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Topic #8872946
augie - Ry tells Adam it hurts his feelings that he hears that Adam is cutting deals. Adam & Ryan shake hands that both of them will vote out Sharon and go to 0 Replies #8872946 6:11PM 20/04/2008
F2 together.

Adam talks a mile a minute. He says it's a mess down there.
F Sheila, F Sheila - Adam says he has faith in Ryan and won't change his mind. Have faith and beat this b(*ch.
Ryan doesn't care if Adam tells Sheila that he wants her out.

Adam says he's 1,000 percent sure. Adam says he doesn't know who to believe. Ryan said he thinks Sharon will do what he wants and vote Sheila off if he saves her - but Adam would have to go on the block. Adam swears he's voting Sheila out.
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Topic #8873030
augie - Adam ticked off at Sharon for telling Ryan of their early conversation about Adam saying F2 with Sharon. (which is true). Adam 0 Replies #8873030 6:14PM 20/04/2008
playing with words and saying that's not what he said and wants to confront Sharon. Ryan says no, leave it alone, Sharon is just like Sheila, trying to save her butt.

Adam continues to tell him he's not going to stab him in the back. Adam hates all this. Adam is stuffing food in his mouth and talking fast.
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Topic #8873067
saskwatch - Ryan says I just need to trust you dude. Adam says i'm voting Sheila out of the house.. calls her an f'n biotch. NT 0 Replies #8873067 6:15PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8873214
saskwatch - Adam tells Ryan that Sharon was making it sound like he had a deal with Sheila and that Sharon had the deal with Ryan. 0 Replies #8873214 6:21PM 20/04/2008
ryan says that he knows the girls are gonna talk $hit. Ry says he's ready for tomorrow. Adam says he was making sure that Sharon didn't have a deal with him. Tells Ryan that he is going to call Sharon out right now. Ryan says leave it alone.. I believe you over her. No need to make this a bigger deal than it already is. Adam says your plan is to keep Sharon in the house and I'll do it. Ryan says it'll be an f'n war if you keep Sheila in the house. Adam says he'll honor the deal. Ry says Sharon may be a little tougher than Sheila but both of them can beat her. Adam says that Sharon is just trying to cause trouble because she doesn't know what adam's going to do. Adam says it's better for him to vote Sheila out anyway, cuz she's prolly going to vote for him anyway. May as well get her out of the house now. Adam apologises for misjudging ryan. Ryan says tomorrow is a big deal dude.
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Topic #8873299
augie - Adam still wants to confront Sharon - Ryan tells him she just wants to put distrust between Adam and Ryan and it's not working and to 0 Replies #8873299 6:26PM 20/04/2008
leave it alone. Adam says it sucks and he doesn't like it.
Both guys continue to snack.

Sheila talking to Sharon, Sheila saying she wants the noms to stay the same - she says the boys are thinking of the jury votes.

