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Topic #8843907
saskwatch - Ryan says Baller looked like a rock star in his wig yesterday. Sheila says no way.. he couldn't even zip up his pants. NT 0 Replies #8843907 2:03PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843941
saskwatch - Sheila says James came out in that outfit and she doesn't think it would have fit Adam.. now discussing comp. 0 Replies #8843941 2:07PM 18/04/2008
Ryan says he came out with the prissy royalty.. and adam chose rocker.. Jen says jen was a rocker.. chelsea was a rocker. All figure Ryan's choice should have been right for allison. None of them think she was a rocker. Now talking about the sexy 6. Sheila says she was too old. Ryan says he's going to rip into jen for the sexy six.. he wasn't even included and he was her bf. Ryan says jen prolly came up with it. Ryan says the ugly 4 has prevailed.
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Topic #8843954
saskwatch - Sheila says the sexy 6 wouldn't even hang out with us in high school. 0 Replies #8843954 2:08PM 18/04/2008
Ryan says he's never been on the outside of a group. Sheila says that girl didn't have your back. Ryan going off about dogging Jen for this. Ryan says it was jen, who came up with it. Sheila says more like Amanda.
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Topic #8844009
saskwatch - Parker would have come up with the super sexy 6, says Ryan. 0 Replies #8844009 2:13PM 18/04/2008
James came up with Quattro. Ryan says James knew nothing.. wasn't even smart. Sheila says he knew he was going out that door and coming back..
that's pretty smart. Sheila asking how he ever got voted back with 5n votes.. he came back after Sheila and Ryan. Ryan says baller you gave james 2 chances to stick me.. baller denies.
ryan says matty pegged him. James was kinda like the bully..
Sheila asks if they think they are getting in sh.
Ryan and sheila don't think Matty would have come back with vengeance.. Allison would have tho.. they all think.
Sheila says Jacob got the least votes, but Jacob never really had a chance for people to get to know him. Sharon listening from her bed. Sharon announces that she just finished reading the entire bible. They all congratulate her.
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Topic #8844049
saskwatch - Sheila and Adam in pink BR.. she's borrowing some of his lotions because she's out of moisturizer. He has expensive toiletries. 0 Replies #8844049 2:16PM 18/04/2008
She asks if she can use some of it. It smells great. He says maybe. She says you're stingy. He says he'll let her borrow some. She's sniffing all the bottles. He says one of the bottles was like $50.00 He lets her have a bottle of nice smelling moisturizer. She says did I make you feel guilty enough? Lotion is highly greasy, Adam says.
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Topic #8844075
saskwatch - Sheila reminds Adam that he has to win to protect himself today. She says everybody has to win but Ryan. NT 0 Replies #8844075 2:18PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8844094
saskwatch - Sheila kissing pictures of Mick and kitty and says love you.. I'm doing this for you. Sheila asks Sharon if she wants lunch. Sharon says no. Adam 0 Replies #8844094 2:20PM 18/04/2008
asks her what's up. and sharon says nothing.. just glad she got it read. Adam says, I'm proud of you sharon. Adam says 6 hours max and I'm free of you. Sheila says 3... more banter/laffing between them. Sheila making some turkey.
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Topic #8844104
saskwatch - Sheila prepping food in kitchen and Adam at leash end.. pinching her bum again.. when she's bending in the fridge.. she's yelling stop it.. NT 0 Replies #8844104 2:21PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8844113
saskwatch - Adam leaning against sink while Sheila's trying to reach sink.. she says, "I need you" and he smiles and walks closer. NT 0 Replies #8844113 2:21PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8844140
saskwatch - She's prepping some lunch for Adam too.. turkey, triscuits, avocados.. adam says whatever you're having. Adam asks if she eats avocado at home. 0 Replies #8844140 2:25PM 18/04/2008
Sheila says yes, she loves avocados.. and when she was on South Beach diet you had to eat avocados. Sheila says the only people that used to really eath them was Neal and her. Adam digging in food with fingers and Sheila says don't do that.. get a fork. They grab some potato chips too. Sheila stunned that Ryan thinks they have chemistry. Adam says the dude is getting as high as hell. Sheila says whattaya talking about.. he doesn't answer. Now sitting down to eat together.
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Topic #8844169
saskwatch - Sheila and Adam losing both losing hair from all the stress of being in the house. She asks adam if he's tired. they both are. 0 Replies #8844169 2:28PM 18/04/2008
they're off to the storage room for the triscuits she's been asking for. Sharon up and says whatta yall eating..
