs. 0 Replies #8843533 1:29PM 18/04/2008
Adam trying to jerk Sheila to standing position.. and she yells Adam stop it.. I've got coffee in my hand. Adam pinching her butt as she's walking.. she's getting ticked,, cuz it's rude. Ryan says, Adam comeout, I wanna tell you a secret. Adam still pinching her butt.. and Sheila says stop with the *****.
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Topic #8843548
saskwatch - Sheila has to have a BM.. Adam wants to take out garbage.. Sheila says you've 0 Replies #8843548 1:31PM 18/04/2008
never done this before.. Sheila won't go #2 while she's shackled to Adam!
Begs BB that she has to go #2! Says she has to beg for some Tylenol PM tonight so she can sleep. Adam and Sheila in sr.. now arguing about who shares more personal stuff with the other. Sheila wants lemonade.
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Topic #8843556
saskwatch - Sharon snickering.. and Adam says, "I'm glad you find this amusing!" 0 Replies #8843556 1:32PM 18/04/2008
Sharon says she doesn't find it amusing.. she feels sorry for them.
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Topic #8843563
iknowbigbro - adam and shelia in boat room shelia getting dressed NT 0 Replies #8843563 1:32PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843582
iknowbigbro - now talking about men shes dated flames fedd back NT 0 Replies #8843582 1:34PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843608
iknowbigbro - still talking men shes dating and has dated NT 0 Replies #8843608 1:36PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843651
iknowbigbro - sharon sill reading bible shlia and adam in br tslking sbout men NT 0 Replies #8843651 1:40PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843732
iknowbigbro - shel now talking about her family now (boring) nothing else going on NT 0 Replies #8843732 1:48PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843738
iknowbigbro - ryan in hoh NT 0 Replies #8843738 1:49PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843747
iknowbigbro - now talking aout men agian sharon stil reading bible NT 0 Replies #8843747 1:50PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843760
iknowbigbro - now ryan down stairs in kitchen NT 0 Replies #8843760 1:51PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843777
iknowbigbro - ryan going back up to hoh NT 0 Replies #8843777 1:52PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843807
saskwatch - Sheila and Adam in boat room conversing. Adam had told her he wanted to get to know her better and was asking her questions about her pl 0 Replies #8843807 1:55PM 18/04/2008
Sheila shares that she was supposed to marry bf this year but didn't due to his addiction. Sheila says they broke up about 2-3 months before she came into bb.. Says she got tired of being a punching bag, and being blamed for the ills in his life. Says addictions, regardless of what they are destroy a person's life. Says addicts are self absorbed and need to get help. Ryan quickly tells Sharon she loves him. Sharon says he's asking her a lot of questions tho. Ryan says, he has to. Ryan goes in boat room with sheila and adam.
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Topic #8843811
iknowbigbro - ryan went in to boat room adam just took off the hand cuffs now flames NT 0 Replies #8843811 1:56PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843823
iknowbigbro - feeds back ,back hand cuffed NT 0 Replies #8843823 1:56PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843832
saskwatch - Ryan says Ballers addicted to vagina. Adam says.. no.. vageen. Ryan says S&A perfect for each other 0 Replies #8843832 1:57PM 18/04/2008
in response to Sheila saying adam wasn't addicted to commitment.. because
Sheila doesn't like it either.
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Topic #8843861
saskwatch - Adam annoying Sheila and won't stop. Sheila says please win that pov and put his ass up and out. 0 Replies #8843861 1:59PM 18/04/2008
Ryan laffs. Sheila says Adam is just acting tuff..cuz Ryan's there, cuz Adm was kissing her azz last night..
now pov talk. Ryan talking about huge pack of beef jerky up in his room that he's been snacking on.
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Topic #8843874
iknowbigbro - ryana and shelia and adam talking about movie last night NT 0 Replies #8843874 2:00PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843889
saskwatch - Ryan doesn't think movie they saw last night will be a block buster. Ry says not a brad and angelina.. no jen and parker 0 Replies #8843889 2:02PM 18/04/2008
Ryan says they did not have the chemistry that you guys have. Sheila says incredulously, We have chemistry?? Ryan says you do even if you don't see it. Now talking about Sheila putting Adam up if she wins pov. She says she knows what adam will do too.. keep the votes the same and vote her ass out. Sheila says that is why I was crying last night ryan.
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Topic #8843894
saskwatch - More talk about Sheila's Jaore... and pussy. NT 0 Replies #8843894 2:02PM 18/04/2008
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