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Topic #8873319
saskwatch - Adam sitting at table in hoh with head in his hands. says he's sick. Ryan asks him if he feels bad for 0 Replies #8873319 6:27PM 20/04/2008
Sheila. Adam says no.. he just hates going thru this $hit with Ryan.
Ryan says he has to take a nap. Then says he better stay awake and go to bed earlier tonight. BB tells Adam his mike is sliding on his mike cable.. to please clip it to his shirt. Ryan says that they will get Sharon tomorrow. Ryan says they are building something massive outside. Adam says it's down to the wire. All we gotta do is bust it up out there tomorrow and bust it up, says Adam. Adam says it's the not knowing that's driving everyone crazy. Ryan says live show tomorrow. Adam says, I called it, didn't I? Ryan agrees. Adam says you called setup for F3.. flames. Ryan says his neck is good to go..95%. Says he was going to do situps.. and Adam says don't do it dude.. last thing you want to do is be up there, sore and hurting. Ryan says he will drink some protein shakes now.
Adam still complaining about the "f'n scheming..
Ryan says that's what she does dude.. that's what they all do.
Adam says yeah.. and I get thrown under the f'n bus in the middle of it.
Subject changes to dots on camera.
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Topic #8873330
saskwatch - Flames. NT 0 Replies #8873330 6:28PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8873423
saskwatch - Ryan says when you're round those biotches.. don't tell them nothing.. Adam says they are down there stressing like crazy.. says he wants to go ask 0 Replies #8873423 6:33PM 20/04/2008
Sharon why she's throwing him on the bus.. like that.. but he won't.. Adam says she's twisting around what she says to me.. totally twisting up what she's f'n saying to me. Adam says I'm voting Sheila out.. I trust you completely bro. Ryan says he believes Adam. Ryan says don't think I have something with Sharon, cuz I don't. Believe me... not that broad dude. Adam says as long as you're with me, I'm proving myself, by voting Sheila out. Says he will say.. "sorry sheila, seeya sweetheart.. gotta do what I have to to stay in the game." Adam says he didn't want to tell sheila that he made an agreement with ryan that she would go. Adam says for all he knows Sheila could be behind this big scam with Sharon to get him out and those 2 go against Ryan. Ryan leaving room to get protein drink. Ryan doesn't sound convinced
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Topic #8873465
saskwatch - Boys downstairs getting drinks. NT 0 Replies #8873465 6:35PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8873580
saskwatch - Sheila eating ice cream cuz she's depressed and invites Sharon to join her. 0 Replies #8873580 6:42PM 20/04/2008
Sheila says she was a fat kid.. and ate icecream, cookies, and homemade chicken noodle soup... to feel better. Sharon offers to cook supper and both Sheila and Ryan decline. (LOL)
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Topic #8873612
saskwatch - Sheila saying, "What else, what other kind of damage can we do?" 0 Replies #8873612 6:43PM 20/04/2008
Goes looking for reeses pieces and other candies. BB: Ryan please report to hoh room.
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Topic #8873661
saskwatch - Sharon saying Alex made fun of her for her cool whip and cookie dough. 0 Replies #8873661 6:46PM 20/04/2008
Sheila says that was cuz Alex was diet concious too. Says that no matter how thin you are, when you're an overweight child, you always see yourself as fat.. Sheila says she doesn't remember which age she was when she finally stopped seeing herself as fat.
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Topic #8873836
DanaRose - Adam on his bed reading Bible, hand in jeans, looks like he's rubbing 'it' NT 1 Replies #8873836 6:56PM 20/04/2008
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DanaRose - now he's removed his hand from his pants NT #8873849 6:56PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8873885
saskwatch - Sheila says this game is a moral dilemma. If you lie to people they feel good about screwing you over. If you tell them the truth, they may feel 0 Replies #8873885 6:59PM 20/04/2008
bad. Sheila talking about James and joshuah.. Says James took pleasure in taking people out that were coming after him.. and screwing their chances to win 1/2 mill dollars. Sheila said then James proceeded to tell her that she did the same too, when she cast her vote. She says that she never realized it.. and that is why she cries after evictions cuz she knows she contributed to that player not getting the 1/2 mill.
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Topic #8873952
saskwatch - Sharon agrees that it's a hard game because you don't know anybody from Adam. 0 Replies #8873952 7:04PM 20/04/2008
Sheila says she wants to leave with some good memories, like that she helped some people get further in the game. Sheila says that she can't wait to get back to her life. Sharon says she's excited for tomorrow in one way and then not. Sheila says home sweet home is just around the corner..,maybe it won't go till the 30th. Sharon says the 23 could be the last day and then F2, is for one week.
Sharon says that it took a lot for BB to get them in the house so it would take a week for bb to get the jury back in the house and get the family and friends there for the family..and the 3rd person gets sent to New York and all that crap and then shacks them up with the rest of the jurors. flames.
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Topic #8873985
saskwatch - Sounds like Sheila got meds for her menstrual cramps. Adam sleeping on his bed now. Sharon rinsing dishes. NT 0 Replies #8873985 7:06PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8874068
augie - Sharon in bed; Adam looks to be asleep. NT 0 Replies #8874068 7:13PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8874089
saskwatch - 2 feeds on Sharon in bed and 2 on Adam in bed. all is quiet. NT 0 Replies #8874089 7:14PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8874156
saskwatch - Sheila giving herself a pedicure in sauna room. Sharon in bed. Adam in his bed. Ryan not on cam. NT 0 Replies #8874156 7:20PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8874233
saskwatch - Sheila still doing her pedicure. Adam on back in bed and is awake. NT 0 Replies #8874233 7:28PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8874436
WVpdles - Flames then Trivia NT 0 Replies #8874436 7:43PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8874437
BopthoR - Triva ? Maybe POV time NT 1 Replies #8874437 7:43PM 20/04/2008
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WVpdles - nah, they've been told PoV/Eviction is tomorrow NT #8874444 7:43PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8874726
saskwatch - BB brought in supper. chinese. NT 0 Replies #8874726 8:00PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8874751
JustHrt - Think BB told them about the prior relationship question, they are talking about the GP's being sisters. NT 1 Replies #8874751 8:01PM 20/04/2008
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JustHrt - They did tell them. Now they are talking about famous sisters and eating dinner. NT #8874814 8:04PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8874894
dustytissue - Sheila thinks the Josh and Neil thing could still be true. Sharon goes, "I don't know, I don't 'think' it's true." NT 0 Replies #8874894 8:09PM 20/04/2008
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