Adam and Sheila in sr.. getting cheese too. Adam wants to put on a long sleeve sweater he's cold. Sharon declines Sheila's triscuits offer. Sheila asks if Adam's this messy at home or has a maid.. he says he cleans himself.. might let clothes pile up but he washes them. Sheila says she has to go to laundromat.
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Topic #8844195
saskwatch - Adam says he switches cuffs on the hands that these people don't even notice. Sheila tells him they know when you take them off. 0 Replies #8844195 2:31PM 18/04/2008
Asks him what the 1st thing he's going to do when he gets home.. he says getting drunk with his homies in philly.. before he goes home to his home in florida. Sheila wants to go to Memphis. Adam says Jaore should be a country singer and change up his style. Sheila says why would a finnish rock star be a country singer.. Adam says cuz it works. Sheila has family in the airlines.. says chris I love ya... he gets her free tickets.
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Topic #8844227
saskwatch - Sheila says she likes to go to Memphis in May as festival of bands starts runs the month of May. 0 Replies #8844227 2:34PM 18/04/2008
She says they set up the whole river of booths of people cooking bbq. Sheila says it's a famous festival, a big thing that people from all over the world come to it. Says Amy fr S3 knows about it cuz she's from Memphis. Says that she lived near Graceland, when she was a child, in response to Adam's questioning her about his life. Pleasant convo back and forth. Sharon laying on bed with eys open. No cams on Ryan.
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Topic #8844253
saskwatch - Sheila says she has to go home before she goes to Memphis.. and if bro Andy will let her will take her dog with him. 0 Replies #8844253 2:38PM 18/04/2008
Adam says jaore is prolly partying it up in her apt right now. Sheila says he is not. His friends are good people.
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Topic #8844274
saskwatch - Sharon laying on her side on sofa bed and chewing skin from around her nails. 0 Replies #8844274 2:40PM 18/04/2008
Sheila asks Adam why he asks so many ?'s about Jaore.. and he says, I like rock stars.

Sheila says everybody wants to be with rockstars.. but it's a crazy life. She says the highs are really high and the lows are about as low as you can get.. Sheila says it's like being an actor.. Sheila says she likes to hang out with risk takers.. that will put everything on the line ..even if they're not making millions.. you gotta respect someone like that.
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Topic #8844291
saskwatch - Sheila says she couldn't imagine her life not being around creative people, music, movies. says 0 Replies #8844291 2:42PM 18/04/2008
since she was a kid, she wanted to sing, dance, and become an actress.. but she was scared. Says to Adam you look tired.. I'm sorry I kept you up.
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Topic #8844320
saskwatch - Shraon's eyes closed in bed now. Sheila and Adam chat winding down and then Adam starts banging Triscuit box on 0 Replies #8844320 2:44PM 18/04/2008
table and says why do you keep banging stuff? Adam says do you have a problem with that... Adam says, "Cmere baby..and Sheila says no..stop that.
Sheila says they're going in the spa room after, becuz bb prolly don't want them laying in bed.
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Topic #8844328
saskwatch - Sheila says being in BB house and waiting for the end is like being 7 months pregnant and waiting for the baby and going overdue. NT 0 Replies #8844328 2:45PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8844342
saskwatch - Ryan joins them and Sheila says we're having a little yuppie meal. She tells Ryan go ahead and 0 Replies #8844342 2:46PM 18/04/2008
eat it.. Adam used a fork. Adam says something to Ryan.. didn't catch it.Sheila says what did you say? They won't tell her.
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Topic #8844352
saskwatch - Ryan asks if they are ready to do pov.. Sheila says no we want to go back to bed.. 0 Replies #8844352 2:47PM 18/04/2008
seprate beds. Sheila hoping they are unshackled for pov.
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Topic #8844364
saskwatch - Ryan says cuffs don't come off until 5:30. Sheila says no.. it was at 3:00, wasn't it. 0 Replies #8844364 2:48PM 18/04/2008
Now laffing about it...when Adam hollers.. It was 3:00.. give or take.
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Topic #8844430
BB9Sucked - S/A/R discussing ages of former HGs. NT 0 Replies #8844430 2:55PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8844444
BB9Sucked - Adam says he has to $h!t "bad as hell and its gonna stink." Sheila and Ryan laughing. NT 0 Replies #8844444 2:56PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8844453
BB9Sucked - Sharon alone in bedroom laughing at convo in kitchen. NT 0 Replies #8844453 2:57PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8844462
BB9Sucked - Ryan says his neck is 90% healed. NT 0 Replies #8844462 2:58PM 18/04/2008
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