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Topic #8876108
saskwatch - Sheila says Alex would never break a rule and neither would she. Ryan says they should go get married and be a christian. NT 0 Replies #8876108 9:46PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8876113
saskwatch - Sharon doesn't remember if Alex was a good kisser. Sheila reminds her that she was crying when he walked out. HG teasing her. NT 0 Replies #8876113 9:47PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8876141
Natscousin - rye says sharon was getting loose in pool NT 0 Replies #8876141 9:50PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8876150
Natscousin - adam says adam was part of poontang clan NT 0 Replies #8876150 9:51PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8876154
saskwatch - Sheila says alex wasn't attracted to her at all.. seen her more like a mom. Allison and Chelsia told Sheila, a lot of the girls did, that James was 0 Replies #8876154 9:51PM 20/04/2008
good kisser. Sharon says the grabbing the hair thing during kissing was Matty. Sheila teases baller that she heard he was too shy.. therefore he wasn't the playah, he thot he was. Ryan laffing. Adam says he just woke up and hadn't even had a beer in him yet. Nat had 4-5.. sharon says they were all kiss baller kiss baller.. and sharon says I never went up to anyone and started making out... Sheila says that her, allison and amanda were like commentators on the action. this was the night of the strip show. Ryan tells Sharon that Joshuah said this was sharon's coming out party... ryan says Sharon had the most tongue time of anybody. Sharon doesn't remember any of it.. and wasn't doing it to spite Jacob. Ryans says Alex was working you hard Sharon. Adam says alex said that his teachers said he was part of the poontang clan.
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Topic #8876161
saskwatch - Now talks going to lies... and Sheila tells the boys BB is going to tell them to stop that.. think they are tossing ball back and forth.. NT 0 Replies #8876161 9:52PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8876163
Natscousin - rye asked if alex was "jizza" in the pootangclan? NT 0 Replies #8876163 9:53PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8876167
Natscousin - shelia going on and on about how alex was really like a god... NT 0 Replies #8876167 9:53PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8876187
saskwatch - Sheila says Alex has class, style and he cooks, cleans, works out.. and omg.. I don't want a guy like that.. he loves his mother. 0 Replies #8876187 9:55PM 20/04/2008
Boys say he watches the food network. ryan says Sheila needs a bad boy, because she would be bored with a young guy.. Sheila says no.. he would be eye candy.. have a drink and make sweet, sweet love.
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Topic #8876202
saskwatch - Adam tells Sheila.. just admit it you're in love with him. Sheila says, I love him as a person, but I'm not in love with him. NT 0 Replies #8876202 9:57PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8876213
saskwatch - Sheila said he was trying to make his father proud. He really wanted to win. and he was trying to get into the team spirit. NT 0 Replies #8876213 9:58PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8876243
saskwatch - Sheila says alex got a bad deal all the way around. ryan says sheila had a love triangle. ryan says you booted him out sheila. She says if she 0 Replies #8876243 10:01PM 20/04/2008
knew then, what she knew now.. she wouldn't have.
Sheila explaining that Matty and Natalie had her and Adam convinced that they were going to be evicted when up against Sharon and Jacob, and so they had their backs and that was why they had theirs. Ryan says mattalie were the biggest liars. they also lied to him and allison, that's how he knows. ( sheila asked him how he knew that?)
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Topic #8876261
saskwatch - PE relationship.. hg think Sharon should have gotten that one since they were her fuurends. 0 Replies #8876261 10:02PM 20/04/2008
Many pranks played on Sheila, Ryan says were blamed on the guineas.
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Topic #8876279
saskwatch - Sheila heard Baller went nuts last night that he had a meltdown. The pa system was down.. I was panicking and 0 Replies #8876279 10:05PM 20/04/2008
I needed to see a psych. Sheila says I needed to see a psych when I was shackled to you and they wouldn't let me. ev one laffing that bb must hate baller and that is why they moved house open. Adam says he had a secret stash in the silver thing under the bed.. and they are gone. Adam says I told you a long time ago sheila a man always has a secret stash. Sheila pretends she found his stash. Baller aint buying. They find Adams little pig..and Ryan teases him.. pig oinks.
