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Topic #8867477
random123 - Sheila in boat room reading her letter. NT 0 Replies #8867477 12:43PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8867715
echo - forthe past few min adam and sheila have been bickerin in the kitchen 0 Replies #8867715 12:59PM 20/04/2008
ryan joins them , sharon eating bagel, adam grinnin away havin fun at sheilas expense
sheila says shes gonna call adam an *****
adam laughs and says i am one
the boys off the play chess
sheila is on a rampage this am
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Topic #8867775
Laura - ryan asked adam want to play chess...adam said no i want to 0 Replies #8867775 1:04PM 20/04/2008
stay in kitchen with shelia...shelia says i don't want to be by you..shelia says why you calling me a f@CKING bi@ch...adam said you complain, argue about everything...shelia said i was joking about the strawberry waffle ryan knew it was a joke and adam said it was a joke to me...shelia says i should call you a butthole adam said i am and added he is a jerk, prick ryan said shelia im taking him out of here and go play chess
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Topic #8867892
echo - for the past few min sharon has been playin with the gps, callin them , 0 Replies #8867892 1:14PM 20/04/2008
one was comin like a dog, the other one ate, shes currently feedin one thru the tube a strawberry where the hole is
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Topic #8868060
nmbeach - Adam & Ryan playing chess. Sharon sitting talking to them. NT 0 Replies #8868060 1:29PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8868067
PartyN - Ryan and Baller playing chess. Ryan in blue shirt and shorts. Baller in green-grey shirt and jeans. 0 Replies #8868067 1:30PM 20/04/2008
Sharon is laying of the (whatever it is) round thing with shorts and some kind of low-cut top and her best water-bra, making herself look bigger than the reported 34-A. Now, she lays back twists her ankles together and sticks her legs straight in the air...and we get flames.
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Topic #8868207
dustytissue - Sheila/Sharon talking in HOH. Sheila says now it's just a waiting game. She thinks she could leave because Adam can't stand her. 0 Replies #8868207 1:38PM 20/04/2008
Sharon: It could be me.

Sheila says she'll be devastated either way.

They're looking at the spy screen and think they're talking game.
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Topic #8868235
dustytissue - Ryan/Adam playing chess and talking. Adam mentions voting Sheila out. Ryan hopes the DR doesn't pull anything. NT 1 Replies #8868235 1:40PM 20/04/2008
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CruiseCritic - They also were talking about Sharon and Adam said she isnt even HOT any more #8868433 1:52PM 20/04/2008
and they were talking about her laying there while they were playing chess and she acted like she knew everything about the game amd how she kept laughing. Adam said he cannot stand either of them anymore.

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Topic #8868399
dustytissue - Sheila saying she flipped out when she and Adam were shackled, she was mad that Adam was able to sleep and she couldn't. Says that Adam was 0 Replies #8868399 1:50PM 20/04/2008
doing it back to her last night, being loud about his cigarettes. He woke her up when she was having a dream about her great-grandmother being buried in her wedding dress. Then she woke up and thought about her son and cried. She was pissed that Adam was inconsiderate. "And you're mad about me that I kept you up when we were shackled?" She blames her PMS for that.

Sheila: Now my fate is in that idiot's hands. This guy could take away money from me whether it's 50,000 or half a million.

Sharon says what gets her through sh*t is that she's not alone, she's with Christ. "You're not by yourself, ever."

Sheila loves the footprints passage, it makes her want to cry.
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Topic #8868479
dustytissue - Ryan/Adam talking in bedroom now. Ryan calls someone a stupid b*tch and that she saw something. 1 Replies #8868479 1:55PM 20/04/2008
It seems like either Sheila or Sharon peeked through the window and Ryan thinks she might have seen the comp outside. Ryan mad that they could have a head start.

Sharon comes in, "Helloo." They're locked out of HOH for a couple of minutes.

Ryan asks her, "Sharon, what's going on out there? Thought you knew."