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Topic #8876292
saskwatch - Sheila thinks Adam may havce his cigarettes from himself.. tells Adam he will start packing and find them. Ryan playing with pig. sharon sitting on 0 Replies #8876292 10:08PM 20/04/2008
bed by Adam. Sheila off to sr to check to see if suitcases are there. No they aren't. Sharon says we'll get them tomorrow morning. Sharon says it was bye Sharon ...see ya in 3 days.
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Topic #8876315
saskwatch - Sharon says they were the longest 3 days ever.. with Jacob. 0 Replies #8876315 10:10PM 20/04/2008
Adam asks if they had 2 beds. Sharon says 2 beds with an adjoining door. Adam says you two got to talk together. Ryan says there weren't any evictions..when you came back. every couple gets their own place? Sharon says they probably all were in the same house.
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Topic #8876394
saskwatch - Sharon out of DR. BB: Sharon you are not allowed to discuss your dR sessions. Sheila called. Sharon says go, you'll have fun. 0 Replies #8876394 10:22PM 20/04/2008
Boys bouncing ball again.. Sharon beebees squealing again.
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Topic #8876420
saskwatch - Sharon says its 1030 and Adam asks if she's tired.. she is but she does't want to get up early. 0 Replies #8876420 10:25PM 20/04/2008
Baller answering in monosyllables.. yeah. and tossing ball. Sharon decides to brush her teeth. Ryan and baller bouncing ball back and forth. ryan at gp cage now. Boys back to ballthrow again. Sharon brushing teeth in wc
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Topic #8876447
saskwatch - Adam asking how many can fit in Dallas Stadium.. Ryan says number. Still bouncing ball. Ryan called to DR. Adam says he was thinking of chatty 0 Replies #8876447 10:29PM 20/04/2008
Sheila out of DR and doing dishes before going to bed. Adam in wc and getting ready for bed. Sharon approaches him asks what Ryan's doing. Adam answers, "I don't know." Adam out. Sheila asks Adam how the patches are working out. Can't hear his response over the dishes and running water.
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Topic #8876458
saskwatch - Sharon put retainer in. NT 0 Replies #8876458 10:30PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8876497
saskwatch - Sharon corners ryan in hoh.. he says i don't want to be caught up here talking to you. 0 Replies #8876497 10:36PM 20/04/2008
Ryan says adam was just worried that he and Sharon were together. But Adam beleives him now and he is voting Sheila out. Sharon says that she told adam, "I got you". BB hollers, Sharon please put on your mike. Ryan goes to sink and starts washing. Adam talking to him. Ryan asks if BB asked him about carpet. BB: hg, you are not allowed to talk about your dr. sessions.
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Topic #8876506
saskwatch - Sheila in bed. Sharon saying gn to boys and gps. Now begins discussion with boys about what gps eat. NT 0 Replies #8876506 10:37PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8876518
saskwatch - Boys want to go outside and can't. Sharon wanting to know what time Adam's going to bed.. She wants to read. Adam told her to read, turn the lights 0 Replies #8876518 10:39PM 20/04/2008
off and if he wants to read, they'll deal with it then.
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Topic #8876531
saskwatch - Adam says that Sharon asked him earlier if he was keeping her and he said I don't know. Adam says she said if he takes her down, Adams safe. 0 Replies #8876531 10:40PM 20/04/2008
Ryans says you gotta vote Big She out. adam says no prob. Big she it's only a game.. go have yourself a nice birthday.
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Topic #8876546
saskwatch - Ryan says Sheila's an idiot, she should be kissing adam's azz. Adam says he's glad 0 Replies #8876546 10:41PM 20/04/2008
she's not, it makes it easier. Boys weigh themselves. Adams down a few pounds. Ryan has lost 10 pounds.
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