Sharon thinks it's going to be something huge, that's her only premonition.
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caitlinrae - it was Sharon who saw something NT #8868495 1:56PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8868490
saskwatch - ryan just told adam that sharon saw setup.. and ryan tried to peek, but couldn't see. Sharon says bb locked them out of hoh. Sharon tells boys she 0 Replies #8868490 1:56PM 20/04/2008
had premonition that it was huge. Adam says you got it all figured out. Sharon says maybe, maybe not. Sharon changes subject to who stole Adam's cigs... and she says James smoked, didn't he in response to Adam saying either it was a smoker, or an anti non smoker.
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Topic #8868535
dustytissue - Sheila lying down alone in sauna room. Ryan/Adam/Sharon in bedroom talking about getting more cigarettes. NT 0 Replies #8868535 1:58PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8868572
saskwatch - Sheila in sauna room laying down. Sharon still going on about how someone would know where to find Adam's smokes. 0 Replies #8868572 2:00PM 20/04/2008
Adam says he hidden in some lining under bed. Sharon says who all seen your secret stash. Adam says I don't point fingers. Ry says they will get 'em by checking tapes. Adam says I'm not a false witness or a false accuser, I will wait to find out. Sharon says don't put it on me..
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Topic #8868605
saskwatch - Sharon cont to discuss how Adam's cigs could have fell out of bag. Now going thru Adam's stuff trying to find cigs. Finds one of his allergy pills. 0 Replies #8868605 2:02PM 20/04/2008
Rya says who would have robbed you of your smokes, baller.. straight larceny.
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Topic #8868631
saskwatch - BB: HOH please go to your room. Sharon says she's cleaning Adam's room. He says, you're a real sweetheart. NT 0 Replies #8868631 2:03PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8868637
WVpdles - Sharon telling Sheila, Adam said someone stole a pack of his cigs, Sheila - he's a liar, that's crap NT 0 Replies #8868637 2:03PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8868680
saskwatch - Adam attempts to talk to Sheila. She ignores him completely. Sharon tells Sheila that Adam's saying someone stole his cigs. Sheila says ah.. he's a 0 Replies #8868680 2:06PM 20/04/2008
liar. girls decide to go discuss game they don't have. Sheila says whoever gets evicted, they will have to accept it. Whichever won stays has to win HOH to stay. Sheila says they may do nom ceremony. Ryan comes down and tells adam: Blog and pictures today. Ryan calls "Ladies"
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Topic #8868718
saskwatch - Ryan gets girls and calls Adam to sit on bed with girls for picture. Sheila says no, I don't want him in here. 0 Replies #8868718 2:08PM 20/04/2008
Ryan and Sheila pose together. She says not as hot as jen but pretty close. Sheila to take pic of Ryan and Sharon. (arms around each others waist)
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Topic #8868766
saskwatch - Adam laying on half couch alone. Ryan tries to encourage Sheila to pose with Baller. 0 Replies #8868766 2:10PM 20/04/2008
She refuses. Ryan and Sharon leave room. Sheila says to cam: I hate him people, and I'm not acting.
Sharon and Ryan taking pictures with Adam. Sharon says Baller you look pizzed.
Sharon asked Sheila earlier to pose with Adam, strangling him...
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Topic #8868803
saskwatch - Sharon doing her mole activity and whispering to Baller about Sheila. Baller says she's mad cuz I called her a f'n b. Sharon giggling. Sheila said 0 Replies #8868803 2:12PM 20/04/2008
something about not being able to stand someone's voice. Sheila laying on her bed.
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Topic #8868806
luvmykitties - Sheila in boat room by herself says "I hate him. (Adam). This is not acting people. it's real" NT 0 Replies #8868806 2:13PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8868909
saskwatch - Ryan and Baller looking at px on camera and Ryan pleased with how good he looks. 0 Replies #8868909 2:19PM 20/04/2008
Sharon and Baller whispering about Sheila again. Adam says Sheila's mad cuz he woke her up last night. Asks Sharon if she was pizzed and she says no. Ry says computer is in his room. Sheila still talking to herself in her room. Adam says their speeding things up. Sharon says, I think it's elaborate.. she doesn't know. Adam says it's cold in here. Adam says we have 10 days left.. Sharon says today is day 73 and her dad's number is 74. Ry asking who to say hi to.. Adam says happy 5-6, to diddy. Ry says sharon says hi jacob, what's up? I love you and miss you. She says to ryan don't you dare. Adam says tell him splitzkies. Sharon squeals, and says don't mention that. Ryan says we should put our "we love ny" tshirts on for a px. Sharon thinks it's a good idea. Sharon says if you're going to say anything to my family and friends.. miss and love you more. you can say whatever you want to jacob but no splitzkies and no? Adam says tell him "play on playah" Ry asks Adam to pose for px with Sheila and he says no way.. I hate her dude. Ry says we can't even do joking px's cuz you two hate each other so much now.
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Topic #8868933
saskwatch - Sharon talking about her abercrombie shorts she has on. Ryan says you're an abercrombie girl.. sharon says 3 1/2 yrs.. ry says they are a cult. NT 0 Replies #8868933 2:20PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8868970
saskwatch - Expect the unexpected 0 Replies #8868970 2:22PM 20/04/2008
Adam thinks eviction is tonight. More discussion back and forth. Sharon now talking about James again.. that craziness.. beebeeees. Ryan disappointed with the poor number of pictures.
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Topic #8868992
saskwatch - Jacob and the tramp 0 Replies #8868992 2:24PM 20/04/2008
Adam says. Ryan says it's weird they have me blogging today. adam says something aint right, they're switching it up last week. Ryan says it could be a comp tomorrow.. like evictions tomorrow morning and comp after.
Sharon says it's going to be elaborate.. Rich is here.. flames.
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